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The 6 Best Outdoor TVs to Buy in 2023

Photo: Seura Full Sun Series TV

Once upon a time, the thought of placing a TV outside for year-round viewing was considered a form of self-sabotage. Nowadays, tech manufacturers are beyond recognizant what it’s like to bask in the summer sun and watch your favorite content, be it sports, movies, or TV shows. As a result, outdoor televisions have grown increasingly popular for several reasons, which is why we were surprised to see such a scarcity of them on the market. Regardless, that didn’t deter us from narrowing down the best models available.

Whether you want to emulate a home theater experience in your backyard or watch the season opener without taking an eye off the grill, outdoor televisions could come in handy in several ways. And while they have proven to be convenient for many, there is a severe scarcity of options across the market. As a result, we figured to do the limited selection justice by compiling a guide of the best outdoor TVs to add to your home.

What Qualifies As An Outdoor TV?

Features To Look For

IP Rating: Whether it’s earbuds, smartphones, or, in this case, TVs, IP ratings play an integral role in the gadgets we buy these days — after all, we can’t read mother nature’s mind, which is why manufacturers have churned out products resistant to weather-based wear-and-tear. Ideally, an IP54 rating is the bare minimum spec you need with an outdoor TV. This protects your television from dust contamination and water from any direction. And while your current television likely doesn’t grant you that type of indoor-outdoor versatility, this is a primary factor to consider when moving your viewing party to the backyard.

Temperature Resistance: While you want your television to withstand the unpredictability of a rain-or-snow storm, it’s integral to account for its ability to tackle tepid summer days. As a result, solid temperature resistance is a vital factor to keep in mind, especially if you plan on leaving the television uncovered. Modern LED TVs typically have an operating range of 0-92°F, while the options that appear on our list work in conditions as high as 122°F. and as low as -22°F.

Maximum Brightness: Realistically, this is only important if you’ll be spending time watching television during the day. But with football season on the prowl, it’s safe to expect many will partake in some afternoon viewing. With that in mind, try to find anything that has 700 nits and above, whereas the average indoor TV only goes as high as 550 nits. If you’re willing to spend top dollar on this outdoor gadget, 2,500 nits are as high as it can get.

Furrion Aurora Full Shade Outdoor 4K TV

This IP54-rated television withstands rain, snow, UV rays, humidity, and more, deeming it a great (and affordable) place to start when seeking an outdoor TV. It also features Climatesmart tech to ensure it will bode well in extreme temperatures. Brightness-wise, its 400-nits may pale in comparison to more premium outdoor options on the market, but it is still up to 70% higher than the standard indoor model. It even comes equipped with an IP67-rated remote control, assuring it’ll remain intact in case someone drops it in the pool.

Purchase: $899+

Element Partial Sun Outdoor Roku Smart TV

The main draw of Element’s take on the outdoor TV is its built-in Roku platform, allowing you to do away with pesky cables and keep things streamlined with a single remote. Aside from that, its specs parallel the standard weatherproof TV, including an operating temperature range of -4°F-104°F, anti-glare tech to diminish sunlight, and IP55-rated casing to ensure protection against everything from condensation to thunderstorms and high humidity to towering snow. As far as brightness goes, it boasts 700 nits, so you’ll be able to see just fine.

Purchase: $1,298

SunBriteTV Outdoor 4K TV

With this option, the name truly says it all. SunBriteTV claims that its Veranda line of TVs is ideal for outdoor venues with a bit of shade but can still take on treacherous forecasts thanks to its powder-coated aluminum casing and interior components. Additionally, it features an impressive array of built-in, down-firing 20-watt speakers that result in an immersive soundscape — just make sure not to disrupt your neighbors. Temperature-wise, it can operate in frigid conditions as low as -24°F and as high as 104° F.

Purchase: $1,659+

Peerless-AV Neptune Shade Series 4K TV

Peerless-AV’s TV has an operating temperature range of -22°F to 122°F, assuring that it can withstand extreme forecasts that would likely convince you to stay inside. The IP54-rated Neptune ShadeSeries is ideal for gamers thanks to its rapid-fire refresh rate of 60Hz but will make anything more cinematic thanks to its IPS panel, which paves the way for accurate color representation. Moreover, its 10-bit color depth translates to over a billion different shades, assuring you’re getting the purest picture every time.

Purchase: $2,400

Samsung The Terrace Series QLED 4K TV

Of all the manufacturers that appear here, it’s no question that Samsung is the most popular. The Terrace boasts a crisp QLED 4K display with anti-glare, an eye-popping 2,000+ nit brightness level, and an IP55 rating, so it’s resistant to water and any dust that might cloud your outdoor viewing experience. It is available in a trio of configurations — 55-inches, 65-inches, and 75-inches — that will add some liveliness to your backyard in no time.

Purchase: $3,500+

Seura Full Sun Series 4K HDR Weatherproof TV

The almighty Seura Full Sun Series sits head-and-shoulders above its outdoor-centric competition. It boasts an impressive IP55 waterproof rating, a sprawling temperature range of  -40° F to 140° F, and packs a whopping 2,000 nits to deliver nothing short of the best picture possible. Séura’s proprietary heating and cooling systems allow this high-end 4K TV to operate as intended in all circumstances. And while you can buy a more traditional 50-or-60-inch option, it even comes available in a massive 85-inch configuration for anyone looking to re-create a movie theater.

Purchase: $7,299+

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