The 10 Best Portable Mini Projectors

Aug 1, 2018

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The history of projection dates far back, into prehistoric times. Apparently, early Cro magnon humans had a cinematic streak, as they used light (sometimes produced from a source like fire) to create primitive forms of shadowgraphy, and later shadow puppetry. Our technology has evolved a great deal since then. Just earlier this century, projectors were hulking devices reserved for theaters. Then, they became a commodity available to anyone wanting to simulate a cinematic environment at home.

Now, we’ve taken the portability of the projector and pursued it to the utmost. These days, the power of a projector can fit in the palm of your hand, making the motion picture experience more mobile than ever. Whether on a camping trip, or simply a backyard movie night, any product from this list of the 10 Best portable mini projectors will bring the big screen wherever you go.


The smallest of the batch, the AAXA P2B Pico is about the size of a Rubik’s cube (with dimensions of 2.8″ x 2.8″ x 2.3″), but 100 times as fun. With a 20,000 Hour LED Light Source and 150 minute lithium ion battery, you can play most movies in full on a projected 100″ screen in low light conditions. If you’re dissatisfied with that battery life, think about connecting to a portable power bank (for those pesky three hour Kubrick screenings).

Purchase: $169

Phillips Picopix Wireless

The Philips PPX4350 Picopix raises the resolution paradigm for such a Lillipution projector, reaching 1080 pixels, though on a smaller, 60-inch projection size. Featuring wireless screen mirroring technology (as well as HDMI, USB, SD card and straight from your laptop connectivity) and wifi make the Philips Picopix the ultimate wireless projector that can fit in your pocket.

Purchase: $250

Kodak Wireless Pico Projector

Kodak has long been among the giants in the camera world, but they’ve decided to scale it down with their Kodak Wireless Pico Projector. As a heads up, pico is the metric notation of one trillionth, also derived from the Spanish word for “bit” – basically, it means small. The Kodak Pico is certainly that, weighing just 6.1 oz. Still, it packs plenty of lumens – 100 to be exact – for a bright, crisp 854 x 480 native resolution 100-inch display from eight feet away. A built-in speaker with a 3.5 mm headphone jack allow for a personal audio experience, too.

Purchase: $290

Anker Nebula Capsule

Anker is one of the great names in charging technology of all kinds. So it’s to be expected that the Nebula Capsule from Anker comes with a hefty battery – 5200mAh / 3.85v runs through this cylindrical projector, definitely lending to its full-pound of weight, but making up for its relative robustness with reliability. Doubling as a bluetooth speaker, the Nebula Capsule can last 4 hours playing movies and 30 hours blasting music from every angle.

Purchase: $350

Optomo ML750ST

Available with 500 or 700 lumens, the Optomo brings bright and vivid colors to the backyard (or wherever you may project). Projecting a 50 inch diagonal image from only 32 inches away, the Optomo ML750ST offers a remarkable 20,000:1 contrast ratio and a razor sharp focus, in a projector no bigger than your hand. Marketed toward businesspersons, the Optomo ML750ST is the perfect companion for presentations.

Purchase: $530

WOWOTO 3D Projector

Purchase: $430

The WOWOTO 3D Projector is bigger than the products that precede it on the list, but with greater size comes greater capability.  With a 1200 x 800 native resolution, along with Digital Light Processing (DLP) the WOWOTO delivers the best picture we’ve seen yet. It also produces an incredible 3D effect, and will faithfully produce any 3D movie you put on. WOWOTO also can be integrated with a variety of apps, which you can seamlessly play on the big screen.

LG PW1500

Life is good with this attractively designed and tech-infused projector from LG. You can forget about wires with the PW1500; The 1500 Lumen Minibeam Projector offers bluetooth sound and screen mirroring, so you never have to plug in. It also has over-the-air TV tuning functions, so that it can connect to several stations without any additional purchase. With all this intelligent tech, the LG PW1500 is one of the smartest buys on this list.

Purchase: $700

Benq i500

The Benq I500 will never burn out. An LED lamp build to endure 20,000 hours of movies, the Benq is also built intelligently to remain cool as it projects the 75” big screen at just 3.3 ft with low heat. The Benq comes also with a housed 10W Bluetooth speaker, so you can hear the audio at the appropriate level rather than having to lug speakers along with the projector, wherever you decide to take it. The USB 3.0 and 2.0 readers offer a universal connectivity. With powerful light, the screen will be massive and visible at 200 feet.

Purchase: $700

Vivitek QUMI Q8 Pico

The QUMI Q8 projector from Vivitek brings movies to life. With an unbelievable 30,000:1 contrast ratio, you’ll be able to see the individual freckles on Morgan Freeman’s face. A full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution blows competitors out of the water. Still, it’s only 1.37 lbs., light enough to earn the title of “Pico” and easily carried in a briefcase or backpack to wherever movies are enjoyed. Images and videos up to 120,” are displayed in proprietary BrilliantColor vibrancy.

Purchase: $800

Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector

The Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector is a beautiful piece of design. Belying its lovely facade is an amazing projector. It has ultimate connectivity; you may cast photos and videos directly from your smartphone, laptop, your cable box, Blu-ray player and more. It connects to a USB and HDMI, and has a dedicated app that allows the Short Throw to be controlled from your phone or tablet with a few thumb-swipes. With two 0.98″ Bass Reflex Speakers, you will feel Earth-rumbling sound wherever you may be. Categorized as a class II laser product, be careful that you don’t accidentally shoot your eye out.

Purchase: $850

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