Bevel Trimmer

Getting a great shave with an electric shaver can be tough. They’re typically big, bulky, and require maintenance due to oil build-up and the like. The Bevel Trimmer, however, allows users to shave with a high level of precision, and it’s water and oil-resistant.

The device is ergonomically designed to feel comfortable in your hand. The blades are easily adjusted, and they’re replaceable, meaning that you don’t have to worry about residue build up over time. It can be charged to allow wireless use for up to four hours, or it can be used plugged into an outlet. It also has an innovative Bevel Dial that allows the blades to be adjusted to a zero gap alignment. The trimmer has a futuristic look to it, with its rigid design and a cool blue light. It’s available now for $179. [Purchase]

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