Hydro Tech: 12 Best Waterproof Gadgets

If there’s anything we’ve learned from our increased dependency on tech, it’s that electronic gear and water are not good bedfellows. And that’s troublesome, considering how much of the Earth is covered in H2O and how much time we like to spend on or around it. Luckily, there are some folks out there who are looking to limit and, in some cases, eliminate the associated risk.

Thanks to some very clever engineering, more and more phones, computers, batteries, etc. are being waterproofed to some degree. And that level of availability is hugely beneficial for those of us who like to get out on the oceans, rivers, lakes, and even snowy landscapes. But it also means it requires a more discerning eye to find those products whose quality, capability, and reliability are worth your while. Rather than forcing you to play an expensive game of guess and check, we’ve gathered together our favorite waterproof gadgets in the following collection.

Corsair Flash Survivor

Protected by a hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum housing, this 32-gig USB 3.0 flash drive can survive quite a bit of punishment. Pair that with the fact that it’s waterproof (to a depth of 200 meters) and also shock-resistant and you’ll likely never need to buy another flash drive ever again.

Purchase: $22

Fitbit Flex

You’d be surprised how much it can help you in your day-to-day to keep track of your steps, calories burned, flights of stairs climbed, and more. But, not only can this fitness tracker keep a record of your daily activity, but it can also draw for you a roadmap of your long-term fitness goals. Best of all, it’s perfectly safe to wear while swimming.

Purchase: $60

Olight S1R Baton Flashlight

If you don’t already, the time has come to add an EDC flashlight to your gear loadout. And it’s hard to do better than this one from Olight. The S1R Baton is surprisingly small – measuring up at 2.6 inches in length and 1.27 ounces – and has an output of 0.5 to 900 lumens. It’s also rechargeable, has a built-in run timer, and has a waterproof rating of IPX8.

Purchase: $65

Silicon Power Rugged Armor External Hard Drive

Whether you like to take photos while on vacation or your job requires you to travel a lot, it’s a pretty good idea to have a capacious external hard drive. Not only can this one hold between 1-5 terabytes (depending on which model you get), but it’s also built to be waterproof and has a tough aluminum exterior that can withstand over 1,000 lbs of force.

Purchase: $67

Dark Energy Poseidon Portable Charger

If you like glamping, camping, or full-on off-grid exploring, it’s still a good idea to have a backup portable charger for any and all electronics and high-tech gear you might be bringing with you. This one from Dark Energy can charge an iPhone up to 6 times, is completely waterproof (IPX8), and comes with a durable paracord Micro USB cable.

Purchase: $100

Fugoo Sport Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproofing a Bluetooth speaker is a little commonplace nowadays. But rare are the ones that are both rugged and have a long battery life. This one can last up to 40 hours on a single charge. That’s 40 hours of music at a 50% volume uninterrupted by weather, sand, dust, and more. It even has Siri and Google Play compatibility.

Purchase: $100

Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle

All workouts can be made a little bit better with some good music. Even swimming. And now you can have your favorite tunes while you do some laps in the pool, thanks to Underwater Audio and their waterproof iPod Shuffle. It has 15 hours of battery life, 2GB of space, and – of course – is compatible with both Mac and PC.

Purchase: $125

Sony Walkman Wearable MP3 Player

If you’re still not onboard the Mac bandwagon, it doesn’t mean you can’t get some solid waterproof audio tech. Take, for instance, this wearable MP3 player. Yes, it looks just like a pair of wireless earbuds, but it’s actually got 4-gigs of storage built-in and can play for 60 minutes on a 3-minute charge.

Purchase: $130

Ricoh WG-50 Waterproof Camera

This offering from Ricoh is a comprehensive multifunctional adventure-ready camera with a water-resistance up to 14 meters beneath the surface, is shock-proof up to a distance of 1.6 meters, and still comes loaded with a whole complement of shooting modes out of the box – 20 to be exact. And that’s across 16 megapixels. Not half bad for a camera this tough.

Purchase: $280

GoPro Hero5 Action Camera

GoPro has set the standard for action cameras and the Hero5 is a perfect example as to why. For starters, it can take 4K video and photos at up to 12 megapixels, but it’s also waterproof up to a depth of 33 feet without any additional housing. You can even view and edit your footage on-the-fly on the device itself. Honestly, if you’re thinking about picking up an action camera, this one is your safest and, perhaps, best bet.

Purchase: $399

Nixon Mission Smartwatch

Normal wristwatches with a water-resistance of hundreds of meters are pretty normal to see. But a functional smartwatch with a touch-screen and fitness tracking and more – well that’s kind of like a unicorn. Which, we suppose, makes Nixon’s Mission the ultimate unicorn, as it has an industry-leading 10 ATMs of water resistance, heavy-duty shock resistance, and even features a Gorilla Glass crystal.

Purchase: $400

Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone

The iPhone 7 is the first Apple phone to feature water-resistance – which actually makes it late to the party and slightly less capable in that regard as this offering from Samsung. The Galaxy S8 has an IP68 rating – which makes it both water- and dust-resistant and can be submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes – and it features expandable storage (up to 256GB), has quick-charge capabilities, a practically borderless screen, and has an enhanced 8MP front-facing camera – which is not even the main camera.

Purchase: $725+

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

Though they are often used interchangeably and can be rather confusing, waterproof and water-resistant do not necessarily mean the same thing. To clarify them, we’ve put together this waterproof vs. water-resistant guide to help you out.