Rad Pad: 35 Essentials For Every Man’s Home

Out of all the things you can do for yourself, spending the time to put together a home you actually enjoy spending time in may be among the most rewarding. Whether it’s an apartment or house, the care and attention you put into it are what makes it a home – a refuge where you can rest, relax, and entertain.

Of course, we understand that this process of making that newly leased apartment or fresh new house something other than just a floor plan and a monthly payment is hard. Even thinking about what it is you need to start out can sometimes be difficult to wrap your head around. So, to help you out, we put together a list of essentials for every man’s home. Whether you’re just getting settled after bouncing around city to city and job to job after college – or finally putting down roots with your family, we think our roundup of picks ranging from furniture to lighting, tech and more will spark great ideas and set you down the right path to getting the home you deserve.


Put Your Feet Up

People should expect more from their furniture. More than just passably doing the job of keeping you upright in a chair, seating your guests, or providing a surface on which to work – items like stand up desks, bed frames, and chairs can be incredibly expressive. Furniture can give a room character and can complement or contrast with one another when set up correctly. We went through and grabbed a few common types of furniture – reading chairs, coffee tables, desks, and more – to help illustrate a few different, more fun ways of doing things.

Mid-Century Bar Cart

Having a designated place to keep your collection of whiskeys, mixers, and glassware not only helps keep things more organized in the house – but it is great for when you have guests over. Simply take the higher-end bottles you’re not quite willing to share off the cart and into the cupboard and you’re good to go.

Purchase: $300

Industry West Catch Coffee Table

This brass frame coffee table features a recycled wood top and genuine buffalo leather catch for placing great magazines, books, and other reading material. The table comes in an all-black, or natural leather design and measures in at 40 inches wide by 15 inches deep and 15 inches high.

Purchase: $575

Drommen Acacia Bed

We can’t think of a better place to spend money than on your own bed. It’s where you spend at least a ¼ of your day – so you may as well go all in. This particular frame was designed by Jannis Ellenberger and made with solid acacia wood and an upholstered full-grain leather headboard.

Purchase: $1,300

Artifox Standing Desk 02

If you are going to work from home, you may as well do it well. And by that, we mean you should crack your laptop and punch the clock somewhere other than on your couch. Consider, instead, Artifox’s Standing Desk 02. Made from walnut and featuring a low-profile grid and dock system for organizing your cables and technology, it’s an ideal item for setting up a work-station.

Purchase: $1,590

Truss Sofa

The Truss sofa from RNK NYC is comfortable, attractive, and American-made. If you’re asking more from a couch, then you’re asking too much. Plus, this one comes with a lifetime guarantee and start-to-finish hand delivery.

Purchase: $3,650

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

We couldn’t have a furniture section and not include the Eames Lounge. One of the most iconic and enduring pieces of furniture designed and produced by Ray and Charles Eames, this reading chair fits perfectly in any home or apartment.

Purchase: $4,500


Bright Ideas

You know that IKEA floor lamp in the corner that’s been tilting more and more with each passing month? Yeah, well, we’re here to say that you deserve better than a flaccid lighting fixture. Whether you’re on the hunt for some table lamps, hanging lighting fixtures, or something to replace that vertically challenged thing you’ve kept around since college – you’ll find some bright ideas below.

Philips Hue White Smart Light Bulb

Smart home apps and virtual assistants are more powerful by leaps and bounds if you connect them to things like your home’s thermostat and lighting. Philips’ hue light bulbs do just that. Each energy star certified LED bulb can sync up to your Homekit or assistant – making it so you can change their hue with the accompanying app, or automate lighting to go on or off when you aren’t around.

Purchase: $100

Menlo Asterisk Ceiling Light

Looking for a fun lighting fixture above your kitchen or dining room table? This could be what you’ve been waiting for. The fixture features 9 separate light bulbs that all explode out from a single centerpoint – both providing ample lighting and a fun look.

Purchase: $150

TRNK JWDA Metallic Table Lamp

This desktop lamp designed by Jonas Wagell is inspired in large part by the old oil lamps of yesteryear. Of course, rather than being lit by a burning wick, this simple brushed brass lighting fixture features a lightbulb under its opaque cover. The cover makes for a soft, diffuse light that’s ideal for mood lighting or for working near.

Purchase: $200

Marble Floor Lamp

As much a sculpture as it is a floor lamp, this minimalist fixture from CB2 is a fun addition for the more artistically included. Designed by Ceci Thompson, the whole thing has a very deconstructed, industrial feel to it.

Purchase: $220


Wired Up

For better or worse, our homes are becoming much more wired up. Our thermostats are now more intuitive, as are our televisions, wireless speakers, and even virtual assistants. To help make sure your address or apartment number doesn’t get totally left behind, we pulled together a short list of some great picks ranging from a high-end TV to an old school turntable.

Google Home

Virtual assistants sound dumb until you get one. Then, it becomes hard to imagine not having one in your house. Google’s ‘Home’ speaker is among the best out there – not only does it boast solid audio quality, but it seamlessly integrates with Spotify, Google’s robust search, and much much more.

Purchase: $130

Apple TV 4K

Few common household items have changed more over the past few years than the television. How we watch movies, shows, and even home videos have become much more streamlined because of things like Apple TV. The device makes for much more seamless streaming of television, rental of movies, and more. An ideal grab for any house.

Purchase: $180+

Nest Thermostat

You know that old, tanned piece of plastic you fiddle with in order to get your A/C running? Well not only is it not that good looking, it is inefficient. Get a more accurate read on your home’s temperature and set up programmed heating and cooling with the Nest.

Purchase: $218

Pro-Ject Turntable

Not everything in your house has to be a totally high-end piece of tech. Things like turntables and old-school sound systems are just as welcome. One of our favorite turntables out there right now? Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon. It has an attractive black on black look, a heavy platter, and belt drive with synchronous motor.

Purchase: $400

Sonos Play:5

For those who are perfectly happy to leave vinyl in the past, there is the Sonos Play:5. The speaker streams over Wi-Fi and boasts a big, deep sound that fills any room with your music. But more than just sounding great, it can connect with Amazon Alexa and will soon connect via AirPlay as well.

Purchase: $500

Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar

Cinema-quality audio shouldn’t be relegated just to the local movie theater. Bring top-tier quality audio home with this great soundbar from Bose. The Red Dot award-winning bar not only sounds incredible but it looks great in your living room, too.

Purchase: $700

Samsung QLED TV

What is a great home theater setup without a top-tier television? This particular 4K Ultra HD QLed television from Samsung offers up an impressive array of color, fluid motion, and attractive 360-degree design.

Purchase: $800


Something Extra

No home is finished until you find those last bits to express more of a personal touch. Whether it’s a towel rack, a set of prints you’ve hung up on the wall, or a coffee table book or two – all go a long way to making the home feel more welcoming and making the space more personal. To help give you some ideas of what you might want to include, we pulled together a list of some of our office’s personal favorites to spark some ideas of your own.


Not all of us can afford to abandon our daily responsibilities and head out into the great unknown in cool cars. But some people can, and thankfully, they brought cameras with them. And not just to make a great van-life Instagram account, either. This book contains photos from all around the world of people living in and adventuring with their SUVs, trucks, and camper vans. A solid addition to any coffee table.

Purchase: $36

White Topography Candle

Don’t stop at making your apartment or home look great. Go for a great smell, too. This made-to-order candle fills your home with a cologne-quality scent of leather, whiskey, pine, and campfire. After it burns all the way down (roughly 50 hours), the ceramic can be used as a planter.

Purchase: $65

Graf & Lantz Kawabon Valet Tray

The best way to make sure you don’t misplace anything is to keep your everyday carry well organized. The best way to do that? Set a designated place to put it. This handmade leather and merino valet tray is perfect for serving just that purpose.

Purchase: $76

Magnum Photos

Walls shouldn’t be bare. Just about everyone agrees with that. But the best way to fill them up? That’s left to personal taste. Whatever your preference, it’s worth considering getting some prints from Magnum Photos. Whether you’re a photography nerd or just happen to fall in love with a shot while scrolling through their selection – it’s a solid choice.

Purchase: $900

Newgate Wall Clock

Wall clocks, like wristwatches, are as much about design as they are about utility. This particular example from Newgate has an awesome 1970s retro feel to it and a gloss-finished casing that doesn’t have any glare.

Purchase: $135

Leni Leaning Mirror

A great addition for your front room or even bedroom, this leaning mirror is great for hanging bath towels, coats, or bags. The mirror also comes with non-slip footing for scratch-proof use on hardwood floors.

Purchase: $140

Case Study Planter Stand

Looking to get some houseplants to warm things up at home? A fun pot to put them in would be this Case Study ceramic pot and stand from Modernica. Coming with either a wood or metal stand, the pot has the ability to look great in any home.

Purchase: $225


Cooking Up Something Good

Much in the same way that investing in your own home makes it a more enjoyable place to spend time, investing in the kitchen makes it more enjoyable to cook and entertain by leaps and bounds. Whether all you’re looking to do is throw a recipe together and put it in a crockpot, some good glassware for serving up solid cocktails, or getting your own cast iron pan to season and cook with – we have a few ideas for you to consider.

Tilley Stoneware Dinnerware

That mismatched set of dishes you’ve been using since college not quite cutting it anymore? Make the switch with this 16-piece dinnerware set. The microwave and dishwasher safe stoneware set is both handsome and reasonably priced for those looking to get a more cohesive collection of dishes.

Purchase: $60

Shinola Rocks Glasses

If you always look to entertain with a cocktail in hand, this set from Shinola could be worth your money. Made right here in the U.S. of A., this set of four, 10.5-ounce glasses have an attractive look to them that is topped off with a subtle sandblasted Shinola bolt logo at the bottom.

Purchase: $65

Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter

Another solid addition to the bar cart. This whiskey decanter is made from lead-free crystal and can perfectly hold a 750ml bottle.

Purchase: $112

Sabatier Olivewood Stainless Stel Chef Knife

Having a good kitchen knife is essential for any home. This particular knife from Sabatier features a high carbon blade for precision cutting, a triple riveted olive wood handle, and a lifetime warranty. All things said – a tool well worth the money.

Purchase: $130

KitchenAid Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

While we’re definitely fans of pour-over coffee, sometimes it’s nice to roll out of bed and hit a button. This particular brewer from KitchenAid doesn’t skimp on quality though. It meets the gold cup standards of the SCAA, and can whip up as many as 8 cups in a single batch.

Purchase: $130

Finex Cast Iron Skillet

No kitchen is complete without a cast iron pan. Not only do they disperse heat incredibly well, but once seasoned, they can make even simple dishes pop with a bit more flavor and spice. This particular pan from Finex features a cast-iron top, an ergonomic speed cool spring handle, and a pre-hand seasoned pan.

Purchase: $125

Williams Sonoma Gourmet Slow Cooker

One of the best kitchen gadgets anyone can have is a crockpot. These simple, slow cooking ovens make incredibly great tasting meals – and are ideal for those who work long days. Simply wake up, throw in some ingredients, set it, and come back to a great-smelling kitchen and ready-cooked meal. This example from Williams Sonoma has a 20-hour timer, keep -warm feature, and a removable 7-quart nonstick aluminum insert for serving and easy cleaning.

Purchase: $480


Threads And Sheets

Rugs, sheets, and towels may all come as a bit of an afterthought – but they can really make a difference. Rugs add a bit of warmth and comfort to a room, a great towel can start your day off right, and a good set of sheets can end it on a good note. We pulled together just a few of our favorites here for you to consider adding to your own home.

Onsen Complete Towel Set

Made from American-grown supima cotton, these surprisingly lightweight towels dry incredibly quickly and lightly exfoliate with each use. And because of their unique knit structure, they avoid that musky smell.

Purchase: $150

Pendleton Spider Rock Throw Blanket

For chilly days spent inside reading or for professional-level Netflix and chill, there is the Pendleton spider rock throw blanket. Made from a combination wool and cotton right here in the U.S.A., this beaver state throw blanket manages to be incredibly comfortable and attractive when draped over your couch.

Purchase: $200

Kopenhamn Rug

Ikea doesn’t show up that much on this list, but we couldn’t help but include this item from the Swedish furniture maker. The pure hand-woven new wool rug measures in at 7 by 5 feet long, and covers an area of 43 square feet, making it ideal for the living room or office.

Purchase: $250

Parachute Linen Venice Set

When it comes to fine bedding, we have a hard time including anyone but Parachute. This set of sheets from the brand are made from a 100% European flax that’s made in a family owned and operated factory in northern Portugal.

Purchase: $400

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