Winter Warfare: The 5 Best Snowball Blasters

While we love winter, it does somewhat limit our ability to get out and play in the great outdoors. That being said, there are some ways to get around said limitations. For instance, water gun fights and Nerf wars are probably best left in the summer months. But what happens when you want to settle your squabbles in the colder parts of the year? Our answer: snowball fights.

While there was a time when this unique non-lethal warfare was relegated solely to throwing snowballs by hand, we now live in another era. That means, instead of tiring out your arm or potentially blowing out your shoulder, you can pick up a device that will throw snow faster and further than you might be able to on your own. We mean, of course, snowball blasters. Think of them like the Nerf guns of winter. Only, instead of soft foam darts, they chuck balls of frozen water at your enemies. As you might’ve guessed, we’ve gone through the trouble of rounding up the five best snowball blasters available in the following roundup. Pick one up and show the neighborhood that you’re the boss – even in the dead of winter.

KOVOT Snowball Maker & Thrower

While it looks kind of like an odd police baton or a cricket bat, this snowball thrower is perhaps more akin to a lacrosse stick or a jai alai cesta – a throwing device used in what’s called the “fastest game in the world.” The principle is simple: using physics, you can get a lot more speed and power behind your throw by whipping the snowball via an elongated throwing device. And since it’s built from heavy-duty polypropylene and rubberized plastic, it’s tough enough for you to take it to task over and over again.

What’s even better is that both thrower/maker’s that come in each set of two come with an attached snowball maker – a hinged cup that allows you to pack soft spherical snowballs that break apart on impact. Trust us, you’re going to want to use them so you’re not chucking solid ice balls at your friends and/or family.

Purchase: $15

Arctic Force Snowball Slingshot

Because it’s one of the most classic projectile-firing tools of all time, it should come as little surprise that someone made a slingshot that shoots snowballs. In fact, the marriage of the two seems almost compulsory. We’re just happy that the folks at outdoor toy-maker Wham-O were amongst those that made one, because they got it exactly right. This heavy-duty slingshot is built from cold-resistant materials – so it won’t warp or break even in freezing temperatures.

As an added bonus, the cradle (the part that holds the ammunition to be fired) is designed to hold up to 3 snowballs at a time. That way, if you’re outnumbered, you can launch salvos at your opponents and have a better chance of coming out on top. Best of all, it comes with a vinyl target, so you can hone in your accuracy prior to your snowball fight.

Purchase: $17

Indoor-Outdoor Snowball Launcher

You can think of this device like the pump-action shotgun of snowball launchers. Except, instead of firing buckshot or metal slugs, it shoots relatively harmless balls of snow. All you have to do is pack some snowballs and feed them, one at a time, into this launcher. Then, using just air pressure, you can vault them at your enemies at distances of up to 30 feet away. You don’t even need any batteries or an energy source, as the entire device works using just human power.

Perhaps the best part of this fun snow-shooter, however, is that it can be used all-year-round. How, you ask? Well, on top of being able to launch freshly packed snowballs, it also comes with 8 foam “snow balls” that fit perfectly into it. That means you can practice your shooting all through the warmer months of the year in preparation of the winter warfare sure to erupt after the first snowfall.

Purchase: $19

Arctic Force Blaster

If you’re serious about your snowball fights, then you should probably be serious about the hardware you use during them. And one of the most impressive snowball launchers ever can be found in the Arctic Force Blaster. With the ability to vault softball-sized snowballs at distances of up to 50 feet, this is a formidable winter warfare weapon, indeed. All you have to do is load a snowball into the front, pull back on the internal slingshot, aim, and fire.

But this isn’t just good at shooting snowballs – it also gives you the ability to make them three at a time within the attached forming chambers. Just pack them with snow and press down on the lid. Then – bam! – you’ve got three shots to nail your targeted enemy. It’s also made of durable cold-resistant plastic, has an easy-grip ergonomic handle, and is light enough that even a kid could use it without too much of an issue.

Purchase: $30

Arctic Force Snowballblaster Pro

There are a lot of ways to stack the deck when it comes to winning a snowball duel. For instance, you can practice your aim and spend a bunch of time training. You can also sabotage your opponent – though we frown upon that sort of poor sportsmanship. Our favorite option, however, is to get yourself the biggest and baddest weapon available. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Snowballblaster Pro.

Not only does this bad boy look much more intimidating than just about all the others on the market, but it also has the ability to fire snowballs at lengths of up to 80 feet away – giving you a massive distance advantage. It also comes with a detachable snowball press that allows you to make and store three perfectly-packed snowballs at a time, has a comfortable ergonomic design and an “easy-pull” firing mechanism, and it comes with a vinyl target… in case you still want to up your edge with some practice.

Purchase: $35