Ride Along: 10 Essential Apps For Motorcyclists

If you’re a motorcyclist, it goes without saying that the thrill of the ride, the brush of the wind, and the expectation of next week’s journey are what keep you going — pushing through the workweek for that next adrenaline-filled getaway. And while a mobile device might be the last thing you want to be worrying about on your sacred weekend excursion on the open road, they’ve become something of a necessity for those who want to plan their trip, keep track of different expenditures, and contribute to a like-minded motorcycling community. After all, there’s nothing quite like sharing a story revolving around your latest exploits with a good group of friends — and with so many community-oriented motorcycle riders out there, we’re willing to bet that a few of them rely on some of the industry’s most notable apps to keep in touch.

No, these apps aren’t quite the Facebook of the motorcycling world, but they’re pretty close — allowing riders to track, map, plan, and throttle their way toward a healthy relationship within the expanding genre of pavement-pounding sleds. We’ve compiled a list of essential apps that every motorcyclist should have, regardless of whether you’re a racer, a cruiser, or a hobbyist who enjoys keeping up with the latest-and-greatest rides in your immediate area. Below, we’ll cover everything from community-oriented tracking apps, all the way to camping and lodging applications that’ll help you plan your next big journey — so strap on a helmet, let the clutch out slowly, and make sure that you utilize at least one of these trusty companions on your weekly ride.


While Eat Sleep Ride might be one of the premiere social apps for motorcyclists, Waze steps in to claim the title of the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. This companion program is touted by a number of motorcycle blogs as one of the best real-time navigators to help you beat the morning rush. It’s also been developed by and for drivers — utilizing reports and routes utilized by car and motorcycle drivers alike. With an ecosystem so large, and through accurate data being reported from a number of sources, motorcycle commuters are sure to benefit from Waze just as much as any other commuter.

Purchase: Free

Diablo Super Biker

This free app from Pirelli tracks your most valuable information, from accurate lean angle calculation, the center of mass of your bike, tire width, maximum acceleration, measurement of gravitational acceleration, and calculation of altitude, all the way to the detection of weather conditions (temperature and atmospheric pressure). If all that science isn’t enough to quench your thirst for hard-line statistics, the app can also evaluate the type of asphalt you’ve been traveling on during your route, with greater accuracy and the ability to handle long periods of no network coverage.

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Gas Buddy

While Gas Buddy is aimed at a wide variety of motorists, it’s especially useful for motorcycle riders who want to keep track of the best locations to fill up after a long journey. The app utilizes a huge community of drivers and riders to report prices, leave and read station reviews, and compete in challenges to win gas cards in giveaways. If you pay for your gas through the app, it provides you with discounted rates, helps you to find discounted parking areas, and keeps you up-to-date with ever-shifting prices.

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Rever is yet another social app that helps motorcycle riders discover the best places to ride, create and track their own custom routes, and stay up-to-date with their friends through a shared experience interface. The app features a sleek design and offline mapping that’s available with a $4/month premium subscription, as well as group creation, in-app planning, and a number of other options for utilization without a phone signal.

Purchase: Free (w/ In-App Subscription)

Eat Sleep Ride

Eat Sleep Ride is a must-have companion for any motorcyclist, boasting one of the biggest communities of connoisseurs from around the globe. While it’s been marketed as a GPS app that provides social community aspects to riders everywhere, ride tracking and safety amenities are also thrown into the mix for a hodge-podge of utility. You can track your rides without a data plan, discover new routes to take via other motorcyclists, and create private ride groups to keep track of your friends. With the paid variant of the app, you’ll be able to visualize your data and opt into CRASHLIGHT (which tracks collisions and other emergency situations for $14.99/mo).

Purchase: Free (w/ In-App Subscription)


As another tried and true community-oriented app, Riser caters to the modern motorcycle rider by providing expert tips for your next big ride — recommending remote places to check out, allowing you to document your trip, and share your experiences with like-minded people. The app helps to cut out the time-consuming aspect of planning your route and lets you make the most of your time by catering your journeys to your riding style. You can tag locations where interesting things happened, add your own input via the expansive community sharing options, and inspire other riders to get out on the open road.

Purchase: Free (w/ In-App Subscription)


Although this is the blandest app on the list, it’s essential for those who want to keep track of their service, mileage, finance payments, MOT, taxes, and fuel costs without having to lug around a hefty binder full of receipts, invoices, and other nuisances. It even allows you to scan documents like your finance agreement/insurance certificate for easy access while on the road and gives you a one-stop shop for quick, painless referencing, should you ever feel the need to access such information.

Purchase: Free (w/ In-App Subscription)

Dark Sky

This app’s claim to fame is a complete, accurate presentation of hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, riders are notified of when inclement weather will show its menacing face, when rain will start or stop, and what their favorite commute will look like, days in advance. Proving a hyper-detailed real-time weather map that shows you where things get might get rough, Dark Sky is an irreplaceable companion that’ll keep you out of harm’s way.

Purchase: $4

Best Biking Roads

While this app does the same thing as most other GPS and tracking apps, it stands on its own as a viable alternative thanks to its ease of use, exceptionally designed interface, and the ability to find new routes based on your preferences. Best Biking Roads is an intuitive interfacing app that shows motorcycle routes near to your current location — allowing you to filter routes by country, region, or text, and allows its users to add new roads easily, should they find them shareworthy. As a final touch, the app allows users to review existing routes that they’ve already taken and add comments for future expeditions.

Purchase: $4

Camp & RV

If you’re out on the open road, it can be stressful to figure out where you’re going to stay for the night. Camp & RV hopes to remedy that, allowing riders to find and filter locations and services with (or without) internet. Whether you’re looking for spots to pitch a tent, RV resorts, parking lots, fuel stations, rest areas, repairs, tunnels, and even inclines, this app hosts an expansive database of information that keeps you up to date and worry-free. Extensive filters and thousands of points unique to the app provide you with a slew of options that might not be available otherwise — and for a one-time price, you get the all of the above, plus free updates for as long as the app stays running.

Purchase: $10

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