The 10 Best Smart TVs For Your Modern Living Room

Photo: Samsung

Although nothing can eclipse the movie theater experience, your home entertainment system is what will help you escape into other worlds more often than not. Whether you’re binging a Netflix TV show or feasting your eyes on a recent blockbuster, your living room television makes a world of difference when it comes to full-immersion and discovering new content.

Almost every exceptional TV these days has some level of built-in smart features, making it a challenge to filter out the ideal one for your humble abode. Just like smartphones, smart TVs make everything easily accessible, allowing you to browse the endless amount content the media gods have to offer. In order to make the process less overwhelming, we’ve curated the best smart TVs available right this second. So, if you’re looking for a centerpiece to your home theater, you’re exactly where you need to be.

What To Look For

Finding The Right Centerpiece

Smart TVs differ from smartphones in that each TV manufacturer has their own smart interface, meaning there can be significant variations between them. You’ll want to look for one with some form of voice control, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. In addition, you’ll want to make sure the TV you have your sights on has an ethernet port and built-in WiFi for streaming purposes. A premier smart TV should also have its own app store, which should be content-focused and include sub-categories. And of course, you’ll want a smart TV with an easy-to-use operating system and simple navigation system. Check out our prime picks and see which one fits with your preferences.

Philips 5000 Series Smart Ultra HDTV- 55″

With this Philips 5000 Series Smart Ultra HDTV, you’ll be able to enjoy 4K streaming performance thanks to built-in HEVC and VP9 decoders, allowing you to binge Netflix shows all weekend. You’ll also benefit from Philips NetTV, which grants you instant access to popular streaming apps–including Vudu and YouTube–via a clutter-free user interface. By way of the built-in Wireless 802.11ac MIMO Dual-Band chipset, you can enjoy smooth streaming every time. Not to mention this TV offers incredible brightness with BrightPro technology and an intelligent dimming backlight for amazing contrast.

Purchase: $699

Samsung QN55Q6F QLED 4K TV- 55″

Samsung’s OLED 4K TV allows you to access your favorite apps, shows, and sports through the Samsung Smart Hub. There’s no need to waste time navigating, as all your favorite shows and video games are situated in one place. It also has OneRemote technology, which detects and controls all of your connected devices from your satellite to your Blu-Ray player, to your soundbar, and more with no manual programming necessary. And with the Smart View app, you can turn your smartphone into a remote or push content from your phone to the 4K smart TV.

Purchase: $989

TCL 4K Smart LED Roku TV- 65”

If you choose this TCL smart TV, you’ll save yourself from flipping through complicated menus, as all of your favorite apps are front-and-center similar to a smartphone. There are thousands of streaming channels, featuring over 500,000 movies and TV episodes in addition, to live sports, music, and news. You can even transform your smartphone or tablet into a streaming companion for this TCL Roku TV, using it as a remote. And since the TCL TV is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, you have the option of voice control. On top of all its smart features, it offers HDR technology, a 4K Creative Pro upscaling engine, and a 120Hz CMI effective refresh rate.

Purchase: $800

LG C9PUA 4K HDR Smart OLED TV- 55″

If you want to kick it up a notch or two, LG has a smart TV with an a9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor along with Google Assistant and Alexa built into the system. Powered by LG ThinQ AI technology, this TV can be the center of your smart home. This model also has a built-in AirPlay 2, allowing you to cast anything for iOS or Mac to this LG TV, including support or Dolby Vision. Enjoy advanced image and sound inspired by the cinema experience for lifelike visuals no matter what you’re watching.

Purchase: $1,997

Toshiba Smart 4K Ultra HDR OLED TV- 65″

Hang this Toshiba Smart 4K OLED TV in your living room and enjoy hands-free control, voice access to Alexa, and a wide range of sound. You’ll benefit from catch-up TV technology with Freeview Play so you can start watching content you’ve missed out on from the past week. This smart TV also offers more authentic blacks and vibrant colors via the 4K OLED panel, giving you an immersive viewing experience in your home. The Toshiba Smart 4K Ultra HDR OLED TV is the perfect core to your home theater system.

Purchase: $2,231

Sony XBR55A9F Master Series Smart 4K Ultra HD TV- 55″

Feast your eyes on an extensive palette of colors thanks to the A9F Smart TV’s Triluminous Display and feel every scene come to lie with 4K HDR IMAX Enhanced quality. Whether you’re watching a CGI-driven actionfest or diving into the latest video game, the A9F is powerful enough to provide you with immense visuals thanks to 8 million self-illuminating pixels for flawless colors. And if you’re a fan of Netflix TV shows you’ll enjoy this TV’s Netflix Calibrated Mode, which reproduces the picture quality of a studio evaluation master for an immersive, absorbing experience.

Purchase: $2,798

LG C8PUA 4K HDR Smart OLED TV- 65”

Combining the LG a9 Intelligent Processor and ThinQ AI, the LG HDR Smart OLED TV is an exceptional addition to any home entertainment system. It has Google Assistant built-in, allowing you to control all your compatible smart home devices using only your voices–so your hands will be free to snack on popcorn or crack open a cold one. According to LG, their a9 Intelligent Processor is one of their most advanced to date, providing you with true-to-life images with breathtaking colors, sharpness, and depth for pristine picture quality. This TV also has a straightforward webOS operating system, access to LG’s content store, and a full web browser.

Purchase: $2,800

Vizio P-Series Quantum X Class 4K HDR Smart TV- 75”

With award-winning SmartCast 3.0 technology, the Vizio P-Series Quantum X Class Smart TV lets you control your television with simple voice commands. It has a built-in Chromecast so you can stream thousands of apps, allowing you to unwind with your favorite TV show, movie, or catch your team’s next game. Enjoy the deepest blacks and brightest picture every time you turn the P-Series Quantum X Class Smart TV on via UltraBright 2700 technology, which is the brightest in the brand’s lineup. And you can control the P-Series Quantum X Class with your voice, leaving your hands free to snack on some goods.

Purchase: $3,500

Samsung Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TV- 65”

Pick up Samsung’s QLED Smart 8K TV and you can enjoy a simple dashboard that allows you to control all your smart home devices and appliances. The QLED is compatible with Alexa and Alexa-enabled devices as well, providing you with seamless connections around your domain. It also works with Google Assistant so you can adjust the volume, change channels, and control playback all with your voice. When it comes to visuals, the Samsung QLED combines true-to-life 8K HDR picture quality and AI-powered intelligent upscaling for a superior display.

Purchase: $3,998

Sony Z9G Master Series LED 8K HDR Smart TV- 85”

You can’t go wrong with Sony’s Z9G 8K Smart TV with IMAX-enhanced technology and acoustic multi-audio system. It brings the creators’ vision to life via brilliant 8K HDR and a powerful X1 Ultimate processor to produce pictures with depth and amazing texture. It also works with Google Assistant to help you find your favorite shows and movies effortlessly with your voice. The CES 2019 award-winner comes in an enormous 98-inch variation for those who want the full theater experience at home.

Purchase: $12,998

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