The 8 Best Record Player Stands With Vinyl Storage

Photo: Sitskie OPEN 45 Credenza

If you’re a lover of in-home audio systems, you know that the organization of your favorite albums, entertainment centers, and peripherals can be a pain. For listeners of the more eclectic type, this problem is exacerbated further due to the inherent need for an artistic display of vinyl records, high-quality turntables, and equally-as-enticing cabinet setups.

While any flat-surfaced cabinet will work in a pinch, true aficionados are a bit harder to please. For those who yearn for tailor-made storage solutions, a way to exhibit your immaculate record collection, or a simple, elegant way to keep your timeless LPs organized and at the ready, we’ve decided to list a handful of our favorite record player stands with built-in vinyl storage.

Urban Outfitters Ema Low Credenza

Urban Outfitters has become a powerhouse for modern living, whether it be clothing, home decor, or furniture. No matter what you’re looking for, UO is bound to have it, and for something as obscure as an attractive table for all of your vinyl peripherals, the company’s Ema Low Credenza gets the job done. This great-looking setup calls upon a durable, but eclectic natural mango wood construction to store up to 240 records, while also providing you with a perfect area to place your picture frames, TV, or vinyl player.

Purchase: $400

CB2 Dean Record Cabinet-Console

CB2’s influence within the realm of interior design is unmatched, so it came as no surprise when we heard that the company had extended its niche catalog to include the Dean Record Cabinet-Console. In the age of vinyl resurgence, this sleek, mango wood centerpiece has been crafted explicitly to house records, calling upon aesthetically-pleasing looks, copper legs, and refined storage areas to keep everything organized. The best part? There’s more than enough room on top of the cabinet to place all of your favorite in-home decorations, including plants, picture frames, and your vinyl player — although, it is a bit more compact than other offerings.

Purchase: $650

Nationale7 N0001

Nationale7’s N0001 cabinet is a piece of high-fidelity furniture, crafted and designed to maintain a modular, minimalist aesthetic. You won’t find any unordinary angles, cubbies, or storage areas here. Instead, a multi-tier housing area works in tandem with the cabinet’s record tub, allowing for vinyl to be exposed and highlighted, instead of tucked away. In fact, its record bin and cabinets channel the 1950s aesthetic with ease, making it an attractive proposition for audio collectors looking to keep things clean and simple.

Purchase: $1,545

HRDL The Vinyl Table

HRDL’s “The Vinyl Table” can’t be more direct, and thanks to its immaculate design, artistic architecture, and tailor-made storage areas, you’ll be hardpressed to find a more enticing centerpiece for your nostalgic collection. With space for over 200 records, the Vinyl Table calls upon a sliding tambour door to house either an amplifier or receiver, while a sunken record area puts your favorite LPs on display for all to see. Better yet, each cabinet is handmade in the HRDL shop, where it’s finished, wrapped and packed by a professional crew before it’s sent to your door.

Purchase: $1,790

Symbol Audio Unison Record Stand

Symbol Audio’s Unison Record Stand is certainly praiseworthy, and as one of the most minimalistic offerings on our list, it sets a precedent for all of the industry’s most compact vinyl storage centers. This small, form-fitting cabinet is crafted from solid wood and features a vibration-isolated turntable platform so that your records don’t skip, scratch, or divert from their predetermined path. Inside, a ventilated storage area can be accessed via a sliding door. And while most vinyl cabinets rely on specific sizes and capacities, you won’t have to worry with Symbol’s Unison — an adjustable shelf on its interior will allow you to modify and cater the storage area to your specific needs. Coincidentally, each example is hand-built and delivered within a period of six weeks, giving it an err of professional quality that few can match.

Purchase: $1,995

Wrensilva Loft Record Console

Wrensilva’s Loft Record Console is a simple as it gets, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less capable than its counterparts. Each compact system has been tailor-made to encompass many of the standout characteristics of the company’s full-sized offerings while leaving a much smaller footprint, helping you to strike a perfect balance in your living area. But, what sets the Loft Record Console apart from its competition is the inclusion of high-quality components, including a solid-state pre-amp, optional two-way bass-reflex speakers, and Sonos high fidelity WiFi mesh streaming. On top, a fully decoupled, belt-driven turntable outfitted with an OA2 precision Gimbal tonearm and Hurst 24v AC synchronous motor provides unparalleled playback, making the solid North American Walnut hardwood/gloss acrylic centerpiece a perfect choice for contemporary buyers.

Purchase: $3,999+

Atocha Open/Close Series

Atocha Design is known far and wide for its tasteful renditions of classic furniture, and with the company’s Open/Close Series cabinet, it’s no mystery as to why. Its latest endeavor highlights the golden era of vinyl, balancing the nostalgia of simplistic design, intricate shelving, and a subdued look, with 21st Century complexities. Inside, four soft-closing drawers provide adequate space for all of your vinyl records, while a center slide-out shelf and ventilated rear panel help to keep your audio setup accessible and in pristine working condition. Each example is crafted by a master cabinetmaker in the U.S.A. and uses high-quality sustainable materials and hardware to make it a premium offering, even among the industry’s finest.

Purchase: $5,985+

Sitskie OPEN 45 Credenza

Sitskie’s OPEN 45 Credenza is the quintessential “vinyl cabinet” for individuals who have a passion for high-end design, premium materials, and enticing audio. This overly-attractive showpiece was crafted to keep the fidelity of your records at front and center while providing an adaptable platform for customizable use. At its center, a low-profile channel area allows for the artistic illumination of your favorite records, while a slotted interior makes way for movable divider panels, hidden cable management, and modular shelving to tailor your setup to your specific needs. To round things out, you’ll be able to choose between either matte black or brass legs, allowing even more customizability to accent any room of the home with ease.

Purchase: $6,800+

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