The 10 Best Straight Razors For A Closer Shave

Straight razors have existed in one form or another for millennia, with cultures like the Ancient Egyptians utilizing primitive copper and gold versions of the grooming utensils as far back as the 4th Millennium BC. In that time, a series of major advancements have taken place as metallurgy technology and production techniques continue to be refined. So, while the basic premise of shaving with a “cut-throat” razor remains largely unchanged, the number of options on the market has grown significantly.

This can make shopping for an open razor difficult, especially to the uninitiated who don’t yet know how to shave with a straight razor. For this reason, we’ve searched high and low for the best straight razors currently on the market from a variety of different styles and price-points. So, whether you’re a seasoned open razor connoisseur looking for the latest and greatest in true razors, or a curious first-timer on a budget, our list of the ten best straight razors is sure to resonate with you.

Dovo Shavette Straight Razor

Unlike traditional disposable and electric razors, shaving with a straight razor requires equal parts skill, patience, and practice. And, while diving in at the deep end is one (less-than-advisable) option, you’re much better off easing into things with a learner’s blade, like Dovo’s Shavette Straight Razor. Made in Germany from stainless steel, the Shavette negates the need for maintenance or sharpening by utilizing a replaceable blade. Plus, it comes with multiple color-coded blade holders, each conducive to different styles of shaving with a straight blade.

Purchase: $43

Focus Slim AL Aluminum Replaceable Blades Straight Razor

Made in Italy, this charming replaceable blade straight razor boasts fully-anodized aluminum construction and a patented opening system. Interestingly, the compact, travel-friendly razor accepts standard double-edge blades that have been snapped in two. The boxy design is a novel take on traditional straight razor scales — a feat furthered along by the razor’s six different color options (black, blue, gold, green, red, and silver).

Purchase: $59

morrama Black Angle Razor Kit

Though the first production straight razors date back to 1680s England, the overall design and profile of the cut-throat razor has gone mostly unaltered over the last couple of centuries. Recognizing this lack of aesthetic creativity, the London-based morrama have shaken things up in the space with their Black Angle Razor Kit. The award-winning design is machined from aluminum, features a double-edged blade, is secured via a brass pin, and comes with a matching matte-finish CNC’d aluminum stand with a silicon anti-slip bottom.

Purchase: $110

The Art Of Shaving New York Black 5/8” Blade Point Straight Razor

This straight-forward straight razor from The Art Of Shaving New York has been beautifully designed by renowned French razor outfit, Thiers-Issard. The business end features a 5/8″ hollow-ground carbon steel blade that holds an edge markedly better than stainless steel and has been engineered to afford an optimal mix of pliability and rigidity. The round-nose blade has a grooved spine for bolstered grip and is paired with a classic black acrylic handle with pointed edges.

Purchase: $160

Boker Elite Carbon 3.0 Straight Razor

In the latter half of the 19th century, opulent, high-end straight razors were sold under the banner of “Boker Elite.” This legacy now lives on through the revived German outfit, which is responsible for the Carbon 3.0 Straight Razor. Hand-ground and assembled in Solingen — also known as “the City of Blades” — this carbon fiber razor features CNC-milled carbon scales shrouding a 6/8″ honed carbon steel blade with a dual bevel back. The Elite Carbon 3.0 also comes in special historic packaging and is sold with a certificate of authenticity.

Purchase: $259

Grim Blades Rosewood 6/8” Kamisori

Japanese for “razor” a Kamisori is a distinctive style of the straight razor from the Land Of The Rising Sun. Heavily influenced by traditional Japanese design language and visual themes, Grim Blades’ Rosewood 6/8” Kamisori is a high-quality, razor backed by a 61 HRC Austrian steel blade. This made-in-America razor is hand-pined, boasts a custom scythe point, and is decorated in handsome genuine Rosewood scales. Sold shave-ready, the Rosewood 6/8” Kamisori is offered with a lifetime warranty.

Purchase: $275

Baxter Of California Blue Steel Straight Razor

Baxter Of California’s Blue Steel “Not A Replica” razor offers an incredibly sharp blade in an elegant, no-frills package. Folding into a matte black tang, the blade on Blue Steel is manufactured in America by the small team of artisans at Idaho’s Hart Steel and boasts a 63 HRC. Handmade and water-resistant, the Blue Steel straight razor comes in a storage/gift box and includes a deerskin sleeve and a hex wrench for tightening the razor’s pin.

Purchase: $295

Thiers Issard St. Jacques Sheep and Wolf Straight Razor

Thiers Issard St. Jacques is one of the world’s leading straight razor purveyors, with the French outfit dating back to 1884. This particular limited edition item from the Thiers-based company has been bestowed with a 5/8″ round point, full hollow-ground, TI Carbnsong C135 steel blade. The white resin scales are decorated with the “Chemin Saint Jacques,” which was the route taken by St. James the Apostle as he famously traveled through Spain. The lightly colored, pastel-heavy handles are offset by the blade’s gold “sheep and wolf” inlays.

Purchase: $350

Discommon The Straight Razor Aluminum

Discommon’s premium straight razor features a uniquely-designed handle comprised of aerospace-grade aluminum with a micro-textured finish that’s been de-tabbed, polished by hand, and then finally anodized in a gunmetal grey at the company’s California headquarters. The idiosyncratic scales — each handle requires more than three-hours of machining time — is married to a 6/8″ blade with a 63 HRC that’s been ground and triple-tempered by Hart Steel. The razor also has hardened steel stop pins and Phosphorous bronze washers for ultra-smooth deployment.

Purchase: $800

Ezra Arthur + Max Sprecher Signature Straight Razor

Born out of a collaboration between heirloom-quality American lifestyle accessory brand, Ezra Arthur and noted custom straight razor artisan, Max Sprecher, the Signature is a top-shelf razor built to last several lifetimes. Precision-machined and handcrafted in the US, this item sports an ultra-rugged, high-density carbon fiber uni plate handle paired with an equally-hardwearing full-size 8/8 1/4″ hollow-ground blade forged from 01 carbon steel with a 63 HRC and a banded faux ivory recon stone wedge.

Purchase: $895

How To Shave With A Straight Razor

Getting your hands on a straight razor is obviously a great start. However, without the knowledge of how to use one, things can get ugly fast. Ensure that you combat stubble and five o’clock shadow correctly (and painlessly) with our handy guide on how to shave with a straight razor.