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10 Best Reflective Running Jackets For Men

It is happening. The sun is getting lower in the sky, and your after-work runs are getting a little sketchier. Suddenly, intersections you never really thought twice about during the summer months are now potential death traps filled with distracted drivers.

So, what do you do? Do you call it off for the winter? Head into the gym and hit the treadmill in an attempt to save yourself from being road-kill? Or do you take the risk and enjoy the benefits of that crisp, fresh air? There is no right answer, but if you do end up opting for the latter, you need to be responsible and suit up with some high-visibility gear. One of the best ways to do that is to zip up a reflective jacket before hitting the streets. They both keep you protected from the increasingly hostile elements as well as keep you visible while out and about. So, to keep you on your best game, we rounded up some of the best reflective running jackets for men. Take a scroll through.

Adidas Reflective Hoodie

Adidas Reflective Hoodie

This hoodie from the athletic apparel giant may be black, but as soon as the sun goes down it’ll keep you both warm and seen thanks to its cotton polyester build and reflective yoke and stripe along the top of the hood. The right arm features the classic three stripes from the shoulder to the ribbed cuffs, and for when it is especially chilly out, you can pull the hood down tight and stuff your hands into the pockets thanks to the drawcord on the hood and zip kangaroo pockets.

Purchase: $55

Mizuno Breath Thermo Zip Up

Mizuno Breath Thermo Zip Up

This zip-up hoodie from the running brand Mizuno has a lot to recommend it. First is the obvious pro – the reflective yarn woven into the chest and upper back that lights up brightly whenever streetlights or headlights shine your way. Second is the jacket’s ultra lightweight – due to the inclusion of Mizuno’s proprietary Breath Thermo inner layer you can stay warm without feeling bogged down.

Purchase: $85

Brooks LSD Running Jacket

Brooks LSD Running Jacket

This lightweight runner is perfect for crisper days on the trail. It is windproof and water resistant making it feel like it’s barely there. An added benefit to all of the protection? The jacket includes 360-degreeee reflective print as well.

Purchase: $100

North Face Mens Rapido Moda

The North Face Rapido Moda Jacket

Just because you don’t want to get hit by a car doesn’t mean that you want to look like a traffic cone. Reflective jackets all too often look like something issued by a construction company doing road work. This pick from The North Face, however, is something you may be just as willing to wear on a rainy day while headed to work as you would while out on a run. This wind and water resistant shell from the famous outdoor brand features a DWR finish and an attractive reflective paint-brush patterning that gives you 360-degree visibility. Want to bring along your smartphone on the run? Just throw it in the media compatible compartment and get going.

Purchase: $110

Provitz Reflect 360

Proviz Reflect 360

If anyone has an adversarial relationship with vehicles it has to be bicyclists. No matter the season, these road warriors experience first-hand the consequences of being in a motorists blind-spot. So, it is unsurprising to see that cycling apparel company Proviz went all out when the created this Reflect360 jacket. While originally intended for riding, this all-around waterproof jacket is made with 100% CE EN471 reflective material and more than capable of coming along with you on runs. The interior mesh lining and air-vents placed on the chest and under arms will keep you both dry and cool even on your longer jogs.

Purchase: $116

NIke Shield Flash

Nike Shield Flash

When it comes to low light running gear, Nike kills it. This is due partly to the fact that they are a sportswear behemoth, so why wouldn’t they? But secondly – they’re from Oregon, a northwestern state that knows little else but cold, rainy weather and constant cloud-cover. It’d be odd of them not to be great at putting off reflective jackets. This thing features a reflective print all down the yoke and arms, a back slit for ventilation, and Dri-FIT Technology to keep you dry even on the final mile.

Purchase: $125

Saucony Reflex

Saucony Reflex Jacket

Saucony is a solid pick when it comes to any type of running – trail, track, or hitting the gym. Just take a look at their reflex jacket. This lightweight water resistant shell is perfect for those early morning or evening runs thanks to its 360-degree reflective styling on the chest and back. For keeping you cool the shell’s underarm construction is made from a light, breathable mesh. Want to keep your I.D. cards on you? A back pocket and two front zippered pockets make for easy storage of anything from small flashlights to keys.

Purchase: $135

UA Storm ColdGear

UnderArmor ColdGear Infrared Reflective Runner

Serious reflectivity that doesn’t compromise on functionality or breathability. At its core, that is what makes UnderArmour’s Reflective Runner so good. This thing has just about everything you’d want out of a low-light running jacket. First off, of course, is its total reflectivity. Almost the entirety of the front portion of the jacket is made up of a highly reflective, water and wind-resistant material built to take on tough winter weather. In addition to that, the ColdGear Infrared technology built into the jacket helps you retain your own body heat while going on cold weather runs. No more turning around early because you got too chilly

Purchase: $250

New Balance Beacon Jacket

Beacon Jacket

Ways you can tell New Balance is from Boston: they pronounce park ‘pahk’, they think that ‘yankees suck’ is a fact not an opinion, and they kick ass at building out cold weather running apparel. Case in point, the Beacon Jacket. This thing features a GLOW trim on the build of the jacket for high visibility throughout the body as well as an all around weather-resistant build. The athletic fit of the jacket makes it perfect for the runner who is looking to get out no matter the temperature or weather in order to keep their training on track.

Purchase: $295

Illuminator Black Jacket

TAO Illuminator Jacket

TAO doesn’t want to just help people see you while you are running, they want to help light your way. Their Illuminator jacket features reflective patterning throughout as well as a pair of high performance LED lamps towards the bottom hem of the jacket. To top it off, it’s a totally waterproof and weather resistant shell that can take a beating.

Purchase: $483