Beyond Object Minimalist Pens

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Focusing on desk objects and home accessories, Beyond Object looks to create groundbreaking home office goods that push the envelope in both design and functionality. Here, we have their writing collection – consisting of the Align and Dueto pens – each of which offers a sleek minimalist aesthetic purposed for the designer in all of us.

As the world’s first dislocated twist pen ever made, the Align is an exquisite refillable writing tool built from anodized aluminum that looks quite unlike anything we’ve encountered before. Equally as intriguing is Beyond Object’s Dueto Pen, serving as a dual functional pen/stylus combo for both casual and formal settings. And like the Align, it too is made from anodized aluminum but additionally comes equipped with an extra stylus tip as an added bonus along with a refillable ink cartridge. It’s not often we come across everyday carry items that are both beautiful and practical for daily use but Beyond Object appears to have both those bases covered.

Purchase: $66+