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Sultry Scents: 15 Best Summer Colognes

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the upcoming summer season. Warmer weather, longer days, beach vacations, and even romance. Now, while enjoyment of the former can be accomplished without the assistance of others, we all know that it does, in fact, take two to tango as the saying goes. However, this may be a bit tougher to achieve if your personal hygiene isn’t in check.

It’s for this reason, in particular, we not only suggest keeping yourself spick and span as much as possible but work to offer a little something extra from time to time. And while dousing yourself in aggressive cologne is never a good idea, slightly noticeable subtleties of scent can go along way in impressing whoever you’re hoping to impress – ask any woman and she’ll be quick to agree. So, with that in mind, it could be worth your while to upgrade to a seasonally-appropriate scent for those summer evenings around town – for you never know what the right aroma can trigger.

Upstate Stock Ferris Lake Cologne

No secrets here. Upstate Stock’s Ferris Lake solid cologne takes inspiration from summer mornings at the lakehouse. Naturally, it’s their brightest scent yet thanks to a blend of jasmine and vetiver to help awaken and stimulate the senses. Ideal for curbing that late night feeling which too often bleeds into the next day.

Purchase: $18

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne

Not only offering soap for men who wish to smell like they mean business, Land is a solid cologne from Duke Cannon that exudes masculinity thanks to the warm notes of sandalwood, amber, citrus, clove, and rosemary. The end result is a summer cologne that leaves you “smelling like a walk through the Great Northwest, not a high school dance,” as they put it.

Purchase: $25

Elizabeth Vetiver Eau De Parfum

Hand-blended scents are always a positive sign in the world of cologne. For one, it demonstrates attention to detail. Second, it results in slight variations in each batch – especially when those batches are small and only occasionally released. Such is the case with this cologne from Elizabeth W, which is crafted to blend with the body’s natural chemistry to produce an earthy, woody, and slight citrusy scent that exhumes confidence.

Purchase: $45


In case you’re stuck deciding on what cologne works best, let the experienced minds over a Hawthorne do the thinking for you. It’s all thanks to their personalized experience that caters to your individual personality traits, work environment, social habits and even your style. What’s not to like? Each offering also comes complete with both a “work” and “play” version for good measure.

Purchase: $50

Paul Smith Essential

Simple, masculine, clean, yet versatile in practice, Paul Smith’s Essential cologne is a go-to option for those looking to keep things as simple as possible without raising too many eyebrows. Here, it’s subtleties that make the statement, not the scent itself – composed of fresh notes of yuzu, rosemary, and Clary sage that complement base notes of cedarwood; giving those who sport this summer cologne the upper hand.

Purchase: $51

Fulton & Roark Palmetto

Offering subtle hints of Brazilian Pepper, Cedarwood, and Magnolia, this delicately balanced solid cologne is both warm and welcoming to those who encounter it. Palmetto also shrouds the wearer in a cloak of mystery as well – making it ideal for those balmy spring and summer evenings thanks to lingering notes of light incense and cedar.

Purchase: $52

Ralph Lauren Safari

Despite their department store reputation, Ralph Lauren really does produce a fine cologne. This one, in particular, aptly dubbed “Safari” boasts an exotic medley of warm woods in congruence with sparkling citrus notes paired with that of clover, lavender, and vetiver. The combination of which will have you smelling like a warm evening on the golf course after a summer shower.

Purchase: $62

Yves Saint Laurent L’homme

Just like any other fragrance out there, each application works to tell a story. In the case of this offering, that story is introduced as an intense refreshing experience before revealing a deeper character marked by both floral and vibrant spicy notes before transitioning yet again to more woody notes for additional warmth.

Purchase: $63

John Varvatos Artisan Pure

Possibly the most unique offering in the list, this masculine scent takes its inspiration from the lush hills of Xalapa, Mexico and the vast coffee and citrus groves that populate the landscape. Picture Spanish lemon, Valencia orange, cedarwood, tonka bean, and coffee tree flower among other pleasant notes in this attractive eau de toilette.

Purchase: $69+

Tom Ford Noir

Tom Ford is a lux name that rarely – if ever disappoints. Their Noir EDT cologne is no different, thanks in part to a composition of pure citrus oils and herbal notes that hint at carnal sensuality beneath a subtle surface of attention. Dynamic, fresh and energizing. Need we say more?

Purchase: $75

Aesop Marrakech

With woody, oriental and fresh floral notes, it’s hard not to immediately appreciate what Aesop has to offer here with their Marrakech cologne. An ideal summer offering indeed, it’s this likes of clove, sandalwood, and cardamom that take center stage and keep your audience entertained.

Purchase: $85

Amazinggreen Eau de Parfum

Sometimes, it’s okay to judge a book by its cover. Such is the case with the sleekly-designed rich green fragrance that boasts both freshness and depth in it aromatic composition. We’re talking notes of palm, mist, green pepper, ivy, orris, and coriander. All the while, a bit of smoke and must provide a pleasant earthy base to the whole experience.

Purchase: $131

Diptyque Do Son Eau de Parfum

Influenced by one of the founder’s childhood summers at the coast, the floral, orange blossom, and jasmine notes contained within this refined cologne work to capture those brilliant summer days by the sea. Its delicate yet persistence nature elegantly personifies misty mornings in coastal Indochina – exactly what Do Son hopes to impart.

Purchase: $165

Creed Virgin Island Water

If your vision of a summer scent harnesses the open tropical waters of the Caribbean, Creed’s Virgin Island Water could be the seasonal scent of choice this summer. Influenced by the trade winds of tropical archipelagos, notes of soft coconut, ylang-ylang flowers, and green lime juice impart a temporary transport to paradise with every encounter.

Purchase: $270

Le Labo Neroli 36

Another name for the Orange Blossom, it’s quite clear what Le Labo is working to accomplish with this attractive cologne. At its core, what we have is a light scent with a sunny floral character complemented by a warm base to work from. Expect notes of musk, mandarin orange, jasmine, vanilla and rose all working together for the greater good.

Purchase: $270

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