Magic Fingers: The 7 Best Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreens are everywhere and their numbers are increasing. Everyday more ATMs, credit card scanners, and even doorway touchpads are using touchscreen technology. This would be good news, except in the freezing cold the last thing you want to do is pull off your nice winter gloves so that you can key in your PIN or enter the code for your office building. You’re an elegant creature and can’t be letting your hands get cold just to get cash. You need to be pampered. You need a good pair of touchscreen gloves.

These type of gloves are specially designed using interwoven metals or other conductive materials that allows the electricity from your body to interact with the screens. Standard gloves are meant to keep your hands warm or protect them from harm, they aren’t intended to allow electricity to pass through them. Though they may have metal parts, gloves built for mobile devices aren’t like strapping on a pair of chainmail gauntlets and heading out to slay the mother of dragons, they’re supposed to be just as comfortable as standard gloves with a connective component. To find which ones are both functional and comfortable, we’ve located the 7 best touchscreen gloves.

Outdoor Research Northback Sensor

Outdoor Research Northback Sensor

Pro: Well insulated
Con: Imprecise

Thick and Juicy: Maybe you’ve strapped on your cross country skis for a little time communing with nature. That’s all well and good, but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to LOL at a tweet or two. Besides, what good is seeing a snowy owl if you can’t also post it to Instagram? The TouchTec leather on the palm and the fingers mean you could use nearly any part of the hand to activate your touchscreen. Since they are thicker and more awkward, typing a novel probably isn’t a great idea, but they are more exact in hitting keys and buttons than you would expect. The lining of the gloves is Gore-Tex that keeps out cold and even wicks away moisture so you can happily hike or hit the slopes. The drawstring cuffs fit well beneath a coat or jacket and keep both cold and water away. The TouchTec leather also keeps phones and tablets from slipping out of your hot little hand, even when damp with snow. [Purchase: $100+]

Fieldsheer Legend

Fieldsheer Legend

Pro: Impact protection
Con: Only index finger can use touchscreens

Biker Bad-Ass: Yeah, you like to feel the wind in your hair, you crave the open road, you’ve got a tat on your arm of some stripper you met one night in Reno, and dammit, you want to shoot her a text right now. The Legends are motorcycle gauntlets packed with knuckle, wrist, and finger impact protection so taking a spill off your Harley won’t bust up your hands and you won’t even need to take the gloves off to call 911. These only have touchscreen capacity in the index fingers so you might need to get really creative if you were going to compose an email while you were on your bike, but that is the only flaw. The cowhide leather construction is as tough as it comes while the vibration resistant palm pads help keep your hands steady on the handlebars. [Purchase: $119]

Isotoner smarTouch Driving Gloves

Isotoner smarTouch Driving Gloves

Pro: Very stylish
Con: Not very warm

Classic Gentleman: You might prefer to take your Porsche coup out for a spin rather than hitting the highway on your hog. For you, there is the smarTouch driving gloves from Isotoner that brings an erudite sense of class to your attire as you paw through your iPhone. Any of the smarTouch line will work, but most of them err on the side of effeminate, so even though Dan Marino might have endorsed them you’ll look like quite the dandy if you choose another style. These driving gloves, on the other hand, fit well with an all leather exterior that grips steering wheels with ease while a thread woven into the index finger and thumb work with everything from your Android to the touchscreen gas pump. [Purchase: $55]

Glider Gloves Winter Touchscreen

Glider Gloves Winter

Pro: Rubber grip on the palm
Con: Look a little strange

Quick Fingers: There’s a lot to love about these. First off, the palm has a discreet rubber webbing that grips your phone like a lover on a cold winters night, so even if you refuse to buy a good cell phone case, it shall not escape your grasp easily. Secondly, the ability to touch with any part of the hand – rather than only using the a few fingers – makes the entire experience with the Gliders much more enjoyable. You won’t realize how often you use your middle finger until you can’t. Finally, these actually made typing possible, something that was very difficult to find. Most touchscreen gloves will give you a poke to fire up an app, but don’t expect to be able to sext anything really steamy without a lot of embarrassing misspellings. The tight fit that allows for this dexterity means they aren’t exactly “winter warm,” but not too bad for brief conversations even in the freezing cold. [Purchase: $21+] Classic Classic

Pro: Soft and natural fabric
Con: Touchscreen use can be inconsistent

Multi-Purpose: Sometimes the OG offerings are the best. The Classic is what ultimately gave us the Glider Gloves, but’s work still holds up and stands out in some very notable ways. They come in several styles and levels of warmth so they can complement an outfit and just look more natural and normal than almost any other touchscreen glove you can buy. They offer a little screen cleaning tag that helps keep moisture and debris from sitting on the face of your phone and tablet while the little magnets in the cuffs help keep the gloves from getting separated so you don’t end up having to dig everything out of your pockets to find them both. Like the Gliders you can use all your fingers or any part of your hand, and while these aren’t quite as accurate, the acrylic feels softer and smoother against your skin. [Purchase: $20]

Timberland Mens Ribbed Knit Wool Blend

Timberland Men’s Ribbed Knit Wool Blend

Pro: Does everything well
Con: Does nothing perfectly

Best Blend: There is a balance with all touchscreen gloves. The warm ones aren’t accurate, the accurate ones aren’t warm, or they look tacky and terrible. Timberland seems to have found the ideal middle ground with their offering. The polyester body is comfortable and the herringbone design is stylish without trying too hard. They’re warm enough for grabbing a snow shovel just as easily as a smartphone. The touchscreen work is good, not great. These manage to be the jack of all trades, master of none in this particular world. They do nothing perfectly, but do everything well enough that you won’t be freezing off your fingers, you won’t look like a freak, and you won’t accidentally send an insulting text to your “Boss” instead of “Bobby” because the fingers couldn’t figure it out. Price is right too. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts here. [Purchase: $40]

Hi-Fun Hi-Call

Hi-Fun Hi-Call Bluetooth Gloves

Pro: Bluetooth compatible
Con: You look like an idiot using them

Gimmick Gimmie: We admit that these are a little silly, but make an amusing gift that can force your father, your friend, or one of your frat bros to look like a fool talking into their fingers like a lunatic. The gloves have touchscreen capability that works with almost everything and while they aren’t incredibly thick, they’re warm enough for using an ice scraper on the car. The allure of these little beauties is the integrated Bluetooth technology that allows the gloves to take calls. You never have to pull your phone out of your pocket again. Just hold your hand to the side of your head like you’re 4 years old playing telephone and you’re connected. Admittedly the Bluetooth is shabby and the speaker and reciever are awful. It’s just such a ridiculous concept, we had to include it. [Purchase: $59]