Watery Workout: 10 Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers

Aug 7, 2017

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One of the best ways to get in shape and stay there is by keeping an ongoing record of your fitness goals and accomplishments. This, however, can be time consuming and – frankly – a little boring if you’re not a bodybuilder or crossfit athlete. That’s why fitness trackers are so great: they allow you to keep an eye on all things health-related with very little work on your part. And there are a multitude of great ones out there… right up until you start looking for one that suits a waterborne lifestyle.

If you’re even a casual swimmer, finding a good fitness tracker you can wear in the pool can seem like a Sisyphean task. Lucky for you, we’ve gone ahead and done the work for you. To be clear: what we mean by ‘fitness tracker’ is this: a wearable device whose entire functionality (or at least a large portion of it) is dedicated to health and wellness recording and reporting. So a ruggedized outdoor-focused smartwatch with GPS that also happens to have a heart-rate monitor doesn’t qualify. Similarly, we realize that waterproof is an entirely subjective term, so to be on this list, a fitness tracker has to – at the very least – be able to survive a full swimmer’s workout. With that in mind, the following list is comprised of the ten best waterproof fitness trackers you can buy right now.

Misfit Shine 2

As it turns out, a dedicated water-friendly fitness tracker not only won’t break the bank – it’ll hardly make a dent. That is, if you opt for this super economical option, the Misfit Shine 2. With a swim-proof case, this wrist accessory will automatically track your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and even map out your sleep patterns. It can also be set up to give you call alerts, text notifications, alarms, movement reminders, and has a replaceable batter that will last for up to 6 months at a time. Not bad for something so affordable.

Purchase: $40

Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit is certainly the brand that comes to most people’s minds when they think of fitness trackers. And it’s not just their brand name that’s responsible – they truly do make some of the absolute best dedicated health-based wrist accessories out there. Their Flex 2 is no exception. This sleek and small fitness tracker can do a lot of the same things its larger, more expensive counterparts can – like tracking steps, calories burned, distance, flights of stairs, and will sync with the brand’s stellar smartphone app. This one also has the benefit of being swim-proof, so you can take it into the pool without worrying about damage of any sort.

Purchase: $60

Moov Now

While it certainly has the most unique appearance of all the offerings on our list, the Moov Now is a lot more than just looks. Yes, it offers all of the normal fitness tracking you can find with just about any other tracker (like calories burned, steps walked, etc.), but it also offers some other neat features – including live workout coaching with real-time audio and automatic stroke style recognition and lap grouping for swim workouts. It’ll even rank your best lap times and break down your efficiency, so you can find where and how you can improve your exercise.

Purchase: $60

Withings Activité

It’s certainly no feat to find an analog-style wristwatch that can survive a dip in the pool (or even a deep dive), but pretty much none of them include any kind of fitness tracking. That’s not the case with the Withings Activité; this handsome wristwatch was actually designed around including fitness tracking into its operation. So, it’ll keep track of steps, calories, sleep cycles, and can even be set to give reminders and/or set off alarms. But, it also comes with a smartphone app for real-time coaching and is waterproof for swimming – all with a beautiful 316L stainless steel case and minimalist dial.

Purchase: $95

Huawei Fit Smart

Chinese brand Huawei is one of the largest tech companies in the world – so it shouldn’t come as a shock that they also make one of the best waterproof fitness trackers available. Their Fit Smart – which looks quite a lot like a modern smartwatch – offers a whole suite of fitness tracking capabilities from heart-rate monitoring, to daily activity tracking, to personal training and coaching, and everything in-between. It also offers 5ATM water-resistance (roughly 170 feet) and has a host of alarm options, from normal reminders to inactivity notifications.

Purchase: $98+

Garmin vívoactive

If you can get over its admittedly clunky design, the Garmin vívoactive is a superb fitness tracker with some excellent capabilities. For starters, it has a multitude of modes you can select from to more accurately keep track of your data – including walk, run, swim, golf, and bike. It also works as a stand-alone device if you’re away from your phone, meaning you can track all your stats without having to reach in your pocket or get out of the pool. It also has a battery life of up to 3 weeks in watch mode and 10 hours using the onboard GPS.

Purchase: $120

Garmin vívosmart HR+

If you like all that Garmin has to offer both in features and from a branding standpoint, but you’re not hot on the clunky design of the vívoactive, give their vívosmart HR+ a try. It’s a much sleeker option (looking a lot like the style Fitbit popularized), but it offers much of the same features – including GPS tracking, live-updating workout metrics, smart-activity tracking (meaning you don’t have to tell it what you are doing), and 24/7 heart-rate monitoring.

Purchase: $150

Polar A370 Fitness Tracker

Polar Electro, a Finnish technology brand, has been manufacturing sports training computers since the 1970s. That’s a long time to be in the fitness industry, let alone putting a focus on sports training and computers. And its those decades of experience and innovation that make their wearable fitness tracker, the A370, such a good piece of equipment. This handy tool offers personalized activity and exercise guidance, sleep and 24/7 heart rate monitoring, phone-assisted GPS, and – of course – waterproofing for swim workouts.

Purchase: $180

Apple Watch Series 2

Yes, the Apple Watch is a smartwatch first and a fitness tracker second – but the fact that, with the series 2 – Apple has gone to such lengths to integrate that fitness tracking technology into the operation of the watch, along with making it water-resistant enough to go for long-form swims, makes it a worthy contender. If you’re familiar with Apple products (after all, you do probably have an iPhone in your pocket), you know you’re getting a reliable, well-designed, functional piece of tech out of this one.

Purchase: $369+

Suunto Spartan Sport

Suunto makes a wide range of smartwatch-based tech, but this one is arguably the best of the best for the average athlete. Sure, it’s a little on the pricey side of the spectrum, but it’s also incredibly sturdy, reliable, and frankly looks much better than most other options out there. It also has a massive database of over 80 sports training modes for specific activity-focused tracking. And it’s got a 12-hour battery life in training mode, is housed in a steel case with an outdoor-grade color touchscreen behind a mineral crystal, and offers GPS navigation.

Purchase: $499

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