Best Made x Chris Reeve Nyala Microsilk Knife

You’ve probably heard it said before that spider webs are stronger than steel of the same thickness – and you heard right. But even the largest of spiders can’t create silk that’s large enough to be useful. Thankfully, however, the folks at Best Made have paired up with Chris Reeve Knives and Bolt Threads to bio-engineer spider silk and infuse it into their new Nyala fixed blade knife.

Before you get too excited – it’s not the blade that’s made from Microsilk, it’s the handle. But there’s still reason to be impressed, as this knife does feature a super sturdy S35VN steel that holds an edge brilliantly. And that mated to the Microsilk handle (which is also manufactured here in the USA), makes for a gorgeous and unique outdoor-friendly cutting tool. Measuring up at 8.5″ overall and paired with a full-grain leather sheath, this revolutionary knife can be yours for $498 in either black or gold.

Purchase: $498