Under Wraps: 20 Best iPhone X Cases

When it first came out, the iPhone X’s most talked about feature wasn’t the camera, screen, or new charging technology – it was the price. Apple’s flagship was slated to start at just about $1,000. For a lot of folks, four figures was simply too steep for a smartphone. But for others? 1K was a small entry fee to some of the most innovative tech on the market.

Unfortunately, that high price tag did not include something that all iPhone owners need – a case. The iPhone X is not only expensive, but it’s fragile. Instead of featuring one glass face like previous models, the high-end phone features two – one on the front and another on the back for fast Qi charging. A more breakable build and higher price tag both come together to make iPhone X cases all the more important. But the thing is, there are a lot out there. It is hard to tell which iPhone X case is right for you. To help make the search easier, we went on a hunt for the best iPhone X cases out there.

Caseology Apex Series iPhone X Case

One of the really nice things about the iPhone X (and really all Apple products) is the sleek, attractive design. Caseology’s Apex Series case manages to both protect the phone with a grippy texture and dual layer TPU and PC plastics while still retaining the attractive, minimal look.

Purchase: $14

Spigen Slim Armor CS iPhone X Case

If you’re going to throw a big case on your already large phone, you may as well get some more utility out of it. Or at least that is what Spigen thought when making this iPhone X case. The case features a two-layer design with shock-absorbing TPU and polycarbonate exterior for protection from tough drops and scrapes while a sliding door stores up to two cards.

Purchase: $16

Incipio DualPro iPhone X Case

To keep your new iPhone X safe, Incipio uses a special 2 layer defense system. The interior of the iPhone X case is made from a shock-absorbing silicone, while the exterior is made from a Plextonium shell that manages to be soft to the touch and grippy while also rigid enough to stand up to daily wear and tear.

Purchase: $20

Speck Products Presidio Grip iPhone X Case

Before a phone hits the ground, it first has to be dropped. Speck’s iPhone X case is built to defend against both the latter and the former. The case has a deep lugged no-slip grip on the back and a drop rating tested to 10-feet thanks to its impaction shock barrier.

Purchase: $24

Incipio NGP Folio iPhone X Case

One of the real selling points on the new iPhone X is the screen. The Super Retina HD display is truly top of the line in all respects – and this case from Incipio is built to protect it. The transparent case features a folding screen protector with integrated card slot to keep that display crisp and clear until you snag the newest model.

Purchase: $25

Moment iPhone X Case

Looking for a bit more than just an iPhone X case? Moment’s photo case for Apple’s flagship not only protects from drops, but it can be fitted with the external lenses. A great grab for photographers looking to make the most out of the new top of the line camera.

Purchase: $25

OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series iPhone X Case

When it comes to making great iPhone cases, OtterBox is among the best out there. This one built for the newest model out of Cupertino features a raised bezeled edge for protecting your screen, Qi charging support, and a lifetime warranty.

Purchase: $26

Pelican iPhone X Case

This iPhone case from Pelican is designed to be just about as tough as they come. Tested to military specifications it can survive a slew of drops and won’t slide off tables as easily thanks to the grippy soft-touch exterior.

Purchase: $28

UAG Plyo Feather-Light iPhone X Case

Designed to fit in pockets easily thanks to its friction-free and thin design, UAG’s Plyo is great for those looking for a more minimalist case. But don’t think that it won’t protect your new iPhone X. The case was engineered to meet military drop-test standards.

Purchase: $30

X-Doria iPhone X Case

More than just protecting your phone from drops of up to 10-feet, this iPhone X case boasts a soft back panel for enhanced grip and a front-facing audio channel for amping-up phone calls and your favorite tunes. A great grab for those looking to get a little more out of their equipment.

Purchase: $35

Gear4 D30 Oxford Folio iPhone X Case

Gear4 didn’t leave a whole lot out of this iPhone X case. It has a screen cover, is made from a patented injection molded D30 technology, and even features two card slots. And yeah, it’s as tough as it looks.

Purchase: $40

Skech Slim Shockproof iPhone X Case

One of the issues with the iPhone X is that it’s a bit too big to really securely grab with your hands. Some don’t mind, but the small-handed and butter-fingered among us are made a bit anxious trying to handle these monstrous phones. Thankfully, brands like Sketch make iPhone X cases with integrated flip-out rings for a more secure grip on the phone.

Purchase: $45

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet iPhone X Case

So you’ve spent all this money on a nice iPhone X and now you’re going to cover it with some plastic contraption? No way, says Mujjo. The Dutch design label has produced a leather case intended to heighten the look of the already classy phone. It features a bezel, micro-fiber lining, and 2-card sleeve.

Purchase: $48

Nodus iPhone X Case

This slim shell case is handmade from leather and features a micro-dock for magnetically mounting your phone just about anywhere – in the car, kitchen, or at your bedside for easy charging. But more than just looking great and being handy – the case has a polycarbonate core for absorbing shocks and protecting your phone.

Purchase: $65

Bellroy 3 Card iPhone X Case

Australian brand Bellroy is the king of carry. They make great wallets, fun backpacks, and perfect iPhone cases. Just look at their 3 Card case and you’ll see what we mean. Made out of a flex polymer, covered with a premium leather, and featuring a slot for holding up to 3 cards, this case is ideal for those looking to protect their tech without compromising on style. And to top it off, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

Purchase: $75

Lifeproof Next iPhone X Case

This case is Lifeproof’s version of a minimalist iPhone case. The brand usually produces fully waterproof protectors, but this new iteration trades in some of that utility for a more minimalist form-fitting design. That means this phone is easier to throw in your pocket but still tough enough to withstand drops and bumps while on the trail or riding to work.

Purchase: $80

Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Book iPhone X Case

An iPhone case can do a whole lot more than just protect your phone from an untimely demise. Pad & Quill knows this all too well, which is why they developed the iPhone X Wallet case. Made from leather and wood the part-wallet-part-case has 5 card-slots, and a cash and I.D. compartment. To give it a notebook-like look, the brand topped the case off with an elastic band.

Purchase: $94

Grovemade Walnut iPhone X Case

Not quite a fan of leather or plastic? Grovemade’s American-crafted iPhone X case is well worth consideration. Made from walnut and lined with a microfiber cloth, this case manages to both protect your phone while giving it a unique look you’ll be happy to carry with you everywhere.

Purchase: $100

Leather Folio iPhone X Case

If you didn’t already know, Apple makes their very own iPhone X cases. This one is made from European leather and features a folding screen protector with slots for storing cash and cards. More than just looking great, it provides ample protection from your common drops.

Purchase: $100

Rokform Fuzion Pro iPhone X Case

For those who expect a bit more protection from their phone case there is this contraption from Rokform. The case uses a special magnetic locking system that makes it easy to twist-mount to your motorcycle, car, or mountain bike handlebars without worrying about it flying off.

Purchase: $100

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