The 12 Best Prefab Cabins You Can Buy To Live Off The Grid

Photo: Snohetta Gapahuk

Buying a home can be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, and with the housing market in such a healthy state, prices are soaring. While you might not be able to acquire the type of land, square footage, and materials that you used to, the search for a new familial dwelling hasn’t become any less important, leading interested parties to search for alternative avenues to create the home of their dreams.

Luckily, there are a plethora of talented companies out there who understand what it’s like to look for a dwelling in today’s market. Aside from the fact that most people value their privacy, freedom, and monetary investments, there’s also been a dramatic push for the prefabricated home/cabin — a commodity that’s become even more attractive for younger buyers looking to head off-grid, or build an affordable home in the city. Below, we’ll outline a few of our favorite variants from recent years, and give you an idea of what it is that makes each a leader of its respective market.

Koto Abodu Cabin

Koto’s backyard-approved homes are renowned for their modular versatility, and they’ve continuously enamored us with their attractive, thought-provoking builds. The company’s aptly-named “Abodu Cabin” is a perfect choice for individuals who are looking to grab a piece of land to build their new tiny home, or create a well-rounded backyard getaway for friends and family when they come to visit. In just two weeks, Abodu will have the home entirely built in a location of your choice, working alongside a handsomely-detailed suite of appliances, modernized furnishings, and genre-leading materials to create the quintessential home. And for less than $200,000, we’d say that’s quite a steal.

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Prefabricated cabin structures are meant to optimize the lengthy home-building process, and few do it better than Ark-Shelter. This fully-finished, modular unit can be set up almost anywhere, including mountains, fields, lakesides, forests, or cities, in under a day. When compared to the weeks (or months) that you’ll be waiting for other prefabricated projects to be delivered and assembled, the Ark-Shelter shows that it’s entirely possible to acquire your dream home in a short time span, calling upon an all-encompassing, one-piece build that will allow you to expand in the future, and hand-built silhouettes that are taken on by the company’s talented, in-house craftsmen. Whether you’re looking to get a bit closer to nature or live out your dream atop one of your city’s high-rise buildings, the Ark-Shelter can appease.

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Avrame DUO Series

Avrame’s DUO Series cabins are unique, but not because of their interesting construction materials and modularity. Instead, they rely on an abnormal A-Frame silhouette that will stand out from virtually every other dwelling in the area, and make your home the talk of the town due to its aesthetic qualities. Boasting four different floor plans, these versatile homes can be customized to fit you, or your family’s needs, and even come outfitted with modern construction characteristics like insulation and electrical work, in case you were planning on moving to an off-grid area where temperatures dip rather frequently. In as little as four months, your dream home will make the transition from an adolescent idea to a full-fledged living structure. And the best part? It can be built almost anywhere, thanks to the freedom afforded to you by Avrame’s consultation and approval process.

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Back Country Hut Co. Great Lakes Cabin

The Back Country Hut Co. has built some of the industry’s finest tiny homes, and with modularity as an immediate concern whenever they begin a new project, you can rest assured that your future dwelling will be in the best hands possible. The Great Lakes Cabin — which is a fundamental model put forth by the brand for marketing purposes — features a spacious 18x10x14 floorplan, appliances by AyA Kitchens, Blanco, Blu Bathworks, and Miele Canada, and large, visually-pleasing windows from the likes of Loewen, to keep its stone tile-laden living areas drenched in natural light. A selection of modular pieces can be adapted and transformed to provide differing interior layouts, making the BCHC built one of the more attractive on our list due to sheer customization potential.

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CabinSpacey Cabin One

CabinSpacey’s Cabin One is an eclectic exposed-wood offering that looks to provide denizens with an adaptable dwelling to rest and relax. In a world as hectic as ours, the company’s mission to bring a static living area to those who desire such a location is certainly respectable, and with bespoke characteristics like a high-quality wooden body, fully-integrated daylight bathroom, a lofted sleeping area, and panoramic windows, it might be difficult to find a more appealing tiny home for the price. The dwelling’s foundational aspects aren’t all it has going for it, though. Inside, you’ll find a fully-equipped Spruce kitchen, unique designer furniture, and modular, out-of-the-way storage solutions that will add the perfect aesthetic to your tiny home.

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Everywhere Co. Ayfraym

As the second A-Frame home on our list, Everywhere Co’s cozy Ayfraym cabin is surely a sight to behold. This attractive prefab can be purchased as an entire package, or in stages, allowing buyers to customize each home based on their needs, the needs of the area, or in response to environmental determinants. Inside of the 1,574 square-foot space, inhabitants will find a selection of cedar adornments, customized windows, vaulted ceilings, and eye-drawing wooden beams that have been fabricated to mimic vintage homes from the 1960s. A handful of walk-out decks encircle the home’s four-bedroom, two-bathroom interior layout, accenting its unique bunk area, which can comfortably sleep up to eight individuals. But the dwelling’s coolest aspect is its upper loft, which features a suite of lookout windows to provide panoramic views of the surrounding area as you relax to enjoy your morning breakfast or cup of tea.

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GOHOME 2,500 Sq Ft

GOHOME’s 2,500 Sq Ft is one of the company’s many renowned architectural projects, and if you ask us, we’d say that it’s our favorite of the bunch. The farmhouse-inspired structure boasts a spacious two-story design, which includes three bedrooms, two baths, and an outfitted kitchen/socialization area to entertain guests however you see fit. Inside, you’ll find various built-in options that can be customized to your specific tastes, including furniture, storage areas, outcrops, wood stoves, and even an external awning to cover a wood-adorned deck, so you can enjoy an afternoon in nature.

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Lake|Flato Porch House

Lake|Flato’s Porch House was built with modularity in mind, and as such, it boasts a tailor-made persona that’s catered to each individual client’s taste. Utilizing either an entirely pre-fabricated structure or individual pieces that are pre-fabricated and arranged on-site, these modular homes boast a series of custom-designed rooms and dog runs formulated to deal with site restrictions and conditions, allowing them to take on unique characteristics that you might not find in other prefabricated dwellings. Sustainable materials and textiles are used to maintain efficiency throughout the year while promoting a conscious approach toward traditional construction practices. Spacious interiors give way to the home’s ventilated porch areas, while panoramic windows provide staggering views of the surrounding wildlife. And, depending on where you decide to erect your home, that could mean mornings filled with lakeside mist, or afternoons watching the sunset over the water.

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NODE’s prefabricated Eco homes were built to place an emphasis on adaptability, sustainability, and attainability. Each construction-conscious dwelling boasts a handful of non-toxic materials, energy-efficient systems, a low-impact foundation, and a unique building envelope that’s been recognized as one of the most cutting-edge in the industry. Various floorplans and sizes allow you to customize the home to you or your family’s needs, while also being able to understand pricing in a simple, intuitive way. Depending on which layout you feel is right for you, a suite of covered walkways, cozy reading nooks, spacious living rooms, and relaxing sleep areas can be yours for everyday use.

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Snohetta Gapahuk

Snohetta has accrued quite the reputation over the past few years. When the company isn’t spending its time building some of the world’s most awe-inspiring buildings, it dabbles in the production of one of the industry’s finest tiny homes, the Gapahuk. This social cabin provides denizens with a spacious living room and kitchen, sanitary facility, and three intricate bedrooms adorned with modular storage space to optimize the way that you store clothing and essential items. To keep the cabin’s footprint to an absolute minimum, each room is refined and formatted to remain as versatile as possible, allowing it to take up less space, overall. Naturally, this also means that the cabin is easier to heat and cool during various seasons, thanks to its small stature. If you don’t want to spend all of your time indoors, you’ll be able to head out to the Gapahuk’s generous patio area, where you can waste your days away reading, relaxing, and napping on your favorite deck furniture.

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Wheelhaus Flat-Roof Caboose

Wheelhaus’ Flat-Roof Caboose is likely one of the most interesting choices on this list — thanks, almost entirely, to its unique construction. This trailer-borne tiny home can be moved and set up almost anywhere, while still boasting the same visual appeal as its static counterparts. Once the home is set, however, there’s still plenty to appreciate, including a 175 square-foot loft, a large upper deck area, and ranch wood siding that gifts the dwelling a rustic persona. Inside, the Caboose taps into some serious mountain cabin characteristics, including a timber frame structure, a gabled roof, and ample sleeping space that can house up to six people, depending on your creativity.

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Woon Pioneers Indigo

Woon Pioneers seeks to be one of the genre’s leading manufacturers of modular living structures, and if the Indigo Cabin is any sort of representation of the company’s talent, we’ve come to expect great things. As part of Woon’s modular family, the fully-equipped family home boasts an internal design that’s focused on adaptability and energy-conscious architecture, calling upon controlled prefabrication principles, assembly on-site, and volumes that will allow buyers to expand and enhance their bespoke structure with ease at a later date. A large portion of the home’s material construction is bio-based, calling upon wood, cellulose, straw, hemp, wool, earth and clay to maintain a non-toxic atmosphere for denizens. To keep things sustainable, the implementation of solar panels/battery systems, rainwater collectors, and purification systems ensure that inhabitants can live blissfully without reliance on conventional methods, making the “off-grid” lifestyle an even more attractive proposition for those who are looking to take the plunge.

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