Best Nail Clippers For Men

Nail clippers are not sexy or exciting pieces of gear. We’ll be the first to admit that. But they sure are important. You could be freshly shaved, have on cologne, and be sporting a nice new fit – but if you have unseemly long or chipped fingernails, it won’t be your clothes that people will notice or remember about you.

Keeping your nails clipped isn’t all about looks. If you’re at all athletic you know how risky it can be to run onto the field or head into the gym with long fingernails. Things can get caught. Things can get cut. No one wants that. The best way to avoid it? Keep a solid pair of clippers in your medicine cabinet or dopp kit. And because the last thing any of us want to do is spend too much of our mental energy thinking or worrying about nail clippers, it is best you buy yourself a sturdy pair, use them regularly, and never have to replace them. To help you out on that front, we’ve taken the time to pick out what we think are the best nail clippers for men. Whether you are looking for the best of the best, or maybe want to splurge a little bit, we have the best clippers for you right here. Buy them, use them, never worry about unkempt nails again.

victorinox nail clippers 3

Swiss Army Victorinox Clippers

Victorinox has been making foldable, multipurpose tools for a long long time. Founded in 1884 in Switzerland, they began as a company focused on providing the Swiss military with reliable knives and tools, and as their reputation grew – their products became coveted by everyone from those in the military to Boy Scouts here in the states looking to whittle sticks and fight imaginary battles.

Affordability: This clipper produced by the company, still based in Ibach, Switzerland, exhibits all of the same qualities that helped build their reputation. First and foremost, this clipper is affordable. Like we mentioned in the introduction to this post – nail clippers are far from the sexiest pieces of gear. Justifying spending a whole lot of money on something that rarely sees the light of day outside when it is placed on your bathroom sink can be difficult for some folks – us included. A $15 dollar price point feels like a reasonable amount to spend on something you’ll use weekly for years and years.Which brings us to our second point about this pair of nail clippers.

Reliability : You aren’t going to spend $15 twice with this pair of nail clippers. Made from stainless steel and featuring well aligned sharp blades and a fold out file, they have lasted us years, and from the accounts we’ve heard from peers and read on reviews – they’ve even lasted others decades. We feel confident saying that when you purchase a pair of these, you can rely on them to keep your nails short without fail for as long as you are willing to take care of them.

Design : Finally, we’re a sucker for the design of these nail clippers. Just as large as your average sized Swiss Army Knife, they take up little to no room in your dopp kit or on your shelf in the medicine cabinet. Much like the famous knives by the same makers, this guy features lever that when propped up reveals a foldout nail file. We’ve never been ones to use nail files that often, and you may not be either, but you never know when you may want to change your last name to MacGyver and file your way to escape.

Purchase: $15

Honorable Mentions

kiya clippers

Kiya Black Steel Nail Clippers

It’s hard not to give some love to this little pair of clippers from Kiya. The Japanese company has a knack for well designed and tough knives, kitchenware, and little tools like this nail clipper. The classic design paired with razor sharp blades make cutting your nails down at the beginning of the week quick work. Oh yeah. And we’d be lying if we didn’t say that we are just suckers for the all blacked out look. Yet that doesn’t quite make them the best for finding in the depths of your dopp kit.

Purchase: $20

Zwilling Clippers

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Slim Nail Clipper

This pair of nail clippers are worth shining some light on for a couple of reasons. First, they appeal to the design and engineering nerds in us. These incredibly thin clippers feature a really cool fold out leaver for operating the blades, making it great for easy transport. Secondly – Zwilling – like our two previous picks – knows how to make a knife. Like, really knows. We trust their brand and the sharpness of their blades. In the end, however, the price leaves us admirers, not owners.

Purchase: $35

Klhip Nail Clippers 1

Klhip Clippers

This is for you, person who scrolled directly to the end of the post to see how expensive the most expensive pick would be. Introducing the Klhip “ultimate clipper”.

This thing has all that a designer or engineering nerd would want out of a nail clipper, including a handmade leather carrying case. Most notable is the unique and award winning (2012 Wallpaper Design Awards) design of the thing. The one of a kind construction is intended to give users a better grip and more leverage on the tool when in use. We’ve all had, at one point or another, struggled with poorly designed or thin nail clippers. This is built to avoid that issue completely.

Along with this best in class design, every part of the Klhip is made from a tough and sturdy 440C surgical grade steel. While most other clippers make use of hardware that isn’t quite as strong or reliable as 440C, Klhip uses a special Metal Injection Molding process at a plant in Seki, Japan to ensure that every part of their product is tough and built to last. These aren’t just empty promises on Klhip’s part. The company stands by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don’t like it? Send it back. For some, that may take out the sting of the high asking prices. For us? There are a lot of other very important and adult things we’d like to do with $75. Y’know. Like paying bills. And stuff.

Purchase: $75