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Something Extra: 25 Best Style Accessories For Men

Whether you count yourself as someone who cares about fashion or not, chances are you have something like a favorite hat, a special pair of sunglasses, or even a watch or ring that means a lot to you. These are accessories. They’re add-ons to an outfit – however considered. A lot of men may recoil at the unnecessarily gendered term ‘accessories’ (get over yourselves, guys), but like it or not – they’re just as essential to any man’s outfit as a pair of pants or a t-shirt.

In part because so many men seem averse to the term, we wanted to prepare a guide to all of the best men’s accessories – whether hats, wallets, watches, or even bags. These are all items that are easy to add on to an outfit for regular, everyday wear, or even for more formal occasions. Sometimes these can be simple as a nice baseball cap or a dive watch, and other times they can be unique, stand-out items like a stetson hat or silver bracelet. Whatever your preference, we hope our rundown of the Best Style Accessories For Men guides you to a new item you can call a favorite.

Everyday Carry

Line Your Pockets

There are accessories you put on for specific events or outfits, and then there is your everyday carry. These are the things you won’t be caught dead without – they’re as essential to your day as your iPhone or eyeglasses. And at least in our opinion, this is reason enough to spend a bit more on these items. Unlike the apartment you’re renting right now, or even the car you’re driving – these are going to have a regular place in your pocket for years. Pens, wallets, knives, and keychains are all at your disposal – the only question is which you’ll pick.

Fisher Space Pen

Originally for astronauts needing to take notes in zero gravity, this small, minimalist pen can write upside down, in extreme cold, and while wet. And to top it off, it is among the smallest EDC pens on the market.

Purchase: $20

Closed Helix Keyring

Need to keep all your keys together, but don’t quite like the look of the clip-on keychains so many guys wear? This American-made brass helix keyring is an ideal addition to your everyday carry. The ⅛-inch brass wire has a screw-off and on end-cap that makes it easy to store your key securely.

Purchase: $30

Maxx & Unicorn Money Clip

Money clips aren’t as common these days. We rely so much more on cards to make payments, they can often feel a little quaint. In our opinion, that all only adds to the charm of items like this American made brass clip.

Purchase: $38

Bellroy Key Cover

If the thought of having keys jingling around in your pocket gives you a headache, consider this clever key cover from Bellroy. Made from a vegetable tanned leather and opening like a bifold wallet, it’s a novel way to keep your keys all in one place.

Purchase: $45

DPTR Clamshell Wallet

Another solid American made pick hailing from Chicago. This simple clamshell wallet is made from a full grain leather sourced from Horween, features an elastic strap for closing tight, and plenty of room for storing cash and cards.

Purchase: $68

Pioneer Carry The Matter 10XD Ripstop Bifold

For the longest time the only material used to make quality wallets was leather. Pioneer Carry is changing that dynamic with their 10XD fabric. Not only is the fabric 10 times stronger than steel, but it is as attractive as can be – and ideal for putting in your pocket while commuting to work via bike. The wallet can carry up to 8 cards and a few bills, making it perfect for everyday use.

Purchase: $80

Ystudio The Weight Of Words Brass Ballpoint Pen

Looking for something on the higher-end to keep in your briefcase or at your desk? Forget old-school brands like Mont Blanc and consider instead something like this brass ballpoint pen from Ystudio.

Purchase: $100

The James Brand The Chapter Knife

The James Brand made waves in the Everyday Carry and knife community thanks to their ability to produce really high-end and minimalist pocket knives for the more design-conscious. Recently, the brand spruced up one of their more popular models, the Chapter Knife, by equipping it with a titanium handle and Damascus blade.

Purchase: $350

For The Wrist

Never Empty-Handed

It doesn’t take much to add a little something extra onto an outfit. In a more formal setting, things as simple as cufflinks, a nice watch, or even bracelets for men can go a long way. Of course, each one of those items (save for the cufflinks) often feature either a more dressed-up look, or something a bit more casual and suited for daily wear. To at least hint towards the breadth of options in these categories, we included a dress watch, a dive watch, and a pair of unique bracelets.

Tanner Goods Single Wrap Wristband

You don’t have to throw on a watch in order to sport a little something extra on your wrist. Case in point, this saddle tan wristband from Tanner Goods. Made right here in the U.S. of A and featuring a simple stud (brass, stainless, or copper), it’s an ideal pick.

Purchase: $40

Paul Smith Bike Enameled Silver-Tone Cufflinks

Cufflinks don’t have to be all too self serious. Case in point, these bicycle cufflinks from Paul Smith. Made from a silver-tone metal and featuring enamel inlays, they’re a playful addition to any formal outfit.

Purchase: $125

Timex Navi Harbor Watch

Whether or not you are a fan of Timex watches, this model from the heritage brand is worth considering. The dive watch has a black case, a dark grey stonewashed leather strap, and a bezel that rotates around the midnight-black dial and its luminescent indices.

Purchase: $140

Miansai Klink Sterling Silver Cord Bracelet

For those who have more or less embraced the fact that they will only ever check the time by looking at their smartphone, there is the Miansai Klink. Made from sterling silver and held together by a thick marine-grade cord, it’s a nice way to dress up even a simple outfit.

Purchase: $495

Sinn 736 ST 4N Watch

This dress watch from Sinn features an ETA 2892-A2 self-winding movement that drives two gold-plated hands around the silver electroplated dial and its gold indices. It’s a simple, attractive dress watch perfect for any occasion.

Purchase: $1,730


Extra Threads

Scarves, hats, and sunglasses can go a long way towards sprucing up an outfit and making it stand out. Of course, there are a million different ways to go with these options. We pulled out a few of our favorite here for this section to highlight the number of different looks you can try on with just a slightly different style of hat or pair of shades. Whether it be the kind of sunglasses you see in movies, a Stetson hat that looks like it came straight out of the old west, or just a pair of socks you’d be proud to have peak out from under your denim jeans – we’re sure you’ll dig these picks.

Hugo Boss Striped Stretch-Cotton Socks

A new pair of socks can go a long way towards making a guy feel fresh and new. This pair from Hugo Boss is made from a lightweight stretch cotton and boasts ribbed cuffs for a solid grip.

Purchase: $12

Topo Designs Wool Beanie

Keeping warm during the winter doesn’t have to be all utility and no style. Topo Designs, the Colorado-based outdoor brand has figured as much out. Take their Wool Beanie for example. Made from 100% merino wool knitted in Colorado, the cap is an ideal one for those who want to keep cozy even when the mercury drops.

Purchase: $45

Ebbets Field Flannels Ballcaps

Some of our favorite ball caps come from Ebbets Field Flannels. The Chicago-based brand makes caps from a high end wool fabric that sport the logos and mascots of minor and major league teams dating as far back as the 1930s.

Purchase: $49

Aether Cashmere Scarf

There are few fabrics as comfortable to wrap around your neck as cashmere. That, in short, is why we wanted to include this great scarf from Aether. Featuring a 2-layer construction and a nice woven logo at the edge of the scarf, it’s an ideal cold-weather addition to any guy’s wardrobe.

Purchase: $165

Tom Ford 7.5cm Knitted Silk Tie

This knitted tie from Tom Ford is made from a high-end silk sourced from Italy. The quality construction and fabric combine to make it an ideal addition to any guy’s office wardrobe.

Purchase: $225

Kingsman Stetson Tequila Leather Trimmed Hat

Find yourself in the southwest and in need of some shade? Consider this Stetson hat. A bold choice to be sure, the cap is made from a tan felt sourced from a rabbit, and features a leather band with a silver detail. Six shooter comes separate.

Purchase: $250

Persol D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Few sunglasses brands have managed to get the cool-factor of Persol’s. Made by hand in Italy and featuring retro green lenses with an attractive silver trip and pistons, they’re an ideal addition for those looking for sunblockers that’ll set them apart from the crowd.

Purchase: $260

Garret Leight California Optical Wilson Sunglasses

We’re suckers for a simple pair of round metal frame sunglasses. This example from GLCO features a number of different colorways including a Tortoise-amber honey (pictured here), brown pearl brushed gold powder, and a matte black spotted tortoise among many others.

Purchase: $365


Zip, Roll, and Strap

Style doesn’t stop with things you wear. Things like edc backpacks, briefcases, suitcases, and even dopp kits do a lot of the same work of telling the world a bit about who you are as your blazer, shirt, or pants. It’s reasonable, then, to do a little thinking about what kind of pack you want to shoulder or roll through security instead of just blindly going for the old ratty jansport. We have a few examples here of some solid bags and backpacks for men.

Heimplanet Monolith Dopp Kit

If you’ve ever been so unfortunate as to have to scrape toothpaste from your favorite shirt, you know why dopp kits are so important. Not only do they help organize all of your toiletries, but they keep them from getting all over the place if they leak or break while traveling. This particular dopp kit from Heimplanet does all of those things and more thanks to its 840D ballistic nylon shell, zippered closures, and dual compartment layout.

Purchase: $75

Bellroy Classic Backpack

Years ago now, Bellroy burst onto the scene with a refreshing, well designed product – minimalist wallets. Now, the brand is taking that same approach to another item many of us carry around regularly – the backpack. This simple model has a 15-inch laptop case, 17-liter capacity, and looks for days.

Purchase: $150

Filson Original Briefcase

Is a backpack a little too juvenile for your taste? Consider bag from Filson instead. Made from a 22-ounce twill fabric and equipped with saddle-quality bridle leather, the bag is intended to last a lifetime. But don’t let the old-school looks fool you. The briefcase features a dedicated 15-inch laptop sleeve, plenty of internal pockets for storage, and a custom cut YKK zipper with storm flap.

Purchase: $325

Montblanc Nightflight Leather Trimmed Hardshell

If you’re going to travel, travel in style. So goes the thinking behind Montblanc’s high-end rolling suitcase. Made with polycarbonate hardshell and featuring a leather trip and telescoping handle, the German-made suitcase is near the tippy top of the luggage world.

Purchase: $980

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