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Mummified: 8 Best Wearable Sleeping Bags

As far as outdoor gear is concerned, wearable sleeping bags are one of those superfluous items you didn’t know you needed until you finally wear one. And for some of us, wearable sleeping bags are completely new – altering the attainable comfort level in cold-weather camping for the better. Picture, if you can, the coziness and warmth of a standard down-feather sleeping bag but with legs, arms or zippers for your extremities. Here, we find a Michelin-man-esque setup that still provides adequate mobility but with seriously enhanced warmth by the campfire. Not to mention with a built-in hood – a feature often found with wearable sleeping bags – you can practically catch a snooze anywhere.

The best part, as you might have assumed, is these aren’t just for campsites either. The versatility of movement can turn an otherwise chilly night on the back patio in a warm social gathering, or a cooler-than-average home into a restful cocoon of coziness. Whatever the instance, wearable sleeping bags are certainly a nifty niche product to be admired and utilized during those colder months. So if you need to know where to start looking, we suggest you begin with the following list featuring the best wearable sleeping bags around.

KingCamp Standing 3-Season

For when you’re looking for extra warmth in freezing temperatures the KingCamp Standing 3 Season is an ideal option to consider. Made from polyester, this full sleeping bag fits most people up to six-feet-tall and clearly boasts the ability to allow ease of movement both outdoor and indoors. The KingCamp also comes equipped with comfort loft filling and polyester lining for a soft and warm yet durable construction, zip-off booties and sipper sleeves that can free your legs and hands at a moment’s notice, and even a convenient 210D Oxford compression bag for traveling.

Purchase: $83

Selk’Bag 5G Lite

Functioning as one of the brands that started it all, Selk’Bag’s known throughout this niche market for their unique puffy suit/sleeping bag combos that feel as comfortable as they look. Plus, their lineup includes all manner of themed wearable sleeping bags as well for the more eclectic individuals. For our purposes though, we stuck with the 5G Lite, providing a fantastic freedom of movement whether you’re cozying up to some Netflix or hanging by the campfire. Each 5G Lite is also temperature rated at 44 degrees, boasts a synthetic insulation, and a polyester shell/lining.

Purchase: $99

Evrgrn Crash Sack

Combining the warmth of a 2-season sleeping bag with the mobility and breathing room of a puffy down jacket, the Crash Sack is designed to facilitate just that: easy rest and warmth on a mobile scale. Here, keep your sleeping bag on when moving freely about the campsite thanks to arm holes when you need them, a bottom that clips out of the way for easy walking, a temperate rating of 45 degrees, interior pockets for small carry items like a phone, and a full hood for ample warmth. Each Crash Sack also boasts a nylon plain-weave taffeta shell, a synthetic insulation, and polyester lining.

Purchase: $119

Polar Stuff Napsack

Complete with all the features of Polar Stuff’s regular Napsack, their Shaggy Napsack is built specifically for those looking for significant comfort thanks to the addition of a thick and super soft faux fur lining down the waist. Polar Stuff developed this piece specifically for camping, couch chilling, or even the tailgate when the bourbon jacket just isn’t enough. It features unique zippered shoulders and a drawcord bottom that you can open and then shorten accordingly for walking/standing/sitting purposes. Each Napsack is also made with 100 percent polyester, is rated to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and includes an 18” x8” stuffsack for easy transport.

Purchase: $150

SLPY Wearable Sleeping Bag

Built out for the camper, festival goer, couch surfer, or backpacker there’s little this wearable sleeping bag from SLPY can’t handle. Basically, each piece functions as a mixed bag of a sleeping bag and a coat making it warm enough to keep you toasty at night but flexible enough to be comfortably worn during those brisk days in and around the campsite. Each SLPY is rated as a 3-season sleeping bag, boasts a temperature rating of 46 degrees, is machine washable, and available in a handful of colors and styles to suit just about any need.

Purchase: $219

Exped Dreamwalker

With a name like the Dreamwalker you better believe this is one comfortable offering from Exped. In fact, thanks to a mummy-like fit but with the mobility of a standard jacket, it’s this simple coat design, anatomically designed jacket-style hood with an elastic hood control, thick draft collar, and convenient hand warmer pockets that make this an ideal pick for outdoor enthusiasts that aren’t traversing sub-zero temperatures. Arm exit zippers are also backed by draft tubes to help prevent any unwanted heat loss and a waterproof stuffsack ensures everything remains warm and dry while in transit.

Purchase: $249+

Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy

As a conventional name for just about any outdoor activity, Sierra Designs modeled this wearable sleeping bag after their line of Mummy sleeping bags built for some serious cold snaps. This one in particular, appropriately dubbed the Mobile Mummy, is rated to 30 degrees and boasts enough room to comfortably sleep on your side, stomach or back without feeling constricted. Each Mobile Mummy is also made with 20D nylon ripstop, a 20D nylon taffeta liner, and 800 fill duck dridown insulation. Outfitted for the chilly campsite this is definitely a solid pick to consider.

Purchase: $300

Nunatek Raku Sleeping Bag

It’s no secret that by the looks of this thing you’ll be ready for just about any cold weather headed in your direction. Key features here include their warm sleeves, a deep encompassing hood, and openable foot box. While sleeping, the sleeves can also be pulled in to create a draft collar for warmth and a two-way front zipper allows for easy access in and out of the bag. Each Raku is also offered in various temperature ratings range from 0-40 degrees and is by far one of the most well-equipped and highly-rated wearable sleeping bags we’ve come across.

Purchase: $520

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