Cuffed: 10 Best Metal Bracelets For Men

Photo: Miansai

The little things matter. Whether in your relationships, work life, or something as fundamental as your diet – even the smallest of details can truly hold weight. The same applies for any guy’s outfit.

Throwing on some nice threads goes a long way, and for the most part, it is all anyone will expect of you. But if you are looking to add a bit of a personal touch and show a little bit more of who you are, sliding on an even a small unique accessory can make a big difference. One of our favorite pieces to add on to any outfit is a simple metal bracelet. They serve as a minimal, stand-out piece that effortlessly highlights a jacket or nice shirt. Thanks to the fact that they all come in so many different styles, materials, and prices just about anyone can find one that speaks to them and fits their personal style. Just take a look for yourself at our list of ten best metal bracelets for men and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Cause and Effect Thin Brass Bar

Made by Cause and Effect right here in the USA, this hammered brass cuff is an easy addition to any wrist. Featuring a naturally distressed texture that varies from piece to piece, a soft brassy color, and an adjustable sizing it serves as a perfect entry level piece.

Purchase: $40

Craighill Uniform Round Cuff

Decidedly more thick and uniform than other cuffs you’ll find on the market today, this 1/4 inch diameter solid cartridge brass bracelet comes in either small or large sizes. Outside of the brand’s stamp on the interior of the cuff, the metal bracelet also features a solid matte finish throughout.

Purchase: $48

Cause and Effect Twisted Copper Bracelet

A basic cuff with a little bit of detailing to make it pop, this hammered copper piece boasts a helical design along with its naturally patinated surface. Another great American made piece from Cause and Effect.

Purchase: $50

Studebaker Thompson Cuff

Forged from your choice of solid American brass, sterling silver, or pure copper, this 10mm wide and 3mm thick piece serves as a more substantial cuff. Whether with a t-shirt or a more formal getup – the Thompson will add a nice, unique touch.

Purchase: $58

Caputo and Co. Metal Cuff Bracelet

Minimalist. That is the approach Caputo and Co took with their Metal Cuff Bracelet. Made from a 1/4 inch width brass plate, it serves perfectly as an understated addition to your work outfit or more casual clothes.

Purchase: $65

Giles and Brother Railroad Spike Cuff Bracelet

The west was won one railroad spike at a time. Giles and Brother pay homage to the aggressive piece of hardware with their substantial brass bracelet that curves around the wrist.

Purchase: $95

Room101 Stainless Steel Bracelet

While most men’s metal bracelets simply slip on the wrist sans clasp, this one from Room101 features a stand-out pull screw closure that really sets it apart from the pack. The stainless steel 3/8ths of an inch thick bracelet features a smooth, reflective finish along its surface, and comes in a black or natural metallic colorway.

Purchase: $150

Miansai PVD-Plated Bracelet

A stand out piece from Miami-based brand Miansai. This PVD-Plated brass bracelet features a unique screw fastening closure system that, paired with the matte finish, has a truly unique look to it.

Purchase: $225

Caputo and Co Chunky Silver Chain Rope Bracelet

If thicker, inflexible pieces are not quite your style, this bracelet from Caputo and Co is worth a look. Made from sterling silver, it’s a hand woven rope chain that connects to itself via hook closure and hangs lightly around the wrist.

Purchase: $245

Tom Ford Twisted Gold-Tone Silver Cuff

A refined piece from Tom Ford, this twisted gold-tone silver cuff is detailed enough to grab attention yet not so large as to come across as gaudy. An ideal piece for daily wear whether in the office or out for the weekend.

Purchase: $650