Float On: 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses

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As living, breathing, and active individuals, our bodies and minds both demand nightly rest to recharge and reboot for the next day’s activities. Needless to say, we spend a good chunk of our lives asleep. And while some of us out there wish we were robotic enough the work and play 24/7, most of us understand the benefits of a good night’s rest as a clear mind, rested body, and early morning motivation are just some of the many benefits (including your overall health) to getting a solid sleep on a regular basis. It serves us well then, that we invest a proper mattress to facilitate such a beneficial slumber.

And for those who aren’t yet in the know, gone are the days of back-breaking spring mattresses and waterbed fads. These days, mattresses have come a long way, technological speaking, to allow for a level of comfort previously unforeseen or unattainable for previous generations. To top this off, we’ve also seen a sort of revolution in the mattress industry as a whole – culminating in a sort of paradigm shift from the mattress store to convenient home delivery services. The culprit? Soft memory foam mattresses that are packaged accordingly for delivery, in conjunction with a convenience-first ethos that has permeated across our social consciousness. With that in mind, you may be wondering which options out of the sea of brands available, are the best ones to pick up before the next move. Thankfully, we’ve outlined ten sure-fire keepers below that are sure to be delivered in a timely fashion and provide enough comfort to get you through even the toughest of nights.

Breaking it Down

What Makes The Best Memory Foam?

Unless you’re in the industry, it’s easy to get confused by a blanket term such as “memory foam.” On the surface, it’s self-explanatory – soft and spongy foam that conforms to pressure placed upon it. But – and this is an important “but” – are there different types of foam? Also, what makes some forms of memory foam better than others, and what should you look for when purchasing a memory foam mattress? All of these are important questions to ask yourself when in the market for such a product – for this certainly isn’t something that should constitute what some may call an impulse buy. So, we’ve outlined some key points for consideration below to help get you started.


To be as straightforward as possible, the density of memory foam is measured by one thing: it’s weight. Meaning, the heavier a memory foam mattress the denser it becomes. In this light, this weight derives from the amount of foam material built into the layer. What is important to remember here as well is that density has nothing to do with thickness. So, two separate 5-inch layers of memory foam could vary greatly in density and therefore weight when placed side by side.

So what does all this mean? Well, a general rule to live by is this: the higher the density, the greater the lifespan. Conversely, higher density foam is going to sleep warmer than foam of lower density, so it’s important to find that sweet-spot, so to speak, where the pound per cubic foot of foam (PCF) falls between 3.5-5.

Types of Memory Foam

Traditional: This is what most people envision when they think of memory foam. Here, we have, you guessed it, traditional memory foam that – because of it’s antiquated technology, tends to be a bit less responsive than newer versions. In terms of density, most traditional memory foam mattresses fall between 4-7 PCF (pounds per cubic foot).

Open Cell: While traditional memory foam utilizes what’s called closed cell manufacturing (creating denser and less responsive foam), open-cell memory foam features tiny air pockets that are injected into the foam during the manufacturing process. The result is a foam that’s more responsive and features greater aim circulation (meaning it sleeps cooler) than traditional foam.

Gel Memory: A common variant of memory foam mattresses, gel memory foam incorporates tiny beads of gel that get dispersed throughout the foam during the manufacturing process. In some instances, it’s actually first infused as a liquid then later hardens. Whatever method is chosen, the end result remains the same. That is, an overall cooler memory foam mattress due in part to the composition of the gel that works to disperse heat from your body thus preventing heat spots and heat retention – commonly found with traditional mattresses.


This, of course, brings us to our next point. Thickness – mentioned earlier – is also another important factor to consider when making a purchase. And while a thicker mattress doesn’t necessarily result in a denser mattress, it’s generally suggested that memory foam works best when there is at least 4-inches of comfort memory foam (the cushiony layers we perceive in our mind’s eye when considering memory foam mattresses).

From here, we need to stress that this isn’t simply a 2-layer dynamic. Instead, the entire mattress could, and should, be made up of multiple sandwich foam layers of varying densities and firmnesses to created a proprietary comfort for specific sleepers. Typically, though, we see these layers alternate between comfort layers and support layers so it’s beneficial to look out for comfort layers of at least 4-inches and support layers less than 4-inches thick when shopping around.

Sabrina Mattress

Keeping cool while catching a snooze is key to attaining a restful night’s sleep and productive next day. It makes sense then why the Sabrina mattress comes standard with a four-layered cooling and supportive latex air gel in the composition of their memory foam. What we’re left with is a responsive mattress that works to dissipats your body heat while a CertiPUR-US certification provides peace of mind each and every time you lay your head down to sleep.

Purchase: $468+

The Nectar Mattress

As one of the only mattresses featured in this list with a lifetime warranty, the Nectar mattress is one offering that boasts exceptional value for the consumer. It’s a traditional foam mattress offering substantial pressure relief, deep contouring, superior breathability and even some cooling elements to boot. The cover boasts a soft/silky feel to it and the Tencel fabric works to dissolve moisture and heat by simply wicking it away like water-resistant clothing. Best of all, Nectar will even let you sleep on it for an entire year before deciding whether or not it’s the mattress for you.

Purchase: $375+

Layla Mattress

What’s great about the Layla mattress is two-fold – that is, a double-sided composition with both medium-soft and firm comfort levels. The end result is a mattress purposed to deliver some of the finest pressure relief in the business. What also makes the USA-made Layla mattress unique is that the memory foam here is infused with copper – new to the mattress game – and works to draw out heat generated from the body due to its very own heat conducting properties. It also boasts cooling properties as well thanks to Air Flow foam underneath the copper Layer.

Purchase: $399+

The Leesa Mattress

With a superior design and premium foam composition, it’s hard to say no to Leesa for their efforts. Here, we find a completely redesigned mattress from the inside out that works to provide comfort, and support. It’s all thanks to their three-layer system consisting of a cooling Avena foam, pressure relieving memory foam, and a dense core support to ensure each Leesa mattress remains like new for years to come. Plus, Leesa will even let you try it for 100 nights with no commitments. That’s how sure they are you’ll fall in love at first sleep.

Purchase: $525+

Bear Mattress

Built with a slow-responding memory foam purposed for pressure relief, Bear manufactures a USA-made mattress with athletes and active individuals in mind. That’s because the bed features less contouring than other options out there but retains that bounce factor most people tend to miss when switching over to a memory foam mattress. Unique features here also include a combo of graphite gel in the foam and Celliant technology to reduce hot spots at night. Also, on the philanthropic side of things, Bear is also known for their donations to children’s charities in sports-related fields.

Purchase: $540+

The Casper Mattress

As one of the most recognizable names on this list, Casper has done a fine job at shaking up the mattress industry for the better – making it one of the biggest brands out there. Needless to say, their Original mattress is certainly an ideal starting point for those new to the whole mattress delivery industry thanks in part to a medium firmness that caters to all manners of sleeping positions. Additionally, the brand has recently begun to implement a Zoned Support layer using a softer foam for enhanced pressure relief around the shoulders and a firmer foam at the hip and core region. That, combined with their open-cell design results in an overall great mattress for the taking.

Purchase: $595+

The Muse Mattress

If a cooling mattress is what you’re looking for then Muse is certainly worth considering. It’s all thanks to high-performance materials and memory foam that, when combined, create a cooling mattress throughout the night. They’re also available in a variety of the firmness options as well depending on your sleep preferences. The Muse also features a dense foam core that will work with most, if not all body weights without the risk of contouring inward over time. That, combined with heightened levels of motion isolation, allow for light sleepers to finally get the full night’s rest they’ve been looking for all this time.

Purchase: $650+

The Setup: Lexmod's Linnea Fabric Bed Frame

To help ensure those sweet dreams are made and that memory foam mattress is right at home, be sure to check out Lexmod’s Linnea Fabric Bed Frame. It’s built with a tufted headboard, an upholstered polyester fabric base, solid wood legs and a slattered wood support system. Best of all, the Linnea can accommodate all available mattress sizes on the market.

Purchase: $175+

Loom & Leaf

Looking for a luxury mattress without the luxury price? Loom & Leaf boasts an affordability clause unlike other competitive options out there. Each mattress hosts an organic cotton cover atop flame retardant foams that also happen to be eco-friendly as well. Natural materials in its composition also give the mattress a rich luxurious feel, and the Spinal Zone Gel layer lying underneath the comforting quilted cover provides both a bit of cooling and spinal support during your nightly slumber. Loom & Leaf also offers their mattresses in either a Relaxed Firm or Firm composition depending on your sleeping preferences – ideal for the back stomach sleepers, and also hosts quality edge support even for a foam-base bed.

Purchase: $749+


Built with an 82 percent memory foam composition, it’s no wonder Novosbed boasts one of the highest-rated mattresses in terms of customer satisfaction. That being said, expect to be embraced in a cocoon of comfort upon laying your head down for the night with this option. The mattress is also quite durable as well thanks to high-density foam that you can adjust during the 120-day trial period thanks to Comfort+. There’s also the environment to consider, which is why Novosbed utilizes zero-waste manufacturing and utilizes a closed-loop process for each textile production run.

Purchase: $799+


As one of the top-reviewed memory foam mattresses around, this luxurious option is purposed for those looking for an alternative to the more expensive name brand luxury foam beds currently on the market. Each Nest mattress, made right here in the USA, combines both breathable, durable, and certified non-toxic high-density gel memory foam complete with their SmartFlow Air Flow Foam to keep things cool. Additionally, with a little help from Edge Support Base Foam, these incredibly comfortable mattresses are without a doubt built to last. They also come available in two different firmnesses, and all foams used in the production are CertiPUR-US certified.

Purchase: $899+

Amerisleep AS3

Offering a range of mattresses boasting different firmness levels, Amerisleep’s AS3 falls within that happy medium. Because of this, we picked the AS3 due to it’s “people pleasing” properties. This is all made possible thanks to a slow-to-respond memory layer making it quite versatile for various sleeping positions throughout the night. Additionally, it’s worth noting each AS3 is made right here in the USA and is also one of the more eco-friendly options out there since Amerisleep uses plants as opposed to petroleum when manufacturing their foam. Each option also features their open-cell Bio-Pur foam, and a Celliant cover to reduce heat retention from the body.

Purchase: $1,099+