The 20 Best Products To Buy From IKEA

The furniture and in-home adornment space can be a daunting place some times. From the showrooms of large, nation-wide manufacturers, to one-off online sales, and everything in between, it’s hard to understand the difference between a good deal, and one that might leave you with a lemon of a coffee table. But there are heroes out there who create quality furniture, provide impeccable design choice, and present everything in an intuitive way, allowing you to see it in action before you shell out hundreds of dollars. This fabled location is known as IKEA.

The Swedish furniture company has made quite a name for itself in recent years, thanks to a plethora of interior and exterior decoration staples, affordable designs, and immaculate showrooms where buyers can test and visualize their furniture before taking the plunge. While IKEA is the best of the best when it comes to organization and intuitive shopping, it’s still a bit overwhelming when looking at it from an outsider’s perspective. To make things a bit easier, we’ve decided to round up a handful of our favorites from the company’s seasonal catalog.


IKEA is known as a Swedish powerhouse when it comes to modular furniture, intuitive interior design products, and… food? That’s right. The monolithic home furnishing brand has become acclaimed for its Swedish staples, including a bag of peculiar meatballs that seems to have everyone on this side of the Atlantic in a feverish craze. Aside from the flavorful food’s easy-to-prepare persona and recognizable aroma, fans of IKEA will find the mixture of meat, onion, breadcrumbs, water, salt, and pepper to be rather enticing. And, in an abnormal turn of events, it seems that the KÖTTBULLAR Swedish meatball has become almost as famous as the company’s actual furniture offerings.

Purchase: $8

SKURUP Pendant Lamp

When you’re looking to enhance your living and dining areas, there are a plethora of areas that often go unnoticed. Lighting is one of them. Sometimes the excitement of upgrading your kitchen’s tabletops, flooring, and seating can get in the way of what really matters, but IKEA has you covered with the minimalistic SKURUP Pendant Lamp — a sleek, subtle offering that can turn any space into a modern scape. The series’ rugged metal lamps have been built to project direct light over the living area, dressing your dining table, office space, or kitchen island in soft, complementary light, and enhancing the atmosphere of your favorite in-home haunts. And the best part? The lamp’s pendant silhouette can be easily raised or lowered by opening its top, and wrapping the cord until you’ve reached your desired height.

cPurchase: $18

TRANARÖ Stool/Side Table

The TRANARO Stool/Side table is a solid choice for any dwelling where multitasking is key. This versatile offering does the jobs of two different pieces of furniture, making it an attractive proposition for smaller rooms, dorms, or lofts that need to optimize for space. It can even transform into a coffee table on a whim, but you’ll have to have two. That being said, this lightweight table is an easy inclusion for any room in the home, and can even bring life to outdoor areas with interesting colors and combinations. And each example comes pre-assembled, meaning you won’t have to fumble around with screws and tools for hours before you can put it to good use alongside your other, more dominant IKEA furniture.

Purchase: $20

MÖJLIGHET Noticeboard/Whiteboard + Basket

Life can get a bit hectic sometimes, so it’s always a great idea to keep a calendar or planner nearby to scrawl all of your day-dates, meetings, and tasks for the weekend. That’s where IKEA’s MÖJLIGHET Noticeboard/Whiteboard + Basket comes in. This simple, easy-to-reference accessory is small enough to remain out-of-the-way when hung inside your kitchen, on your corkboard, or placed on a countertop, while also providing a space for you to draw, scribble, and write all of your important tasks so that your day remains as optimal as possible. Whether you’re looking to pin up your school’s class schedule, place photos, or store things like pens and pencils, this versatile whiteboard can do it all at the slap of a magnet and boasts an easy-upkeep surface that can be wiped clean with a duster or drying cloth.

Purchase: $35


IKEA’s approach toward seating has always been one for the books. Drawing upon its love for minimalism and ease-of-use, the ODGER Chair is certainly one of the company’s most striking pieces of furniture, opting for a bowl-shaped seat, rounded back, and a renewable construction crafted from recycled plastic and wood. As the perfect rest stop for your home’s hallways, office spaces, or living rooms, this sleek offering boasts a mobile stature that makes it inherently easy to move and place, allowing you to change up its location frequently. And the best part? No tools are needed to put this guy together, meaning that you’ll be able to snap together a few intuitive pieces any time you want to set it up in a different area of your home.

Purchase: $90

LISTERBY Console Table

The LISTERBY Console Table is truly a gem among all of IKEA’s alternative offerings. Its unassuming stature and stylish design give it an aura of vintage character, while a double-storage-space shelf allows buyers to utilize its variable platforms for additional storage, should they find that space is an issue. As a result, this console table is perfect for smaller areas, dorms, or outcrops where you want to put your favorite decorations on display. Visually, the table’s natural Ash construction and dark finish help it to blend into a number of areas of the home, while a protective coat of lacquer and other durable materials keep it looking great for years to come. Add in a suite of rounded lines to give it a more appealing look when placed against a wall or island corner, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a vintage style that’s both practical, and will complement your home’s modern vibe.

Purchase: $100


At a glance, the STORJORM Mirror might look like any other in-bathroom vanity option, but if you look a bit closer, you’ll find that it sports some interesting attributes that set it apart from the competition. Instead of relying on a separate lighting system to shed glorious rays all over you and the surrounding area, the STORJORM opts for a rear LED light that consumes up to 85% less energy than its incandescent counterpart. Thanks to the mirror’s rounded design, harsh light, and sharp shadows are no longer an issue, diffusing as they emit from the rear of the wall-hanging adornment. The result? An even spread of wonderful white light throughout the day, allowing you to see yourself — and take care of your morning/afternoon hygiene — in a flattering hue.

Purchase: $100

SYMFONISK Wi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker

No home is complete without an entertainment center, and that’s especially true when speaking on great-sounding speaker setups. While it might be an afterthought to most, the inclusion of a high-end bookshelf speaker within the various areas of your home will undoubtedly enhance those weekend rock-out sessions. Luckily, that’s something that the SYMFONISK Wi-Fi Smart Speaker can help you out with, thanks to its stylish horizontal/vertical orientation, vibrant soundscape, and trusted Sonos internals. While the Wi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker will allow you to stream all of your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks over your in-home network, it can also be used as a shelf for a number of your decorative peripherals, thanks to its bracketed, mountable silhouette. And if you’re looking to take your listening into another area of the home, don’t fret; the SYMFONISK can be controlled individually to keep your jam sesh going without disturbing others just a room away.

Purchase: $100

SLATTUM Upholstered Bed Frame

After a long day of work, heading home to fall into a comfy bed might sound like the best course of action. But not just any bed will do. It needs to be propped up on a handsome frame that does its part to accent your room’s great-looking furniture, while also remaining stable, firm, and foundational. The SLATTUM Upholstered Bed Frame is one such piece of furniture, calling upon a soft woven fabric and stitched detailing to complement your comforter and sheets, while also remaining noticeable alongside your bedroom’s alternative furniture. A slatted base and supportive mid beam work seamlessly with the SLATTUM’s padded headboard, offering refined support for those who like to read books or watch television in an upright position before bed. And if you’re a neat-freak, it doesn’t get any better than this — the bed frame also boasts a spacious under-area that makes vacuuming, storage, and cleaning a breeze.

Purchase: $130

BRIMNES Glass-Door Cabinet

Everyone needs a great cabinet to set their things, show off their favorite photos, and decorate their home’s most-trafficked areas. But large, all-encompassing wood furniture can be expensive, making it a difficult pickup for individuals who aren’t interested in gratuitous price tags. Luckily, IKEA’s BRIMNES Glass-Door Cabinet is here to save the day, thanks to its brilliant see-through front, dual-tiered stationary shelving, and customizable glass shelves that can be set up in a variety of different ways, depending on your needs. Paired with the cabinet’s handsome square windows and space-saving rectangular orientation, these must-have qualities are poised to bring a cozy aura to any room in the home, especially if you you’re creative enough to outfit the BRIMNES with some interior lighting.

Purchase: $140

HEMNES Sink Cabinet

Modern bathrooms are taking a step in the right direction with minimalistic sink and porcelain setups, and a large portion of that movement can be attributed to Swedish design. To bring your rest area into the contemporary realm, IKEA’s HEMNES Sink Cabinet looks to make one of the home’s most-used rooms even more quaint, calling upon a suite of smooth-running, fully-extendable drawers, a sleek, solid pine wood construction, and a dark stain that will contrast well with almost any bathroom’s colors. Better yet, each HEMNES is crafted with at least half of its weight in renewable materials, helping to repurpose, and reissue products that would have otherwise been discarded. This one might take some skill to build, however — you’ll need a suite of common tools and another willing participant, seeing as it’s recommended that a pair put the cabinet together.

Purchase: $149

KUNGSFORS Kitchen Cart

Sometimes, there’s just not enough countertop space in the kitchen. Who are we kidding, there’s never enough countertop space in the kitchen. For those times when you’re a bit too overzealous on the ingredients, utensils, pots, and pans, or decorations, there’s the KUNGSFORS Kitchen Cart. This sleek little storage cart is constructed from great-looking stainless steel, making it inherently easy to clean, wash, and keep pristine. A non-porous surface ensures that oils, grease, or water don’t work their way into the KUNGSFORS’ handsome metal, allowing you to use it for a variety of cooking and storage needs, even in high humidity areas. It’s also been outfitted with lockable casters to increase overall stability and tested to the utmost standards by IKEA’s strict safety department. Oh, and you can rest assured knowing that this cart is as conscious as they come, boasting a 100% recyclable construction that can be reconstituted after it runs its course within your kitchen.

Purchase: $149

BUSKBO Armchair + DJUPVIK Cushion

The BUSKBO Armchair + DJUPVIK Cushion might just be one of the best looking armchairs we’ve ever seen, and with a company like IKEA at its back, you can bet that quality and affordability have been placed at the forefront. Calling upon a hand-woven rattan, this sturdy seat is made inherently unique due to its one-of-a-kind living material, which gives each example its own subtle character. As it ages over time, it fosters a natural wooden look that’s unique to the conditions of the area, home, or owner, and can be placed almost anywhere due to its lightweight demeanor, removable cushions, and scuff-proof plastic feet. Plus, each example is put together by the company’s experienced craftspeople, making it a surefire hit when it comes to quality and principle. But be careful, since rattan is an ever-changing material, you might end up with a piece of furniture that transitions from one hue to the next throughout its life.

Purchase: $160

SLÄKT Twin Bed Frame With Storage

Everyone needs a place to relax and unwind when they get home, and if that’s not the case, then it’s certainly true for the nighttime. To provide the perfect foundation for your favorite sleeping area, IKEA’s SLÄKT Twin Bed Frame can get the job done, and overachieve while it’s at it. Each example boasts a pair of seating modules that can be pulled out to provide an interesting seating set up for guests, while also acting as storage areas; all you have to do is lift the top cushion. The SLÄKT is, for lack of a better term, as versatile as possible, creating a small living room area in seconds, and then transitioning back in as short a time. If you’re interested in expanding the furniture even further, you can pair it with IKEA’s modular smart products to make it even more capable, including its seat sections, storage boxes, and pull-out bedding. However, if you want an attractive bed frame that’s as simple as possible, the SLÄKT also comes with a slatted bed base that can forgo all of the furniture’s other complications.

Purchase: $230


A rug is something that’s difficult to get excited about, and that’s never really going to change. Luckily, there are still a few out there that make us at least a little interested, like this TRANGET Rug from IKEA. Each unique, hand-woven example calls upon a 100% wool construction, traditional patterning, and soil-repellent qualities to keep it looking great for years to come. Not everyone will put the TRANGET through its paces, but the added durability and protection is sure to make it a hit for any high-traffic area, like the dining room or living room, where people are constantly present. To round things out, the rug is equally as friendly with tile and hardwood as it is with plain carpet, making it a versatile pick for those who are looking to utilize it in a number of different areas.

Purchase: $230


Tables and seating areas are always a great addition to any socialization area, but how do you keep your room looking great, without all of the hassles of extensive matching and research? You turn to the LISABO SVENBERTIL Table — a simplistic furnishing that will look the part in almost any room of the home. This easy-to-assemble staple features solid wood legs, hard-wearing natural materials, and wood grain that’s visible to the naked eye, soliciting feelings of comfort and coziness. To keep you secure and comfortable while sitting down, each of the table’s seats has been coated with a special surface treatment to prevent sliding, while scooped and contoured backs ensure a form-fitting silhouette for every user.

Purchase: $345

SANDBACKEN Sleeper Sectional

The SANDBACKEN Sleeper Sectional is a resilient couch that can take on a variety of different purposes. Whether you’re looking to host friends or take a quick nap, this versatile offering can convert from a multi-person sofa into a spacious bed in an instant, making it a must-have for small living areas, or for those who are looking to optimize their space. The included ottoman can also be utilized to extend the bed/sofa area even further, making it even more competitive when compared to more expensive models. And if you’re looking to geek-out on the durability of the SANDBACKEN, the couch cover has been rated for over 25,000 cycles, making it a clear winner among the 15,000-cycle standard set forth for everyday-use in-home furniture.

Purchase: $429

PAX Wardrobe

Closet space can be an issue in smaller apartments and rooms. That’s especially true when you’re one of those fashionable individuals who has a large selection of clothing, shoes, and peripherals. But with IKEA’s PAX Wardrobe, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing space for something that won’t make your living area more optimal, thanks to a refined silhouette, multiple compartment areas, internal organizers, and a PAX Planner that can help you to drench your wardrobe in amazing integrated lighting. Plus, if you have any irregularities in your surface or floor, you can always adapt the PAX via its adjustable feet — something that’s relatively hard to find when speaking on other wardrobes and closets.

Purchase: $435

FLOTTEBO Sleeper Sofa With Side Table

The FLOTTEBO Sleeper Sofa is somewhat similar to the other adaptable couch on our list, but this time, it’s been outfitted with a great-looking side table to give you the ultimate furnishing for work, play, or a little bit of both. Each example boasts a suite of movable cushions so you can dial-in your comfort level, while also allowing you to adjust seat depth and back support for whatever situation you find yourself in that day. Individually-wrapped pocket springs adapt to your body’s curves and contours, allowing you to remain fully supported at all times, and thanks to a moderate storage area underneath the FLOTTEBO’s exterior seating, you’ll be able to optimize for space by storing pillows, blankets, or other peripherals when they’re not in use.

Purchase: $629

NUTID French Door Refrigerator

A home with a great refrigerator is a home worth living in, and the NUTID French Door variant form IKEA is certainly one of the industry’s finest. It features a humidity-controlled crisper that’s been built to keep all of your fruits and vegetables in a fresh, ripened state, an air purifying system that keeps odor to a minimum, and an ice/water maker that can bless you with filtered liquids, frozen cubes, or crushed shards during those hot summer days. Not to mention the NUTID’s built-in fans, which help to circulate air and keep the internal temperature consistent at all times. If you’re in the market for a handsome refrigerator to round out your already-established kitchen, look no further than IKEA’s defined double-door offering

Purchase: $1,800

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