15 Best Travel Instagram Accounts

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We all love to travel. Be it for work or for play, seeing the world first-hand far outweighs viewing it through a phone or television screen. However, sometimes these mediums are all we have at the time to remain motived and willing to step outside our comfort level, ditch the office job for a few weeks (or months) and get out to see this sights – all while making a few friends along the way.

It’s here where, we (as office workers ourselves) took to everyone’s favorite social media platform to seek out those wanders, roamers, and world travelers traversing the globe and documenting their journeys along the way. From remote edges of the earth to the more urbanized landscapes that permeate through our industrialized nations, each of these Instagram travel accounts offers something a little different and unique. All the while, each of these accounts works in their own way to push the envelope of what’s possible in this day and age – providing proof that beyond your local city limits lies a world worth exploring. Just as long as you possess the will to wander.

Samuel Taipale

Hailing from Norway (a picturesque destination in and of itself) Samuel Taipale (@eljackson) works to document his travels across the globe with his wife. And from a quick scroll through his feed, no location is too remote or unattainable for them. From wildlife documentation to aquatic landscapes and mountainous terrain, if Samuel can photograph it, odds are he’s been there or at least plans on traveling there in the near future.


Expert Vagabond

Adventure traveler, blogger, photographer and digital nomad, Mathew Karsten (@expertvagabond) clearly has everyone’s dream job. He’s shot on location in Russia, New Zealand, the Alps, and is currently located in France. Only time will tell where he lands next. Rest assured we’ll be here waiting to see for ourselves.


Alex Strohl

Fans of colder climates and photography should turn to turn to Alex Strohl for inspiration to get out there – as long as they bring a jacket of course. The championed photographer and wore traveler looks to enjoy his time in and around the water (both moving and frozen) as well as documenting the camera’s used to capture the shot. A useful tidbit for any fan of photography.


Nat Geo Travel

A legacy yet obvious choice without a doubt, National Geographic arguably has some of the most beautiful photography on the planet. They’re the real deal, showing us how it’s done long before filters were even possible on the internet. No need to sell this account. If you’re a fan of travel in any capacity odds are you’ve already added them to your feed at this point.


Hannes Becker

As a member of the German Roamer collective, Hannes Becker knows his Northern European landscapes. From the sea-swept and cliff-ridden coast of the British Isles to the geothermal and frigid regions of Iceland and back again, Becker’s photography surely sells solitary off-the-grid traveling to even the most urban-dependent scroller.


Chris Burkard

As far as world travel is concerned, there’s nowhere photographer Chris Burkard hasn’t been and documented along the way. With Burkard, vivid POV shots blend in seamlessly with his aerial footage of dynamic landscapes from across the globe. No matter what he’s photographing though, Burkard clearly has an eye for new perspectives no matter what the subject might be.


The PlanetD

It’s hard to compete with a 2-time winner of the best travel blog and a listing as a top ten travel influencer. But we guess that what happens when you 1) have a keen eye for wildlife and landscape photography and 2) visit upwards of 105 countries across all seven continents throughout your career. Needless to say, such photography and travel prowess are made evident within The PlanetD’s feed with only more to come we’re sure.


David Guttenfelder

Hard to pass up on a National Geographic Photojournalist and explorer. At least that was our mentality when we can across David Guttenfelder’s Instagram feed. Here, the seasoned photographer documents the more human side of traveling – from Cuba to South Korea -and everywhere in between. It’s also evident he likes to dabble in the occasional portrait shot while on the road as well. A solid pick without a doubt.


Travis Burke

For all those VanLife obsessors out there, Travis Burke offers up superior documentation of his personal setup and places he’s traveled via van over the past 4 years across the US. Basically, if it’s worth seeing and accessible by a 4×4 adventure-mobile here in the states, there’s a good chance Burke has been there. Also, he’s now apparently giving away his van here in the coming days as well.


Stefan Karlstrom

A little while back Stefan Karlstrom founded a curated city guides app called Trotter to assist traveling urbanites in discovering great places to eat, drink, and stay in major cities such as Portland, New York, Paris and London. Needless to say, Karlstrom’s account is worth a follow for any fans of unique cityscapes and colder hues.


Luis Cardenas

Taking a unique perspective on colors, people, and locations across the warmer and more desert-driven regions of the world, Luis Cardenas works to provide not only an insight into the more ancient civilizations abroad, but place us within the markets, hillsides, and climate found within these areas. Well executed and unique, Cardenas is clearly a fan of old school aesthetics – as are we.


Cocu Liu

Based out of San Francisco, Cocu Liu focuses primarily on street and urban photography abroad. This, for instance, covers his hometown as well as massive urban centers such as New York, Tokyo, and Paris. Whatever the city, however, Liu does a fantastic job of capturing the underlying mood of his surroundings – be is a warm bar on a soggy evening or a dizzying summer day in Western Europe.


Allan Edward Hinton

Here’s a story we all vide after: selling our possessions, saying so long to our desk job and hitting the road in search of a life filled with travel and exploration. Allan Edward Hinton of London did just that, and by the looks of his feed, will certainly work to motivate you to potentially follow in his footsteps.


Jelito de Leon

Clean photography is always appealing to the eye. Especially when either shot on location in warmer climates or inside the modern minimalist home. Jelito de Leon’s Instagram account does just that – complete with a great mix architecture, interior design, and product photography with a naturalist vibe peppered throughout. A well-rounded photographer without a doubt.


Dante Vincent

Utilizing both his Sony A7RII and his iPhone X, Dante Vincent splits his time between Los Angeles and New York – in addition to other locations – documenting the people, places, and scenery that pervades each location visited therein. Be it warm sunsets, or concrete skyscrapers, it’s all here and looks fantastic.


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