Scoured: 20 Best Men’s Gifts On Gallantry

For nearly two years now we’ve rolled out a monthly feature profiling what we think are the best picks on Amazon. It’s been a fun series to produce because it challenges the idea that the online megastore only deals in ubiquitous, commodified products (though it definitely does have more than its fair share). Similarly challenging, but not quite in the same way, is putting together a list of the best gear on our sister site Gallantry.

Where Amazon has a dearth of top-quality equipment, Gallantry has an embarrassing amount of knives, tools, wallets, backpacks, and watches for guys. So how, exactly, does one wade through all of this to find the perfect gift? Well, it definitely doesn’t hurt to scroll through this list of some of the top picks on Gallantry right here. Whether you find something you’re in love with or it simply gives you a great gift idea – we hope our rundown of Gallantry’s best gifts helps with your holiday hunting.

Word Pocket Notebooks

When it comes to producing great pocket notebooks for jotting down your thoughts, grocery lists, and plans – Word is among the best. Their American-made 5.5 by 3.5-inch notebooks feature 48 lined pages, and an attractive cover. Notebooks come in packs of 3.

Purchase: $10

Soto Pocket Torch

Whether you’re a smoker on the hunt for a more economical lighter or just an outdoorsman looking for a windproof flame for starting fires, the Soto Pocket Torch is a great pick. Simply slide any dollar-store lighter into the plastic case and it’ll produce a 2,300-degree windproof flame. And despite what you’d think, the pocket torch actually increases the life of your lighters by up to 60-percent.

Purchase: $20

Gearward Keychain Duct Tape

An ideal grab for those who never want to be caught unprepared. This tool holds a roll of tape small enough to fit onto your keychain and is designed to be easily refillable once used up.

Purchase: $20

Ezra Arthur Small Leather Notebook

Made with high-grain Horween leather this American made writing pad is ideal for those looking for a higher quality notebook for daily use. It has 128 blank, bleed-resistant pages for worry free scribbling and doodling.

Purchase: $32

Orbitkey 2.0 Canvas

Jangling keys can be incredibly annoying. One of the best solutions? Orbitkey’s 2.0 canvas key holder. This simple and attractive solution carries up to 7 keys at a time and features a d-ring for attaching key-fobs.

Purchase: $35

Quiet Carry Bandit Keychain Knife

Another solid keychain attachment. This little knife from Quiet Carry features a handle made from grade-5 titanium and a blade machined from AUS 8 steel for sturdy, solid use that won’t weigh you down.

Purchase: $40

1911 Rubber Band Gun

A fun, non-lethal replica of one of the most respected handguns ever made, the 1911. This wooden version features a semi-automatic action that can load up to six rubber bands at a time. The toy gun comes in a wooden box with 100 rubber bands and an instruction booklet.

Purchase: $40

Trayvax Axis Wallet

Made right here in the U.S. by a team of dedicated machinists and designers, this wallet is ideal for daily carry. It can hold up to 14 cards, 8 bills, and assorted coins without weighing all that much at all. A great pick for the guy looking to get his hands on a solid tactical wallet.

Purchase: $50

Maxx & Unicorn Catch-All Valet Tray

Prone to misplacing your most important items? A great valet tray can go a long way towards helping you keep your items all in the same place. This one from Maxx & Unicorn is made from a high quality walnut and features a slot for holding your smartphone.

Purchase: $58

Olight S1R Baton Flashlight

Yeah. Sure. Your smartphone has a flashlight, but compared to this thing? It’s nothing. Olight’s pocketable S1R light has the ability to put out 900 lumens, has a 15 day runtime, and can be re-charged with a USB cable.

Purchase: $65

Matador Beast28 Packable Technical Backpack

On the hunt for a great adventure pack? This one from Matador is an ideal pick. Not only is it capable of keeping your gear high and dry on long, tough hikes – but it can fold down into itself for an easy storage.

Purchase: $90

Inventery Mechanical Pen

Have a writer in the family? Or someone who really appreciates well designed objects, no matter how simple? Take a look at Inventery’s Mechanical Pen. Made from an all brass unibody and featuring a Schmidt P8126 roller ball. It’s just about the best EDC pen out there.

Purchase: $90

Craighill Jack Puzzle

A great desk toy for the 9-5 warrior or puzzle collector. Made right here in the U.S. from solid cartridge brass, it features both a high class heft and brain tingling problem.

Purchase: $95

The James Brand Folsom Knife

An exclusive color way from James Brand for Gallantry. The knife boasts a pair of OD green G10 scales, a frame-lock mechanism, and a tough anti-corrosion Carpenter CTS-BD1 blade.

Purchase: $99

Keybar Slayer Titanium Key Organizer

Another fun, attractive way to keep your keys from jingling in your pocket or from your belt at all times. Machined from titanium and given a special texture, this key organizer from Keybar easily holds up to 12 at a time. And thanks to the special material used to build it, it is light as can be.

Purchase: $100

Tactikowl Gear Carbon Fiber Mixtape

Crafted from carbon fiber exclusively for Gallantry this tough American made multi-tool is small enough to daily carry, but rugged enough to tighten screws and rearrange faces when the situation calls for it.

Purchase: $100

BRNLY Slingpop Pocket Slingshot

Denice the Menace, Bart Simpson, Tom Sawyer – just about every iconic trouble maker has had a slingshot hanging in their back pocket. Join their ranks with the tough 6061-T6 aluminum slingshot from BRNLY.

Purchase: $140

Filson Medium Field Duffel

Looking for a reliable bag for heading out on weekend trips? Give the Field Duffel from Filson a second look. This tough duffel is made from a heavy 15-ounce oil-finished tin cloth and features a durable matte nylon lining and webbing straps for easy transportation.

Purchase: $195

Defy Bags Bucktown Backpack M35 Tarp

For those looking for a truly city-proof backpack for daily use, consider this laptop pack from Defy. Made from super tough M35 military truck tarpaulin and featuring waterproof zippers it will keep your daily carry safe from any kind of weather while taking on an attractive patina over the years. A great American made pick.

Purchase: $290

Lum-Tec Combat B38

A unique, rugged watch ideal for those looking to expand their collection. The 43mm case holds a black face with MDV luminous Arabic numerals and hands that are driven by a Swiss Ronda 515.24 GMT format movement. The watch comes with both a green leather strap and a NATO style nylon strap.

Purchase: $495

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