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Brawler Bred: 12 Best Punching Bags

Boxing is a combat sport that allows you to tap into your animalistic side and learn about yourself on a raw level, while being one of the best workouts you can do. Now, if you’re looking to get started in competitive boxing, or if you’re just picking it up as your main workout, you’re going to need quality punching bags so you can increase your endurance, build your power and practice your combos.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the next Floyd Mayweather Jr. or just a guy that wants to take his Rocky fandom to the next level, you’re going to need several different punching bags because a heavy bag just isn’t enough to get a complete boxing workout. There are many different types of punching bags out there, with different variations for each type, but the four essential ones you’ll need are the heavy bag, speed bag, double-end bag and uppercut bag. We’re here to not only give you a short break down of the four main types of punching bags, but also to let you know which ones are worth the bang for your buck.

Best Heavy Bags

Build Power

This is the punching bag that most people are familiar with, and it’s used to help you build your punching power, work on technique and drill combos. Wailing on the heavy bag is quite physically demanding, helping you build your strength, as well as your stamina. Your workout shirt will surely be drenched after you go at it hard for several rounds.

Everlast C3 Foam Heavy Bag

Made with a durable polycanvas wrap, and filled with closed cell foam technology to provide increased cushioning, this heavy bag will go the distance while not being harsh on your joints. The specially blended filler is a mix of sanitized synthetic and natural fibers that provide excellent shock absorbency. It’s also made with premium ‘Nevatear’ material with reinforced webbing for increased durability, allowing it to take all the haymakers you can throw.

Purchase: $120

Venum Vintage Heavy Bag

A little on the pricier end, this Venum heavy bag is made with cowhide leather and is amply filled with cotton wool. To lower the amount of time to readjust the bag when you work your combos, there’s a strap at the bottom to prevent sagging, which also limits the swing of the bag. This modern bag with a retro design also has fastening straps for quieter drives and reinforcements on its lined rivets to extend its life.

Purchase: $500

Lonsdale L Core Extra Heavy Punch Bag

London’s top boxing brand gives us a heavy bag with the finest hide leather. Furthermore, it boasts ‘L-Core Technology,’ which allows for a more responsive feel to get you into laser-focused training mode. Also, the ‘L-Core Technology’ helps in reducing the shock impact on your wrists, so you can train safely. Inside the bag is a blended inner fill for a sturdy feel and shape, giving you the opportunity to bang away at a realistic target. Also, this punching bag is fitted with a D-ring bottom for further stability.

Purchase: $510

Best Speed Bags

Keep the Rhythm

If you’ve heard something reminiscent of a machine gun at a boxing gym, it’s probably someone working the speed bag. This type of punching bag helps to increase your hand speed, improve your eye contact and also helps you keep a solid punching rhythm. Working the speed bag is definitely a great cardio workout that’s up there with running and skipping rope.

Title Gyro Balanced Leather Speed Bag

Built with ‘Gyro Balanced’ manufacturing to provide solid rebounds and quick recoil, this speed bag will help you build the lightning fast reflexes, quickness and hand-eye coordination you need to dominate your opponent. With a top grade leather shell, along with triple reinforced leather seams and lacing, this speed bag can keep up with a jackhammer pace. It also includes a butyl rubber pro bladder with a unique internal balancing for the best results.

Purchase: $40

Venum Skintex Leather Speed Bag

Constructed with top grade ‘Skintex’ leather, this Venum speed bag is built to take plenty of damage. It has a balanced design with a long-lasting bladder for ideal spring back to help you upgrade your punching rate. Handmade in Thailand with great care, this speed bag comes in two sizes, 15cm and 18cm, so you can pick your difficulty level.

Purchase: $55

Cleto Reyes Speed Bag

Diligently handcrafted in Mexico, under strict quality control, this authentic Cleto Reyes Speed Bag is used by many professional boxers. It’s constructed from durable cowhide leather, along with leather welted seams and a tough nylon lining for longevity, allowing it to withstand even the hardest-hitting, fastest punchers out there. Built with high attention to detail, this 5.6 oz speed bag will help sharpen those reflexes.

Purchase: $75

Best Double-End Bags

Precision Punching

When you need to work on your timing, this is the punching bag to use. Because it’s a floor-to-ceiling bag suspended by bungee cords, the bag will move quite a bit, which helps you in practicing your head movement as well. The main focus while working with this punching bag should be your accuracy because power is useless if you can’t hit anything.

RDX B2 Yellow Floor To Ceiling Ball

RDX’s 40.5 cm double end bag is made of original Maya Hide leather for increased strength and ‘V-Gravity’ technology to improve base stability. In addition, it has a very pliable, strong ‘Flexstring’ for quick movement, which also helps to consistently retain the ball’s position. It’s easily mountable and comes with an extremely durable ‘Nylostrap’ and a 48-inch adjustable rubber bungee cord.

Purchase: $40

Title Double End Bag

Used by many boxing legends, including Manny Pacquiao, this American-made, all-leather, triple nylon stitched double end bag is perfect for amateurs and pros alike. It has extra-long 3.5” twin-ply leather attachment straps, in addition to heavy-duty chrome O-rings on the top and bottom with hook-and-loop security. When the bladder needs to be changed, you can easily access it with the inset zipper closure on top.

Purchase: $50

Cleto Reyes Double End Bag

Wrapped in premium leather and detailed with robust nylon lining, this double end bag is built to be efficient for the long haul. It’s lightweight and compact, measuring 7” x 11,” and provides you with the opportunity for greater precision training for your jabs and hooks. Built carefully in Mexico, home to many top-tier boxers, this double end bag is easy to set up at your home or for use at a commercial gym.

Purchase: $100

Best Uppercut Bags

Blast Away

Unlike the double-end bag and speed bag, this punching bag is all about power, allowing you to practice one of the most vicious punches in boxing, which was used beautifully by the likes of George Foreman and Mike Tyson, who still occasionally shows off his skills in martial arts movies. The uppercut bag is usually fixated on a wall, and could have a protruded top section so you can practice shooting that uppercut with heinous intentions.

Ringside Uppercut Heavy Bag

This old school uppercut bag is a familiar training tool seen in many boxing and MMA gyms, simply because it’s an efficient punching bag. Crafted with long-lasting ‘Powerhide’ construction, along with a one-inch foam layer, this bag gives you a realistic feeling target. In addition, the foam layer helps in reducing hand or joint injuries while you train. The chain and swivel are included with this 55-pound punching bag.

Purchase: $40

Black Eye Aqua Punching Bag

Used by boxing professionals, such as Canelo Alvarez, this hanging punching bag is perfect for uppercuts. The Aqua Punching Bag’s special shell design, which you fill with water for 120 pounds of simulation, provides a target with a more genuine feel when you connect. Additionally, it is made so that your energy is absorbed into the bag’s internal housing, giving you the convenience of training harder and working on those devastating uppercuts without worrying too much about getting injured.

Purchase: $200

Fairtex Hook and Uppercut Wall Bag

A bag that’s designed with a protruded and angled top area and an extended bottom body makes for incredible uppercut target practice. Made with Fairtex’s ‘Syntek Leather’ and a very dense layered inside foam, this wall-mounted bag is ideal for practicing different angles at which to shoot that uppercut. Additionally, it has triple stitched seams and convenient target zones with the Faritex logo so you can work on your precision as well.

Purchase: $300

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