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The 10 Best Smart Locks For Your Home of 2022

Photo: Kwikset Kevo

The days of the keys-left-under-the-mat are behind us — in case you’ve missed it, smart locks are quietly taking the world by storm — offering unmatched peace of mind and convenient access whether you’re setting up a state-of-the-art Airbnbs or just boosting the tech in your home. Although you’ve likely used a smart lock by now, few people really understand how they work and what benefits are to be had when these doorway devices are applied in their own homes.

Such oversight is unfortunate because a smart lock can be a valuable addition to your tech arsenal. With features like remote entry, access tracking, and automatic locking, smart locks add a considerable amount of front door security. To put it another way: never again will you worry about forgotten keys and picked locks. But their best value lies in their integration with your existing infrastructure, giving you increased control over who can enter your home, when they have access, and for how long they’re able to come and go. Smart locks are a sensible upgrade for both residential and rental properties, but only assuming that you can make the most of their functionality. For as capable a device as a smart lock can be, everyone has experienced firsthand the trials of poorly-applied technology. As such, it’s important to understand what you’re looking for in a smart lock and how you plan to integrate it with your home. The best smart lock is one that maximizes not only its utility but also its connectivity with your smart home. What follows are our picks for the best smart locks, in both door and padlock varieties.

Photo: Nest x Yale Lock

Features To Consider

In-Built Functionality

Wi-Fi Connectivity: In order to properly integrate with your smart home system, smart locks must connect to your Wi-Fi network. Increasingly, they’re being sold with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, however, some models require a piece of external hardware known as a “bridge” in order to do so.

Battery Life: Unlike their analog counterparts, smart locks require a battery to remain operational. Whether rechargeable or single-use, there will come a time when you have to service your smart lock’s battery. Thankfully, many smart locks come specced with in-app alerts to keep you up to date on the status of your battery so you know when you’re due for a change.

Fob Access: As convenient as smart locks are, their smartphone connectivity has its drawbacks. For instance, should you find yourself with a dead phone (or without it entirely) and you don’t have keypad entry, it can be a lot of hassle to get into your house. Nowadays, many manufacturers sell an optional near field communication (NFC) fob that you can have as a backup. Just attach it to your keychain and you’ll never be without a point of entry.

Temporary Access: One of the biggest advantages of smart locks lies in their ability to give temporary or timed access. Ideal for guests who need to enter and exit your home for a fixed period of time, most smart locks come preloaded with timed access functionality. Simply grant the user an entry password via the app and then specify their privileges accordingly.

Entry Type: Another important consideration when it comes to smart locks is the entry type. From the barebones Wyze Lock to the access-abundant Kwikset Kevo, entry type varies with each smart lock’s design. When choosing a model best suited to your needs, it’s worth considering: 1) how likely you are to have your smartphone on you and 2) who’s going to be locking and unlocking your home. For example, if you’re one to periodically ditch the tether of a smartphone, it’d be wise to look at models offering keypad or fob access.

Photo: Wyze Lock Hub


Building a System

In order to get the most out of your smart lock, it’s vital that you check it for compatibility with your current hardware and software. Most smart locks feature easy installation, requiring just a couple minutes of your time and a screwdriver. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and some may prove to need a bit more of work to complete the install.

Likewise, when building out a smart home setup, you should always attempt to pair like with like. In other words, if you’re already on Apple HomeKit, you’ll get far more functionality out of a smart lock supporting Apple HomeKit.

Hardware Compatibility: Given that most smart locks fit directly over (or in place of) your current deadbolt, the only hardware requirements are a door with an existing barrel and mounting holes. However, if there’s any doubt when it comes to fitting a smart lock to your door, most manufacturers include an installation guide on their product pages.

Software Compatibility: Although smart lock installation is, in most cases, a decidedly straightforward process, their software setup can be a different matter. When choosing your smart lock, consider the amount of functionality you’re looking for — if you want to maximize its smart capabilities, opt for one that’s compatible with your existing setup. On the other hand, if you’re building a system from the ground up you have far more flexibility, so just run with one that offers compatibility with your smartphone.

Smart Locks

Integrating Your Home

Home smart locks are installed in your existing door’s deadbolt cylinder. They offer an improved first line of defense by doing away with pickable locks and hidden spare keys. Instead, merely input an access code or bring your phone nearby and you’re in.

Wyze Lock

As the most affordable option on the list, the Wyze Lock offers great value for those looking to get into smart locks for the first time. With a plug-and-play design that fits directly over your existing deadbolt, the Wyze Lock requires only a screwdriver for installation and takes just 15 minutes total. In other words, it’s a breeze to set up. And even though it’s our budget pick, it punches well above its class, with features such as proximity auto-unlock, global remote access, and auto-lock upon exit. Additionally, connecting to the Wyze Lock App enables tons of helpful security measures ensuring your peace of mind. For instance, Wyze Lock will notify you if your door is open and keep a register of your lock history so you can keep tabs on your home’s access. However, unlock other options on this list, it requires a Wi-Fi bridge to work.

Entry Type: Key/Keypad/App/Voice
Battery Life: 5-6 Months
Wi-Fi Enabled: External Bridge

Purchase: $108+

Kwikset Kevo

Perhaps the most versatile option on the list, the Kwikset Kevo allows for a variety of access options, including touch activation, key entry, fob unlock, and Alexa voice access. Furthermore, with Kevo’s app, you have the ability to give eKeys to friends and neighbors, meaning you can grant free, unlimited, 24-hour entry to your home no matter where you are in the world — you’ll even get a notification when it’s used. When it comes to hardware, the Kevo sports a sleek, low-profile design, so it won’t look out of place on your front door. Should you want touch-to-open convenience without having to carry your smartphone, Kevo sells an optional fob that provides access for up to 25 Kevo 1st Gen or 2nd Gen smart locks. Much like the Wyze, it’s a pretty easy install, taking just a screwdriver and a few minutes of free time.

Entry Type: Key/Keypad/App/Voice/Fob/Touch
Battery Life: 1 Year
Wi-Fi Enabled: Built-in

Purchase: $158+

Level Bolt Smart Lock

The Level Bolt is a pretty unique option in that it doesn’t advertise it’s a smart lock from the outside. To put it another way: It adds an increased level of security to your home without the obvious smart lock tells — such as keypads or bulky housings — that alert hackers to possible vulnerabilities in the design. While all smart locks pride themselves on being fool-proof fittings, the Level Lock is definitely one of the simplest. It slots directly in your door, replacing the existing deadbolt and adding a motor — you even use your most of your current hardware like the turn knob and cylinder. As a result, it’s a design that enables almost any door to become smart-lock-featured. The Level Lock’s shared access feature allows you to provide admin or guest privileges to other users. Though it’s compatible with both iOS and Android, Apple users will gain a bit more functionality through support for HomeKit.

Entry Type: App
Battery Life: 1 Year
Wi-Fi Enabled: Built-in

Purchase: $230

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August’s Wi-Fi Smart Lock is its lowest profile offering, fitting to your door without covering up your existing lock. As such, it allows you to use your current keys, making it both installation- and re-entry- friendly. Where some other smart locks like the Wyze option featured on this list require an external hub to control access, the August Wi-Fi smart lock bridges directly to your Wi-Fi, meaning no extra hardware and no risk of a poor connection. It also features August’s Activity Feed, giving you a clear picture of what guests have entered your home and when. As an added bonus, August’s DoorSense and Smart Alerts keep you up to date on the status of your door — no more guesswork or return trips to make sure things are locked up tight before hitting the road.

Entry Type: Key/App/Voice
Battery Life: 3-6 Months
Wi-Fi Enabled: Built-in

Purchase: $240

Schlage Encode

Although it only offers compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (sorry Apple users), the Schlage Encode comes with a number of integrations that make it a very approachable smart lock nonetheless. For instance, it can be controlled by a host of third-party apps including Amazon Key, Amazon Cloud Cam, and several of Ring’s home security products. And if you’re one who prefers more tactile control, its convenient touchscreen keypad provides access through a unique and customizable PIN. But the best part is that it comes in a variety of colorways, styles, and finishes to cater the look perfectly to your home — all with Schlage’s robust build quality. Like traditional deadbolt designs, Schlage’s Encode smart lock extends with a twist.

Entry Type: Key/Keypad/App/Voice
Battery Life: 6 Months
Wi-Fi Enabled: Built-in

Purchase: $250+

Nest X Yale

As the product of a collaboration between Google and Yale, the Nest X Yale is a great option for those looking to build out their existing Nest smart home system. Featuring a premium touchpad and a secure deadbolt, this smart lock does away with physical keys in favor of an easy-access, tamper-proof design, meaning no more locking yourself out and no picked locks. And because of its integration with the Nest Secure alarm system, once you unlock the door, your alarm will automatically disarm upon entry. Though it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of some other systems, it’s a simple, reliable smart lock for those looking for a solid amount of functionality without unnecessary complications. Additionally, what it lacks in connectivity with other systems, it makes up for in its integration with Google Assistant. Come time for installation, the Nest X Yale includes a removable door template for easy, worry-free alignment.

Entry Type: Keypad/App/Voice
Battery Life: 1 Year
Wi-Fi Enabled: Built-in

Purchase: $280


For Temporary Or Outdoor Access

Like their doorway counterparts, smart padlocks take advantage of their connectivity to bring you easy access sharing and improved security. With features like weather resistance and long-lasting batteries, they’re perfect for outdoor uses. Where a standard smart lock is better suited to fixed applications, padlocks are great for temporary or mobile protection.

eGeeTouch Outdoor Smart Padlock

Offering smartphone and NFC tag access in a rugged, corrosion-resistant package, the eGeeTouch Smart Padlock is a great option for outdoor applications. With temporary and permanent access modes, you can grant others entry via eGeeTouch’s included app and choose how long their access will last. In contrast to some of the battery-hungry door smart locks, this little padlock boasts an impressive battery life that’ll last you around 7,000 cycles or a little over two years — whichever comes first. Additionally, the eGeeTouch Outdoor Smart Padlock comes included with short- and long-shackle modes, making it the perfect lock for use across a range of gate sizes.

Entry Type: App/NFC Tag
Battery Life: 2 Years
Wi-Fi Enabled: N/A

Purchase: $60

MasterLock 4401DLH Padlock

MasterLock is a brand needing no introduction, offering trusted and reliable padlocks for nearly 100 years now. Featuring a boron carbide shackle and an anti-shim lock, their 4401DLH Padlock provides the same quality you’d expect from their analog models but with the added convenience of Bluetooth integration. In addition to in-app lock/unlock control, the 4401DLH’s Bluetooth connectivity gives you the ability to share temporary ‘key’ access with others, making it ideal for backyards and other outdoor applications. Although this smart padlock doesn’t feature a rechargeable battery, the MasterLock app will give you a notification when its CR2 battery is due for a replacement.

Entry Type: App/Directional Keypad
Battery Life: 2 Years+
Wi-Fi Enabled: N/A

Purchase: $90

Igloo Home Smart Padlock

This smart padlock from Igloo Home works with standard keypad entry or through its Bluetooth smart connectivity. When opting for the latter, you gain features such as shareable PINs, timed remote entry, and an activity log that tracks usage history. But that’s not all — it also sports a customized fit for use with larger latch mechanisms. It comes standard with a rechargeable battery that is monitored via the app. As an added bonus, this lock works on- or offline thanks to the keypad hardware, so there’s no fear of being locked out should lock or smartphone die on you.

Entry Type: App/Keypad
Battery Life: 1 Year
Wi-Fi Enabled: N/A

Purchase: $110

BoxLock Package Delivery Lock

Designed specifically with package receipt in mind, the BoxLock Package Delivery Lock is perfect for porch boxes and containers. Much like these other locks, you can share access codes with friends and family, allowing for convenient package collection even if you’re not home. But its best feature is its tracking functionality, in which it provides you with alerts once packages are delivered. It’s also weather-resistant and features a long-lasting battery life of 45-90 days. In a time when online shopping is the status quo and contactless deliveries are a necessary comfort, the BoxLock Package Delivery Lock is a great choice for ensuring your goods are safe and secure.

Entry Type: Barcode
Battery Life: 45-90 Days
Wi-Fi Enabled: Built-in

Purchase: $124

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