Recovery Mode: 10 Best Foam Rollers

Aug 23, 2018

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What started out as a series of exercises in a more niche market has since expanded into the realm of warm-ups, cool-downs, and flexibility exercises for just about anyone in the athletic world. Yes, we’re talking about foam rolling. And while the name itself doesn’t necessarily allude to endurance training or anything outside of yoga or dance studio, you’d be surprised to learn there’s a myriad of benefits to partaking in the activity. That’s because, as you may already know, your body needs just as much TLC as it does tough love in the gym. Meaning, without proper training, stretching beforehand, and recovery afterward, you may be placing those muscle groups into harm’s way more than you may think.

It’s here where we’ve seen a surge of options in the world of foam rollers leading to no shortage of variants out there to choose from — which is great for those interested in everything from traditional options to more advanced tech-induced pieces to help speed up the recovery process. Not to worry though, we’ve covered all the bases with this list of the 10 best foam rollers to suit whatever regimen you may be pursuing at the moment.

AmazonBasics High-Density Foam Roller

Let’s start with the basics. AmazonBasics to be exact. Here, we have a foam roller in its element. Ideal for those looking to scoop up a reliable roller, this extra firm EPP option is ideal for balance, strength training, flexibility, and rehabilitation. Such construction also helps the roller maintain its shape after extended periods of moderate to heavy use. Can’t beat that.

Purchase: $20

OPTP Axis Foam Roller

For a slight step up from your basic high-density foam roller comes the OPRP Axis. Still offering a sleek and no-frills design, each roller is built with high-quality closed-cell EPP foam, purposed to roll out tough muscle adhesions, and/or massage tight, sore, or injured muscles while targeting knots in the process. They’re also offered in various sizes depending on the muscle group you’re targeting.

Purchase: $22

Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick

For a more honed-in experience, the Original Tiger Tail is a great option. Not only does its smaller stature store well in the home but its portability allows you to carry the massage stick on the go. Each piece features a cushioned foam roller that works to circulate blood and the flow of oxygen into muscle groups with ease while boasting a unique design to save your fingers and hands from tiring too quickly.

Purchase: $28+

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

Featuring a patented foam roller design complete with a multi-density exterior construction, you won’t be surprised to hear the TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller is a trusted recovery piece for massage therapists, coaches, and trainers alike. Also, it doesn’t hurt that each foam roller comes with access to instructional videos to help you focus on best practices.

Purchase: $35

Gaiam Restore Foam Roller

Part of the recovery process requires deep tissue therapy. That’s where this foam roller comes into play. Featuring a wave-like exterior design, each and every roll works deep layers of tissue after a strenuous workout to remove toxins while facilitating a speedy recovery process. It’s built with extra firm foam for maximum intensity and features a durable construction that’ll last for years to come.

Purchase: $35


The rigid member of the bunch, the RumbleRoller is like having a shiatsu massage therapist on call 24/7. That’s because, with a unique pattern of foam and bumps, the firm nature of this product will remind you of the thumbs of a massage therapist while giving you control over where, when, and how much pressure is applied with each roll. The RumbleRoller is available in several different sizes and colors as well.

Purchase: $45

SKLZ Barrel Roller

The perfect name for a foam roller. Here, we have an incredibly useful roller to restore muscle performance. It’s all thanks to a firm foam density that’s built to support any athlete in need of tissue regeneration. Hit it before and after a workout to keep your muscle groups in top shape; SKLZ has the necessary grit to help keep any athlete in tip-top shape.

Purchase: $48

Brazyn Morph Collapsible Foam Roller

One of the very few issues with foam rollers is their lack of storage compatibility. Luckily, Brazyn Performance worked to develop this collapsible foam roller — a world’s first — that’s both lightweight and travel-friendly to boot. Additionally, their patented shape works to relieve trigger points in the muscle while simultaneously kneading it to flush out toxins. It also doesn’t hurt that each roller is constructed from eco-friendly materials.

Purchase: $68


For those looking to up the ante so to speak, there’s the professionally-trusted NextRoller. Featuring internal vibrating technology available in low, medium and high intensities, this option easily becomes a personal massage therapist at a moment’s notice. Target your lower back, knees, quads, and hamstrings with adjustable massage settings. Plus, one full charge provides over two hours of use so extended recoveries are never an issue.

Purchase: $100

Hyperice Vyper 2

The Cadillac of foam rollers if you will, the Vyper 2 is known as the world’s most powerful vibrating fitness roller. Want proof? Try their award-winning construction complete with three speeds of vibration alongside a dual-zone smooth exterior. With it, enjoy thorough warm-ups and recoveries with ease, compliments of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries good for over two hours of use per charge. Whether in the gym, at the homestead, or on the turf prior to practicing, Vyper 2 will keep you in peak physical condition.

Purchase: $199

How To Train For A Marathon

Now you’re ready to put those foam rollers to good use. Trust us, after spending some time learning how to train for a marathon properly, you’ll be thankful to have one at your disposal.

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