Slope Totes: 10 Best Ski Bags For Travel

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If you happen to live in the Swiss Alps, going skiing might be as simple as walking out your front door and strapping on your gear. For the rest of us, however, finding that fresh powder is a bit more tricky and requires a bit of travel. Of course, that also means you’re not just transporting yourself up a mountain, but your jacket, ski pants, boots, and — most importantly — your skis or snowboard.

Now, if you have a roof rack and you live near a mountain, you can probably just strap your skis or snowboard to the top of your car or winter-ready SUV. If not, you might have to figure out another way to move your gear from place to place. And you could do a lot worse than a travel-friendly ski bag. And that’s exactly what you’ll find on the following list: the best ski bags for travel.

Salomon Extend Ski Bag

Salomon has been making winter sports gear for a very long time — long enough to realize that most folks don’t need or want a bunch of extra bells and whistles with their travel ski bag. That’s why they make the Extend. It’s simple to use, but still provides plenty of protection and versatility, as it is water-resistant and can extend its length to fit skis from 165cm up to 185cm in length.

Purchase: $70

Dakine Tram Ski Bag

An upgrade to Salomon’s budget offering, Dakine’s is similar in its construction — it’s built from water-resistant ripstop polyester — but has a bit more internal room. That means, while it can fit your skis and keep them protected with 360-degrees of padding, it is also roomy enough for your boots and outerwear, as well. And that’s not half bad considering how inexpensive it is.

Purchase: $100

Rossignol Soul Wheeled Ski Bag

Another veteran brand from the ski industry, Rossignol made their Soul wheeled ski bag specifically for shorter weekend jaunts up to the slopes. That means there’s not a lot of extra bulk in its construction, but it’s still got plenty of features to make your travels simple and quick — like built-in wheels for faster and more convenient airport navigation. It’s also roomy enough to fit up to three pairs of Nordic skis or a single pair of alpine skis and it’s made from 600D ripstop polyester.

Purchase: $112

Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag

Here’s a little industry secret: any bag that can fit a snowboard can also fit skis. In fact, some larger bags are roomy enough for both — like Burton’s Wheelie Gig snowboard bag. Big enough for multiple boards, a board and boots, or other combinations of board and gear, this handy wheeled travel-friendly snowboard bag it a top-tier option. In fact, it even has lockable zipper pulls for more security on your adventerous travels.

Purchase: $119+

Thule RoundTrip Ski Bag

At first glance, it might seem odd that a brand like Thule — who specializes in roof racks and vehicle cargo boxes — would have a ski bag in their repertoire. Take a closer look, however, and you’ll see that it makes perfect sense. In fact, the RoundTrip is one of the best options out there, thanks to a durable weatherproof exterior, internal organization to keep your gear safe and secure, external compression straps for extra security, and room enough for multiple pairs of skis and poles.

Purchase: $120

Dakine Fall Line Roller Ski Bag

Unsurprisingly, the winter sports mavens at Dakine have multiple ski bag offerings that sit near the top of the heap. And their Fall Line Roller Ski Bag is definitely one of them. With its weatherproof 600D polyester construction, 360 degrees of padding, room enough for two pairs of skis, a pair of boots (with an included removable boot bag), outerwear, and dual wheels¬†make for easier trips to and from the slopes. It certainly doesn’t hurt that this rolling storage locker comes in a number of colorways and patterns as well.

Purchase: $128+

Sportube Series 1 Hard Sided Ski Case

While soft-sided ski bags offer a decent amount of protection and superior packability when you’re not using them, they aren’t tough enough for some folks — the kinds who pull out all the stops to make sure they have the best gear around. If you fall into that category, you’ll want to check out Sportube’s rugged offerings. Their Series 1 is their lightest of all, but is still ultra-durable — both impact and extreme temperature-resistant — and can fit skis from 122cm up to 212cm in length. Plus, it comes with wheels for easier hauling through crowded airports and train stations.

Purchase: $140

Transpack Shuttle Hard Sided Ski Case

If you want a hardshell case but Sportube doesn’t quite do it for you, the Transpack Shuttle is an excellent secondary option. Complete with a quartet of carry handles, ruggedized low-profile wheels, and closed cell foam padding, this ultra-durable case can take a beating and keep on going — luggage handlers be damned! It can also fit skis from 114cm to 208cm in length and it’s lockable with any TSA-compliant lock.

Purchase: $140

High Sierra Ski/Snowboard Combo Bag

There’s a pretty good chance that, if you’re going on a ski or snowboarding trip, you’re probably not going alone. If you have a travel companion, it might be nice to have a single bag that can stash all your gear. That’s where the High Sierra Ski/Snowboard Combo Bag comes into play. Large enough to fit both a pair of skis and a snowboard, this capacious carrier is superb for people who travel in pairs — or those few folks who both ski and snowboard on a single trip.

Purchase: $176

The Db Ski Bag

While the price is certainly a big hurdle, we’re pretty confident that the Db Ski Bag is worth the monetary commitment for its long list of superb features. What features, you ask? Well, for starters, it’s adjustable to fit between 15-150L of gear. It can also roll up super small for easy storage when you’re not using it. It’s made from weatherproof high-denier polyester, has wheels for easy rolling, can fit multiple skis and/or boards, and comes in six different colorways — including a limited edition leather option.

Purchase: $249+

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