5 Best Waterproof Wallets For Summer

Jul 10, 2017

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With recent heatwaves, it looks like summer is finally upon us. And for some that means more time spent indoors to avoid the scorch of the sun. For us, however, it means much more time outside – preferably in a pair of board shorts floating around in some body of water, be it natural or manmade. Though, when we take a dip, we generally don’t like our cash, cards, and wallet contents to get soaked along with us.

Thankfully, there are a few everyday carry brands out there that share both our love for potentially wet environments and our desire to keep the stuff in our pockets safe and dry. And that spirit is exemplified in the creation of these waterproof men’s wallets. Don’t be fooled, though; it doesn’t have to be summer for you to reap the benefits of these cash and card carriers. Whether you frequently get caught in torrential downpours, you like to hit the surf, or you’re just prone to dropping your gear in puddles, these five waterproof wallets will stop those liquids from ruining your day.

WITZ Surfsafe Waterproof Case

As evidenced by its name, this offering from WITZ is the ideal low-cost waterproof wallet for seafaring people – like surfers. In fact, it’s not just watertight – it’s also airtight. That means, once you put something inside it, nothing from the outside world is going to get in there and contaminate it unless you open it up yourself. What’s even better is that this cash and card carrier floats. So, if you do find yourself out on the open ocean and you accidentally drop it in the water, you can just reach down and pick it right up off the surface of said water. And the hard casing is crush-resistant, too – you know, if you mistakenly sit on it or, for some reason, decide to take a hammer to it.

Purchase: $7

Sharkk Aluminum Wallet

Sleek and small, Sharkk’s waterproof wallet is made from supremely lightweight yet durable aluminum, which can stand up to plenty of daily abuse. It also features an internal accordion-style organizer that can safely stash away up to seven cards at a time and make them easily accessible whenever you open the wallet up. Plus, if you’ve got some cash to carry around, too, it’s got an external elastic cash strap for that walking-around money. As an added bonus, this pocket accessory also offers RFID protection; so your identity is kept as safe as your cards themselves.

Purchase: $20

Pelican Micro Sport Wallet

If there’s anyone you can trust to make a solid waterproof wallet, its the folks at Pelican. Creators of some of the toughest coolers and cases out there, they’ve applied their expertise to this much smaller form carrier that is both water and dust resistant at a rating of IP54. Inside, you’ll find dual mesh pockets to help you organize your cash and cards, which is accessible via an easy open yet extremely tough latch. It also has enough room inside for a few keys, if you’re worried about keeping your gear separate while you take a dip. And, on top of its water and dust resistance, this offering is also crush-resistant and floats if dropped in a body of water.

Purchase: $26

YETI Hopper SideKick Gear Case

Although it is not strictly “waterproof,” the Hopper SideKick from YETI is more than enough to protect your pocket gear and high-tech devices from a short accidental dip. It’s also built specifically to attach to the brand’s grid found on their Hopper 30 cooler, making it the ideal gear vessel any time you’re taking your cooler to the beach, out on the lake, or really anywhere else. And, since it’s a bit bigger than the other offerings on this list (1.2 liters of internal space), it can hold much more than just your cash and cards. It also features a polyurethane-coated zipper, so the water-resistance stretches to more than just the nylon exterior. This is an excellent option for keeping your stuff safe and sound, unless you’re hoping to store that stuff underwater.

Purchase: $35

Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet

Once again, Bellroy has done what they do best – create not only a functional piece of everyday carry gear, but manage to do it in a format that is both minimalist and stylish. While their whole line-up of All-Conditions offerings are worthwhile, we’d like to take a moment to focus specifically on the wallet. Built around a water resistant all-conditions premium leather, this cash and card carrier can fit up to 12 or more cards inside at a time – which stay dry thanks in part to the water resistant external zipper, as well. It also has separate slots inside for cash and coins. And, although it is so capacious and rugged, this wallet is still small enough to easily and comfortably fit inside your front pocket.

Purchase: $85

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

Just so we are clear, waterproof means something different than water-resistant. If you’d like to familiarize yourself with exactly how different they are, then you should have a look at our waterproof vs. water-resistant guide.

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