The 14 Best Tech Gadgets and Accessories for Pets

Photo: GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

As humans living in the technological age, we’re seeing progressions at such a rapid rate that it can be difficult to keep up, yet somehow we always do. Technology has affected our pets in a much different way in that they’re not analyzing why or how something works — they just accept that it does. Both simple and intricate, innovations in accessories that help us care for our dogs and cats can be enjoyably frivolous, insightfully necessary, or both. In this guide, we’ve tracked down the best of the best in tech gadgets for you and your pet.

SBARK Orvis Tikr Treat

Dogs are amazing, lovable, loyal creatures. But sometimes we need our space. The Orvis Tikr Treat from SBARK is a toy made to keep your dog entertained for a while. You just place the treats inside the inner compartment, which slowly opens up more and more as the time passes, thus revealing what’s inside. Without needing batteries, you can set the built-in timer anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes depending on how long you need to keep your pup busy.

PETKIT Dog Water Bottle with Filter

In an age of hydroflasks and thermoses for humans, there are still limited ways to keep our dogs hydrated when we’re out and about. PETKIT’s Dog Water Bottle is the perfect solution, holding 14oz of water in a leak-proof compartment, featuring a built-in carbon filter that utilizes coconut fiber extracts to absorb impurities and remove chlorine. The one-touch system pours water into the concave cap that’s shaped perfectly to fit the average drinking motion of a dog’s tongue.

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

Washing your pet can be a treacherous task, sometimes requiring an extra person there just to get the job done. And if you’re washing them all alone, you’ll need as many free hands as possible. The Aquapaw is a device that allows you to attach a sprayer and scrubber to your hand while keeping your fingers and thumb free. This tool straps to your hand and connects to your water supply, enabling you to turn it on and off with ease just by making a fist to press the button in the middle of your palm.

AOLIGY Automatic Cat Laser

A laser pointer is one of the best ways to keep your cat busy. And we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t enjoyable for us as well. Now, you can watch your feline friend try and fail to catch the little red dot without having to do all the work yourself. The AOLIGY Automatic Cat Laser features adjustable circling ranges and speeds, with a 360-degree rotation (the higher you put it, the farther the laser shoots). It stays on for 15 minutes at a time before turning off and then turns back on automatically every 90 minutes.

Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Ball Launcher

Ah, the age-old game of fetch: endlessly fun for our dogs and only temporarily fun for us. Enter the Hyper Pet K9 Kannon, a device that’s able to launch the brand’s proprietary tennis balls — made of grade A rubber so it’s safe for dogs’ teeth — up to 75ft! What’s more, when your pup returns with the slimy ball, you’re able to pick it back up with the front of the gun itself, which also helps prevent any injury from constantly bending over. The Kannon has a lever to change the throwing distance and can store a second ball next to the trigger.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

We can act like dogs all we want, but seeing things from our furry friends’ perspectives is invaluable. The GoPro Fetch allows us to do just that. Fitting canines from 20 to 120lbs, it’s a harness that can mount a GoPro action camera onto either the chest or the back of your dog and can be adjusted for smaller breeds as well. Equipped with enough padding to ensure a comfortable fit, the Fetch is also washable and waterproof for aqueous activities.

Whistle Health

Obviously, our dogs are unable to communicate verbally how they’re feeling. We look for signs of happiness, sadness, or even illness. But how specifically can we interpret those behaviors, really? Whistle’s Health Dog Tracker works in a similar way that modern wearables can track our own health. Monitoring every little behavior and activity, such as fluctuations in licking, scratching, eating, drinking, and sleeping, among others, the tracker provides AI-informed insights about your pup’s wellbeing.

FollowPaw AirTag Collar

Since launching last year, Apple’s AirTag has helped us keep track of our phones, wallets, and animals. Pet gear brands followed suit, creating collars and harnesses that securely keep these small chips safe and sound inside. Among the best is the collar from FollowPaw, a European brand that caters well to tech-loving pet owners. Made from locally-sourced renewable materials like cork leather, the water-resistant collar keeps the chip in a slip-free hidden compartment and is made to withstand biting from even the most rambunctuous pet.

Arf Pets Smart Automatic Pet Feeder with Wi-Fi

Getting awakened by a hungry cat or dog is a nuisance at any time of the early morning. Arf Pets’ Smart Automatic Pet Feeder with Wi-Fi lets you give your animals’ food without you needing to be home — or awake — at all. The feeding scheduler works great whenever you’re out of commission and if you’re out of the house you can supply food straight from your phone. Likewise, you can program your voice into the device to call out to your pet when it’s time for a meal, and the convenient smartphone app logs past feedings.

Petcube Bites 2 Lite

Petcube’s Bites 2 Lite is more capable than most high-end baby monitors. The brand’s mid-range model is your best best when balancing price and function, giving you a 160-degree viewing angle of your pet on an HD 1080p screen whether you’re in another room or another city. The interactive system doubles as a two-way communication device and a remote treat dispenser to your dog or cat right from your smartphone app.

Whisker Litter-Robot 3

Easily the worst part about owning a cat is cleaning up their litter box daily. With Whisker’s Litter-Robot 3, it’s like you’ve stepped into the future. Equipped with a stepped ramp leading up to it, this self-cleaning poop box is compatible with any clumping litter and uses a patented sifting system that only requires you to empty the waste bin when it’s full. Whisker’s phone app also notifies you when the box is full and gives you statistics on your feline’s bathroom habits. 


It’s never fun to see your dog anxious. ZenCrate provides the intuitive calm he or she will need during times when they’re alone or if there’s a lot of commotion outside the house. This Wi-Fi-enabled sound-dampening box detects when your dog is inside and triggers calming white noise, light breezes, and/or curated playlists. The floor also absorbs vibrations from fireworks, loud music, or cars driving by.

iRobot Roomba j7+

You don’t have to own a pet to own a Roomba, yet the proprietary eponym from iRobot is your best bet to get the job done. The j7+ is the brand’s upper-mid-range model with the optimal capabilities for pet owners to pick up hair, all while avoiding things like poop and urine, among other objects. You can also tailor the robot’s schedule and map out its cleaning grid to evade rooms you don’t need cleaned. Once it’s full, this Roomba will empty itself into a built-in enclosed bag system at its hub.

myQ Pet Portal

Install a doggy door that prevents strangers and stray critters from getting inside your house. The electronic Pet Portal from myQ reads a Bluetooth signal that’s activated by your dog or cat’s collar when it’s nearby. Like an elevator door, it then opens up to let your pet in or out. You can configure the Portal via the app and set it to “automatic” or “by request” depending on how much autonomy you want to give your four-legged family member. Likewise, this door replacement is useful for people who want to keep only one of their pets indoors while letting the other go outside. 

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