Best Made & Francis Mallmann’s Heritage Collection Is Full Of Eclectic Goods

Best Made has a long and storied past working alongside a variety of disciplines’ most notable creators, designers, and influential figures. When it comes to the culinary arts, Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann seems to align best with the company’s heritage-based background; and, as such, the two have partnered for yet another collection of tasteful goods.

Mallmann’s eclectic style is certainly one-of-a-kind; a summation of his unique lifestyle, the influence of his surroundings, and an array of old-world staples that bare the mark of true originality. To honor the decorated chef, Best Made has revealed an expansive collection to capture the allure of Mallmann’s lifestyle, working in tandem with the author and restaurateur on everything from bowls and dinnerware, all the way to distinct style pieces like a shearling-lined Car Coat and Stetson hat. Diving deeper into the company’s catalog, you’ll find a comfortable and rugged wool blanket crafted from bespoke Pendleton fabric, a Backgammon set adorned in premium, vegetable-tanned leather, and Stoneware ceramics that exude an aura of off-grid allure. While these are, subjectively, the collection’s standout pieces, you can head over to Best Made’s website to peruse a healthy selection of Mallmann’s linens, bandanas, and rugs; you might even stumble across a curated assembly of Francis’ favorite literary works, which includes classics like Sylvia Plath’s Ariel, and James Joyce’s Ulysses. The Best Made x Mallmann Collection starts at just $38.

Purchase: $38+