Bexar Goods Vermonter Flask

Carrying around a flask, while often frowned upon by puritanical prudes, is a very old tradition. It is also a reliable and convenient way to keep one’s favorite spirit always at the ready. And sometimes, flasks of high quality end up being passed down for generations. It would appear that these are the things Bexar Goods was tapping into when they approached Jacob Bromwell with the proposition of working on one together. And the result is simply stunning.

The 100% copper flask would have been a thing of beauty on its own, but Bexar Goods has elevated it to the next level. They took the gorgeous 9 ounce container and wrapped it in vegetable tanned leather. Which was sewn on by hand with wax linen thread. Not only is this beverage basin of the kind of quality that will last for perhaps several lifetimes, but it will acquire a deeper character and more unique visage with each use. But this kind of generational investment in the enjoyment of spirits will cost you, as it retails for $350. [Purchase]

Bexar Goods Vermonter Flask 01

Bexar Goods Vermonter Flask 02