Over & Out: 5 Best Long Range Walkie Talkies

As kids, most of us remember toying with walkie-talkies around our neighborhoods or even in our own homes with childhood friends. Utilizing these radio waves we were able to place ourselves in whatever desired role we were playing or use them as more meaningful ways of dividing and conquering an unknown structure or landscape. Whatever the case, regardless of how we used our first walkie-talkie the point is that more of us have prior experience with this radio technology.

However, all is not fun and games when it comes to their intended use. Clearly, rescue teams require them, police officers, construction workers, etc. Basically, any occupation or job duty that requires group communication across a designated area utilizes them as well. Sometimes, this isn’t enough. Sometimes we need to communicate with individuals that are miles away. And we’re not talking 2 or 3; we’re talking 20 to 30 to even 40 miles away. These are the walkie-talkies outfitted for serious endeavors – such as natural disasters, rescue missions, and post-apocalyptic environments. Unfortunately for such missions, there aren’t a whole lot of reliable options out there to choose from. However, we managed to narrow down the top five we feel are both worthwhile and can pull their weight when the time comes.

Two-Way Radios

Backcountry necessities

Boiled down to its most basic definition, long range walkie talkies are quite self-explanatory. That is a walkie-talkie designed to offer an extended range of transmission and reception. Now, one common discrepancy out there is that when these options are said to have upwards of 30 to 40 miles of range but under deliver, users tend to feel as if they’ve been duped into buying an inferior product. This isn’t the case, though. That phrasing is actually referring to the range under ideal conditions – a flat open plain free of obstacles and buildings. Range, therefore, can be hampered by surroundings such as buildings, trees, mountains, etc. Don’t get us wrong, though, they’ll still transmit and receive signals for miles but it’s always a good idea to test the range first before depending on it when it’s necessary.

Now, in addition to the extended range, it’s important to know what to look for when purchasing a long range walkie talkie. For instance, a good rule of thumb – as amateur as it may sound – is to look at the antenna. Typically, the longer the antenna, the longer the range. You can also purchase aftermarket extensions as well if the current option is shorter than desired. Additionally, considering the alternative uses here can be beneficial as well – like remaining connected to weather radio channels like NOAA that could come in handy during bouts of inclement weather. Some other features include hands-free operation, out of range alerts, digital compasses, and extended battery life.

Midland 2-Way Radio

As a powerhouse long-range walkie-talkie, the Midland two-way radio features 5 Watts of GMRS power – the maximum allowed by law – and boasts a JIS4 water resistant rating that protects the piece from splashing water and light rainfall. Also, the Midland features NOAA weather alerts as well that keep you posted on changing conditions and an SOS signal can be trigged to alert anyone nearby if you’re in trouble. A full charge also provides up to 11 hours of use, it boasts up to 36 miles of range and comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

Purchase: $65

Motorola Talkabout

Outfitted as the ultimate communication tool serious outdoorsmen, the Motorola Talkabout is a highly-durable long range walkie talkie with up to 35 miles of range in the open country. The two-way radio also comes stocked with ample features catering to a removed, off-the-grid lifestyle as well. We’re talking NOAA weather channels and alerts, IP-51 weatherproof rating, VOX hands-free operation, a built-in flashlight, up to 2,662 channel combinations and comes with an included charger so you’re always at the ready with these dependable two-way radios.

Purchase: $118

Uniden Camo Submersible

Complete with 23 channels, allowing you the chance for private uninterrupted communication with friends and family. The Uniden also operates on industry-standard frequencies so it’s compatible with other models and brands as well. It features a power boost option, rated at up to 40 miles of range, features NOAA weather alerts, an emergency strobe light, and boasts convenient charging via a standard USB power input.

Purchase: $128

Cobra FLT Camo

With up to 37 miles of range, the Cobra FLT Camo is a great option for teams heading deep into the backcountry for an extended hike. It also provides an extended signal range with up to 2662 channel combinations, comes equipped with NOAA weather alerts thanks to a built-in weather receiver that will activate in the case of a severe weather event or other emergencies. The Cobra also floats in water, is – obviously – waterproof, and features VOX functionality so there’s no need to press any buttons in order to transmit.

Purchase: $139

Motorola Weatherproof Two-Way

When it comes to battery life performance, the Motorola Weatherproof walkie talkie comes highly recommended. That’s because it boasts twice the amount of battery life than the standard NiMH rechargeable battery pack commonly featured amongst its competitors. The Weatherproof Series also hosts up to 22 channels each with 121 privacy codes so finding a personal channel is easy work and with a built-in flashlight, a range of 35 miles, NOAA weather channels and alerts, a PTT power boost option, and VOX hands-free functionality the Weatherproof is surely an ideal option for backcountry exploration.

Purchase: $140

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