The 21 Best Plant Accessories You Can Buy in 2022

Photo: IKEA BOTANISK Gardening Bag

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, finding the perfect plant-savvy accessories for your modern living space is a daunting task. There are a ton of interesting items on the market, and while sourcing these individual pieces can be a pain, there’s always a silver lining: there’s no shortage of green thumb-approved products to outfit your home, and your gardening area, with the best that the industry has to offer.

It’s no secret that some pronounced foliage can take your interior space from drab to dazzling with minimal effort, but that doesn’t mean that you can just buy any plant, pot, and watering can, and call it a day. There’s a lot that goes into taking care of said seedlings, including the type of planter you put them in, what kind of climate, and environment, that they need to survive, and how they’ll fare with minimal (or moderate) upkeep. To make things a bit easier, we’ve decided to aggregate a number of our favorite plant-focused accessories from around the web, focusing on the aesthetically-pleasing offerings that’ll help you to spotlight your favorite ferns and shrubs, without detracting from your home’s hard-earned ambiance. So put on some gloves, pull out those pruners, and let’s dive right in.

Watering Cans & Misters

Spray Away


Buying just any uninteresting watering can isn’t a great way to show the world how serious you are about the upkeep of your houseplants. It’s also not a great way to enhance your home’s overall aesthetic. Since you’ll want to knock out both of these birds with a single stone, IKEA has introduced the VATTENKRASSE — a watering peripheral fit for the Swedish furniture store’s most stylish followers. It’s crafted from galvanized and stainless steel and boasts a formidable polyester powder coating to keep it looking great, regardless of your daily watering cycle

Purchase: $10

CB2 Saic Watering Carafe

A product of the Designed Objects curriculum at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), CB2’s aesthetically-pleasing Watering Carafe pairs elements of modernity and luxurious stoneware staples, creating something that’s a more akin to art, than anything else. Although the carafe boasts a lavish white glaze and a sculpted body, its also been formulated to provide your foliage with the perfect amount of sustenance. Whether or not you’d want to utilize it in that manner, on the other hand, is something that’s specific to each individual situation.

Purchase: $15

Crate And Barrel Black Glass Plant Mister

If you’re looking for something a bit more formal and chic, the Crate and Barrel Black Glass Plant Mister is for you. Not only does this unique device take on a mid-century-inspired appearance, but it’s also entirely capable, drawing from decades of trusted use to keep your ferns and orchids alive and well. Since it boasts a faceted black glass architecture and a hand-polished brass top, the eight-ounce wonder is sure to blend right into your home’s equally-decorated gardening areas — and if there’s one thing we know, it’s that great design often goes unnoticed.

Purchase: $28

West Elm Modern Spout Watering Can

West Elm’s aptly-named Modern Sprout Watering Can is just that — a watering can with intrinsically modern qualities, subtleties, and traits. It was designed with the casual green thumb in mind, calling upon rust-resistant stainless steel, a three-liter water capacity, and a slender silhouette that makes it perfect for half-hearted storage on windowsills, ledges, shelves, or planters. Plus, with its tasteful brass (or emerald) finish, you’ll have a difficult time finding an area within your home where the Modern Sprout won’t fit right in, making it an attractive proposition for under-the-radar aesthetic enhancement.

Purchase: $80

Pots & Planters

Stylish Containers


If you’re an avid planter, you’ve likely become well-acquainted with the process of introducing new foliage to your home or garden. Oftentimes, transporting a plant from one area to the next can cause a headache, especially if you’re not prepared. That’s where IKEA’s BOTANISK Gardening Bag comes into play. Not only does this unique, waterproof bag help you to transfer your plants from one pot to the other, but it’s also a perfect, storage-worthy tote that can earn you some extra time between reintroduction. As an added bonus, you can utilize it for other things whenever there’s not a shrub, fern, or smaller tree inside.

Purchase: $20

Greenaholics Medium Plant Pot

Trying to find an aesthetically-pleasing design piece that will put your medium-sized plants on display for the world to see? Your search has come to an end, courtesy of Greenholics’ Medium Plant Pot. This compact accessory boasts a size that’s suitable for succulents bonsai, cactus, snake plants, and seedlings, and features a high-quality ceramic, surrounding by a baked kaolin glaze. There’s even a drainage hole (complemented by a tight-sealing removable plug) in case you over water.

Purchase: $24

Anthropologie Bolo Hanging Planter

Ground-savvy planters are all good and well, but if you’re looking for a captivating way to display your favorite plants, hanging, or otherwise, the Anthropologie Bolo Planter is the perfect medium. Its modern aesthetic will complement your home’s distinct design choices, thanks to its ceramic, brass, and rope construction. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to find an area suitable for use; not every room or outdoor area is outfitted with a beam that can handle the weight of soil and a full-grown plant.

Purchase: $30

MoMa Design Self Watering Pot

MoMa Design’s Self-Watering Wet Pot is a genius offering that draws inspiration from its fabled Swedish counterpart. Each compact offering boasts a terracotta planter housed within a hand-blown glass enclosure. As a result, the accessory’s unique design allows the plant to absorb water through the planter’s terracotta walls, resulting in an easy, intuitive alternative to traditional planting and watering methods. As long as your indoor/outdoor area stays above frost-point, everything from mini cacti, to full-grown azaleas should thrive within.

Purchase: $34

Brightech Jayce Ceramic Planter

If smaller offerings like the MoMa Design Self Watering Pot and Greenaholics’ Medium Plant Pot don’t tickle your fancy, Brightech’s Jayce Ceramic Planter should be the happy medium. Not only does this elegant planter and stand combo bring an aura of tasteful class to your living area, but it also places a spotlight on your greenery, making it the most notable aspect of any room. It utilizes a clean off-white basin and wooden legs to do its bidding, promoting usability, durability, and aesthetic subtlety, ensuring that your plants remain accessible, whether that be to the naked eye, your nurturing hand, or otherwise.

Purchase: $50

The Sill Live ZZ Plant + Ceramic Planter

Sometimes, plant owners just want to make a statement. Luckily, The Sill’s Live ZZ Plant + Delores Ceramic Planter makes the procurement of an eye-catching interior accent as intuitive as ever. This thick and waxy green succulent is both hard-wearing and adaptive, allowing it to survive with minimal upkeep, and thrive in areas with low to medium light shed. Since there’s no need to re-pot, it’s also an attractive choice for those who are looking to purchase a handful, giving them the opportunity to outfit any room in the home with their own greenery, without much fuss.

Purchase: $220

CB2 Strata Patinaed Brass Planter

Since we seem to be making our way up in size, CB2’s Strata Patinaed Brass Planter is a go-to offering for those who are looking to house their larger plants, trees, and shrubs. This tapered wonder features great-looking rounded aluminum construction, a textured exterior, and a bronze hexagonal stand to offer up rustic character in droves, while an included liner allows for more shallow planting. Since the Strata sports such a unique design, each one is different from the last, ensuring that those who have a knack for individuality will take kindly to its original finish.

Purchase: $229

DWR Story Planter

Want to stagger your small succulents and seedlings as they reach toward the sky? Look no further than the DWR Story Planter — a multi-tiered offering that brings a new definition to vertical planting. Designed as a sculptural project by Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei, the all-metal offering places artistry first, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a lost cause when it comes to the display of your favorite plants. In fact, it’s perfect for those who are looking to save space in a smaller living area, store random knick-knacks or place their foliage on a (literal) pedestal.

Purchase: $421

Plant Stands

Elevated Centerpiece


Pots can only take your interior and exterior design so far. Luckily, IKEA’s KRYDDPEPPAR Plant Stand is here to take your favorite greenery to new heights. You can use it as a side table for anything from magazines to coffee cups, but where it really shines is the display of your hanging foliage. Its simple design, sleek subtlety, and lightweight demeanor allow for easy transport from room to room, allowing you to take your plants outside for an evening on the balcony at the drop of a dime.

Purchase: $30

Urban Outfitters Finn Terrazzo Planter Stand

Urban Outfitters’ Finn Terrazzo Planter Stand boasts a rustic resin feel that draws inspiration from some of our favorite outdoor stands and brings it into the home. Not only does it utilize an attractive round, ridged top, but it’s also been clad in inlaid terrazzo detailing to give it an eye-catching appearance among your other, more subdued peripherals.

Purchase: $40

Target 3-Tier Metal Planter

Target’s 3-Tier Metal Planter is a simplistic offering that serves a perfect catalyst for the elevation of your favorite plants and pots. Since the company specializes in affordability and function, you’re not going to get any off-the-wall design elements here. Instead, the 3-Tier Planter revels in its simplicity, calling upon circular surfaces, woven rattan accents, and clean linework to promote its modernist principle.

Purchase: $50

Areaware Pedestal Set

Breaking away from metal and resin planters, we’re left with Areaware’s dialed-back Pedestal Set. This all-wood element its a testament to the pursuit of unassuming design, providing a low (and high) platform that’s both tasteful and chic, allowing you to display plants, pots, or other items without having to worry that the foundation might warrant more attention than the object, itself.

Purchase: $82

CB2 Angled Plant Stand

CB2’s Angled Plant Stand is an awe-inspiring elevation tool that’s sure to make your plants the topic of any social get together. It boasts a matte black frame, a mesh platform area, and epoxied steel rods, making it an attractive proposition for both indoor and outdoor use. Needless to say, its angular orientation is rather original, allowing you to place, display, and orient your plants in such a way as to make the most out of your favorite space.

Purchase: $129


Tools For Your Kit

Hay Tool Box

If you’ve got a bit of a green thumb, you’re going to have to find a way to keep your most utilized tools organized, accessible, and within arm’s reach. Luckily, Shane Schneck designed this minimalist toolbox for Hay. It’s practical, plastic, and purposeful, helping you to optimize your collection of gardening, pruning, and planting tools, without taking up too much space within your home. And since it’s so unassuming, it’ll work just as well as an organizational tool for other accessories, whenever it’s not in use.

Purchase: $23

Hanafubuki Wazakura Satsuki Bonsai Scissors

Even if you’re not the proud owner of a perfectly-pruned Bonsai, Hanafubuki Wazakura’s Satsuki Scissor is an essential tool for any indoor plant enthusiast. As one of the industry’s finest offerings, it boasts a formidable S58C black carbon steel construction, a long-handle design, allowing you to reach problematic, out-of-the-way areas, and an ultra-sharp blade, promoting your plant’s growth, courtesy of its inherently clean cuts.

Purchase: $33

Iittala Plant Watering Globes

If you’re the forgetful type, or if your green thumb might not be fully realized, Iittala’s Plant Watering Globes might be for you. These intuitive little devices do everything on their own, allowing your plants to thrive while you’re away from home for up to a week at a time. All you have to do is fill the with water, push them (gently) into the soil of your favorite planter, and watch them water your plants evenly, without any input from the master of cultivation.

Purchase: $38

Growlight Frame Shelf

Finding the perfect spot to raise a plant within your home might be difficult, especially when you have to account for light, temperature, and location. Luckily, Growlight has you covered with the Frame Shelf — an in-wall offering that frames your plants in the most picturesque way possible. Each stainless-steel offering boasts a powder plug, its own LED lighting, and a built-in timer to simulate a traditional day-to-night cycle, giving your plants everything that they’ll need to thrive while indoors. While the Growlight Frame Shelf will help you favorite ferns, seedlings, and small plants to grow, it’s not an all-encompassing system, meaning that you’ll still have to water and care for your plants on a regular basis.

Purchase: $139

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