Best Movies Ever: The Ultimate Men’s Movie Library

We’ve seen a lot of movies. Like, a lot of movies. And to be honest, ya know, most of them fall into the “Ehh, it was OK I guess,” category. But frankly, that’s not good enough. That’s not good enough for two hours of our time, it’s not good enough for $10 of our money, and it’s certainly not good enough for us to recommend to you, respected reader.

But every once in a while a movie sticks with us well past the theater… well past the eject button… well past the Netflix return to the main menu. That’s when we remember the immense power that films are capable of. We’re talking about the ones that you can’t stop thinking and talking about. The films that resonate with you for decades. The best of the best.

Whether you’re in the mood for a white-knuckled horror flick, a tear-draining drama, or a spleen-busting comedy, this is your headquarters for movie excellence. We’ve handpicked a selection of our favorite films across a wide array of genres that are sure to satisfy you the next time you’re inevitably paralyzed by the movie-picking process. Fear not, only quality awaits you behind these doors. Welcome to the Men’s Movie Library.

Best Horror Movies

Horror Movies
The rules for creating a list of the 50 best horror movies could certainly be tricky. Like, what constitutes a horror film, exactly? Is a body count or buckets of blood a necessity? In our humble opinion, no. Just one thing: fear. In coming up with our favorites we focused on the movies that left permanent fear scars on us. And not just us; most of these films have left a lasting impact on American or worldwide culture as well. While some of them will still rattle your senses and get your palms sweatier than a New York City waiter, we’ll admit others on this list have understandably lost some of their fangs over the years, no doubt due to the sequels, spoofs, outdated effects, and an overfamiliarity with them in general. Remember: fear lies in the unknown. Regardless, each one of these films is a true horror classic in its own unique way. All that’s left for you to do is dim the lights and prepare to scream. Read More >>

Best Action Movies

Action Movies
The action represents one of man’s greatest outlets for escapism. Would we really ever wanna take part in a bloody shootout or a bare-knuckled brawl against an onslaught of henchmen? Hell no. But in the action movie, we get to see Stallone, Arnold, Willis or whoever our badass protagonist is wipe out a squad of baddies with breathtaking pizzazz, leaving our most primal itches firmly scratched. Our list of the best action movies includes a heaping helpful of superhero flicks and a don of hybrid genres, like action-adventure, action-comedy, action-drama, or and even some sci-fi movies that seemed tailor-made for landing on this list. Once we sorted things out, we were left with the following 50 testosterone-fueled films as the kings of their respective hills. Now walk away from that explosion and enjoy our list of the 50 greatest action movies of all time. Read More >>

Best Sci-Fi Movies

Sci-Fi Movies
To some, the term “geek” is one to run from. Not us. When it comes to the world of science fiction and fantasy movies, we strive for the highest plane of geekdom in the universe. From Buck Rogers to Blade Runner, men have always had an insatiable desire for stories set in fantastic worlds, even before Hollywood had discovered a way to create them. While technology now enables us to seamlessly transport ourselves into these realms, there are still some golden oldies that never fail to mesmerize. In making this list, we decided to bypass movies featuring superheroes, minimize the monster movie count, and allow for as many sequels as necessary from deserving franchises (aka the Star Wars rule). If you’re ready to use The Force and find the preciousss, it’s time to check out our list of the 50 greatest sci-fi/fantasy movies of all time. Read More >>

Best Documentaries

While we usually look to movies to take us away from it all, sometimes we don’t want aliens and explosions. Sometimes – despite whether Jack Nicholson thinks we can handle it – we just want the truth. When we want real life, we turn to the documentary.
Of course not all documentaries swear to tell the whole truth, but the best ones stay close to the facts while opening your eyes, educating you, motivating you, maybe even inspiring you to take action. In most cases, a documentary can only be as good as its subject matter. But in making this list, we realized that sometimes, when a skilled filmmaker is behind the lens, even PBS pledge drive-dull topics can be turned into riveting features. We decided to only allow films that were released in theaters, so that meant leaving off such worthy efforts as Planet Earth, 9/11, The World at War, everything from ESPN’s 30 for 30 series, and The Civil War. If you’re ready to see why the truth sometimes kicks the ass of fiction, investigate our list of the 50 best documentary films of all time. Read More >>

Best Comedies

Comedy, as they say, is hard. Some people go for slapstick, some people want bone-dry sarcasm, and many people are easily offended. So ranking the 50 best comedy films of all time is tough too. Because while all humans can agree that an ax-wielding weirdo is frightening, but for some reason we can’t all agree on the comedic brilliance of Will Ferrell. In creating this list, we had to acknowledge some of the trailblazers of funny films, such as Charlie Chaplin and Abbott and Costello, as well as the films that are fresher in our minds. Whether your tastes are outrageous or subtly offbeat, we’ve compiled a killer collection of comedies to check out. If you’re to laugh, lube up that funny bone and enjoy our list of the 50 best comedy movies of all time. Read More >>

Best Romance Movies

Romance Movies
Yeah yeah, we know… this is perhaps man’s most hated film genre of them all. And with good reason. Romantic movies, and especially romantic comedies, are usually some of the most formulaic fluff balls one can commit to for two hours. See? Another sign that we’re afraid of commitment. But despite the oversaturation of Hugh Grant, we recognize that romance movies have a place in this world. For starters, women seem to like them, and we like women, so… But yes, occasionally our ice-cold hearts can get thawed out by a love story, and if features some other compelling aspects, like say, the war-time tension of Casablanca or the laughs found in The Princess Bride, then we’re fully on-board. If you’re ready to soften things up a bit and explore your tender side, embrace our list of the 50 best romance movies of all time. Read More >>

Best Family Movies

Family Movies
When life is bearing down on you and treating you cold, perhaps one of the best ways to warm the cockles of your heart is with a family movie; the kind you can watch with both grandma and your little nephew and still look them straight in the eyes after.
In compiling this list, it was no surprise to see Disney films so dominantly represented, but we were unnerved when we realized we had no idea who had directed most of their animated classics. Sure, they’re not working with real actors, but shouldn’t someone somewhere know who was say, behind Aladdin? (Ron Clements and John Musker, btw.) The great thing about family movies is, even if you don’t have kids of your own, the good ones will still leave you feeling warm and fuzzy for days to follow. Check out our list of the 50 best family movies of all time, and prepare to feel good. Read More >>

Best Dramas

Regardless of TNT’s throwaway slogan, we can officially we are the ones who know drama. Because when it comes to movies, we classify everything from plot-heavy war movies and dialogue-filled mob movies, to biopics and sweeping Oscar-worthy epics as dramas. And much of those are right in our movie-watching kitchen. Drama is the heavyweight genre. Superheroes (despite the greatness of The Dark Knight), slapstick and sci-fi settings need not apply. These are the dense, emotional, and powerful pictures that stay with you long after you leave the theater. So with apologies to your mama, please, save the drama for us. We eat it up. And here’s our menu of the 50 best drama movies of all time. Read More >>

Best Sports Movies

Sports Movies
Why do watch sports? For the unknown. We never know when someone will throw a no-hitter or run one back from their end zone, and it’s that unpredictable drama that draws us in. But with unpredictability often comes heartbreak, as even the best teams lose more often than their fans would like. And that’s where sports movies come in. These are the underdog stories that almost never let you down. That doesn’t mean the little guy always wins (Rocky, anyone?), though; in fact, some of the best films on this list feature close-but-no-cigar endings that still manage to raise our spirits. As long as you’re OK with some clichés and the occasional actor who clearly never dribbled a basketball in his life, you’re almost always gonna wind up more satisfied than watching your local .500% sports team. So dive into our list of the 25 best sports movies of all time, and go for the guaranteed win. Read More >>

Best Thrillers

The feeling that a top-notch superb thriller leaves you with is unmistakable. Your pulse quickens. Your palms sweat. And it’s not until the movie is over that your back and shoulders have been clenched for the past two hours. The best thrillers of all time – or, as we almost could’ve called it, “Alfred Hitchcock’s Best Films and a Couple of Other Ones by Other People” – all share that same ability to ratchet up the tension and leave your stomach swirling. Making the call on what’s suspense and what’s horror was tough in a few cases, so that’s why you won’t find Psycho, The Birds, Jaws, Alien, and a few others here but instead on our list of the best horror movies. But if you’re looking for spine-tingling, nail-biting, sweat-making movies, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our list of the 25 best suspense movies of all time. Read More >>

Best Western Movies

Western Movies
The heyday of Westerns may have come and gone, but it’s hard not to have a wagonload of respect for the movies that our fathers and grandfathers grew up on, whether it was John Wayne going over-the-top as the tough guy Gary Cooper playing it a bit more mellow. The hallmarks of Westerns – shootouts, bad guys in black, and the occasional conflicted protagonist struggling to find his moral compass – can often add up to a rousing motion picture, but in making this list it became clear that the era of reliable great Westerns has already rode off into the sunset. No matter, these movies will always represent a time when good vs. evil was decided by a six shooter. If you don’t mind a little dust on your tumbleweeds, saddle on up to our list of the 25 best Western movies of all time. Read More >>

Best Gangster Movies

Gangster Movies
From the time we were wee tots, most of us strived to be the hero. The man who saved the day. The good guy. But at some point in our adolescence, we began to see the appeal of being bad. And nothing brings out the dark side like a good gangster movie. In the days before we could be a virtual gangster with games like Grand Theft Auto, watching James Cagney wield his ruthless power was as close as we could get to enjoying the fruits of a criminal life. If names like Pacino, De Niro, and Scorcese get your movie juices flowing, you – like us – are a gangster movie guru. And now, an offer that you can, but probably shouldn’t refuse: our list of the 25 best gangster movies of all time. Read More >>

Best Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies
With the shameless bombardment of advertising and way-too-early store displays each year, it’d be quite understandable if you forgot the whole “peace on Earth and goodwill towards men” aspect of Christmas each year. Fortunately, the magic of the season is always just a movie away. Like a cup of cocoa, a classic holiday movie can soothe the soul and rekindle those feelings you used to have all the time as a youngster. They never truly leave you, they just get buried under piles of grownup concerns and cynicism. Despite our undying love for Rudolph, Frosty, and Charlie Brown, our list focuses solely on movies that were released in theaters. Now, if you’re ready to deck the halls with us, you’re ready for our list of the 25 best Christmas movies of all time. Read More >>