Poseidon’s Picks: 8 Best Reef-Safe Sunscreens

In case you haven’t yet heard, this past May marked the beginning of Hawaii’s statewide ban on chemically based sunscreen. Why you may ask? Because it’s proven that UV-filtering ingredients such as oxybenzone and octinoxate – commonly found in chemically-based sunscreens – are directly linked to coral reef bleaching. It’s a phenomenon already occurring due to elevated oceanic temperatures thanks to climate change and with sunscreen inducing the same bleaching response, it’s time we modified how we protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays while on vacation.

Enter reef-safe sunscreen, the all-natural response to chemically-based sunscreen that keeps you protected from UV rays without damaging those coral reefs we all know and love. The key here is to ensure you’re scooping up mineral-based sunscreen containing ingredients like zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide and that these ingredients are “non-nano,” meaning they cannot be ingested by coral. Also, many reef-safe sunscreens will explicitly say so on the label so that’s worth looking out for as well. At any rate, we worked to scour the web for you to make this process easy. What resulted are the 8 best reef safe sunscreens outlined below. Enjoy and stay safe out there.

TotLogic Natural Reef Safe Sunscreen

Looking for a reef-safe sunscreen that’s also kids-safe to boot? Look no further than this offering from TotLogic. Thanks to their hypoallergenic sensitive skin formula it’s tear-free, water & sweat resistant up to 80 minutes, made right here in the USA, and safe for babies 6 months or over. Can’t beat that. Especially on those tropical family vacations that are sure to induce enough stress by themselves.

Purchase: $14

All Good Sport Sunscreen

Named after the feeling you’ll get once applying this reef-safe sunscreen to your body, All Good’s Sport Sunscreen features an 80-minute water resistant formula and SPF 30 UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection. Additionally, their product includes organic green tea, rose hips, and buriti oil for repairing damaged skin as well as a lightweight feel that isn’t greasy. Who knew protecting your skin could be so enjoyable?

Purchase: $15

Thinksport Sunscreen

Just the basis. Sometimes it all we need to remain satisfied and safe. And with Thinksport’s Sunscreen, that’s exactly what you’re getting. Here, it’s a physical sunscreen that’s free of avobenzone, oxybenzone, and UV chemical absorbers – all biologically harmful chemicals you want to stay away from. Also, thanks to their no-frills formula, you’re enjoying SPF 50+ which is the highest available according to the FDA. Scoop some up today and never get burned again.

Purchase: $18

Raw Elements Natural Sunscreen

For those looking for the lowest environmental impact possible, Raw Elements may be the pick to beat all picks. That’s because, in addition to a face + body sunscreen made from all-natural reef-safe ingredients, the lotion comes available in a recyclable/reusable tin for good measure. At its core, each tin contains a performance-driven sunscreen that’s water resistant and packed with biologically active antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and extracts. Quite the package for the environmentally-friendly crowd.

Purchase: $19

Mama Kuleana

As a member of both the Maui Nui Marine Resource Council and The Safe Sunscreen Council, it’s obvious Mama Kuleana is a sunscreen that means business in terms of protecting you and the underwater coral reefs of our oceans. Ingredients here are not foreign and are legible/familiar to most while their waterproof SPF 30 formula ensures you stay protected and not sunburned after a long day in the equatorial sunlight.

Purchase: $20

Manda Organic Sun Paste

Specifically designed for surfers, climbers, hikers, and adventures in general, you can trust Manda’s organic sunscreen is here to outperform even the most high-performance athletes. It’s all thanks to this option’s key ingredient, Thanaka, derived from a tree native to Myanmar and is rumored to have been used for over 2000 years as a natural skin protectant. That, combined with its reef-safe properties, make this an ideal choice for watermen the world over.

Purchase: $28

EiR NYC Surf Mud

Nothing wrong with taking a page from an ancient people’s book. In this case, it’s the Mayan chocolate mask but now made with 100% reef-safe Zinc for protection, chocolate for deep hydration, and antioxidants that fight free radicals. Additional harmless ingredients include the likes of beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, Vitamin E, and tea tree essential oil. Keep your face protected to prevent premature aging all while protected our reefs as well? We’ll take it.

Purchase: $28

Kokua Sun Care

Sometimes the only thing better than protecting your skin and the environment is supporting local businesses in the process. Fortunately, that’s where Kokua comes in handy by utilizing locally-sourced Hawaiian products in their proprietary formula. The result is a beefy SPF 50, 80-minute water resistant easily applicable sunscreen that feels light on the skin but works incredibly hard to keep you protected from both UVA + UVB rays. Mahalo.

Purchase: $30

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