The 8 Best Rain Tires For Motorcycles

Nov 13, 2018

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Ripping and running atop a two-wheeled sled is already sketchy enough when you’re dodging traffic on the highway and those preferred winding secondary roads. Add a bit of moisture into the mix, and what you have is a potential recipe for disaster if the time ever comes to lay your bike down at the most inopportune moment. Wet roadways, not only an enemy to standard four-wheeled vehicles, also present a significant hazard to motorcycles. There is a way to mitigate this issue, however, and it’s through all-terrain, rain-ready motorcycle tires built with diligence by key manufacturers in the industry.

And that’s what brings us to the following roundup of rain tires built specifically for motorcycles. From adventure riders to street cruisers and the sports bike enthusiast, we’ve gone ahead and included a handful of the most up-to-date and weather-ready tires to keep the traction strong and friction firm, no matter what. So go ahead, sport that DWR-coated getup in the next monsoon downpour. Just proceed with caution.

Metzeler ME88 Marathon Ultra Tires

If there’s one thing Metzeler tires are known for, it’s longevity. So, it comes an no surprise that their ME88 Marathon Ultra Tires are an ideal high-mileage option for those constantly commuting in less-than-dry roadways. Specifically designed for custom touring bikes — hence the high mileage build — these tubeless tires are developed in Germany specifically for American roadways and boast redesigned parabolic gauges for enhanced water drainage, deeper tread depth, superb high and low-speed stability.

Purchase: $102+

Dunlop American Elite Tires

Made right here in the USA, the second generation American Elite Tires from Dunlop are the only replacement tires for your Harley-Davidson built in the states. The set comes complete with a multi-tread rear tire made to last thanks to a long-wearing compound in the center while both tires host a new tread design entirely that offers even wear and reliable operation in both wet and dry conditions.

Purchase: $111+

Continental Road Attack 3

Mastering that sport bike is all about confidence. And with a pair of Continental Road Attacks between you and the tarmac, that will no longer be an issue of concern. Here, this set of tires both dominate in hot and dry conditions and conquer all when cold and wet. For that, you can thank the MultiGrip technology and wet grip optimized compound within for a performance-orientated pattern that offers better drainage in wet conditions. Also, a TractionSkin mold release-free build eliminates the need for tire break-in while their three-year roadside warranty keeps the mind at ease.

Purchase: $118+

Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T30 Evo

Designed in direct response to tourers looking for a tire that offers peace of mind in both wet and dry conditions, the Battlax Sport Touring T30 Evo is one of Bridgestone’s most constant and comfortable offerings to date. Best yet, there’s still plenty of sport handling and excitement to enjoy, compliments of upgraded formula compounds that increase friction on wet surfaces while the re-engineered T30 EVO tread design adds stiffness and stability. Not a bad option for the more high-performance riders out there.

Purchase: $125+

Pirelli Angel GT

No secrets here. The Angel GT tires have no doubt been reliable with both the sport touring and commuter crowds of late. Which is partially why we opted to include these durable treads in the lineup. Complete with legendary Pirelli performance, their dual compound design provides each and every rider with the handling they need in all conditions, while the tire’s center displaces water with ease and doesn’t wear. They’re also tubeless, host an improved wet grip from previous iterations, and surely won’t disappoint.

Purchase: $133+

Midas E-07+

For the on-road and backcountry journeyer, this set of tires from Midas was designed specifically with the elements in mind. Positioned as an ideal set for even the largest trail-running motorcycles, each tire — with its cross-ply construction, modified big-block chevron tread pattern, and reinforced sidewall on the Dakar version — is simply built to take a beating not only on wet roadways but across muddied terrain as well. This is the ideal all-in-one package for the dual purpose ride of your dreams.

Purchase: $140+

Michelin Road 5

With this latest iteration of their Pilot Road series, Michelin’s Road 5 tires attack the roadway from an all-purpose prospective. Specifically speaking, they’re built for sport and sport touring bikes and feature a patented Michelin EST Evo siping design, ACT+ casing technology, and a 2CT & 2CT+ dual-compound composition for the front and rear tire respectively. They’re designed with deep water-evacuating sipes that don’t negatively wear down as the tires age and perform just as well in dry conditions to boot.

Purchase: $148+

Michelin Power Rain

Perhaps the most rain-ready tire on the entire list, the Power Rain Tyre features what Michelin calls “fountain” sculpting for maximum drainage of surface water. The only caveat: they’re designed specifically for track competition. While they’re not suitable for normal road use, you can bet a slick circuit won’t impede you come track day. The Power Rains are also versatile in all temperatures and come with the Michelin Total Performance promise.

Purchase: $255+

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