The 12 Best iPhone Charging Docks

Photo: Grovemade Walnut Dock

Although we live in a time when everyone has their phones with them all the time – at home, in the office, and everywhere in-between – you can’t always keep it tucked away in your pocket. Sometimes your phone needs a charge, other times you need to make sure you’ve got your data backed up, and – on occasion – you just don’t want to carry the damn thing around. Well you can take care of all those instances simply by picking up a good iPhone dock.

With designs that keep you from just tossing your phone haphazardly onto a desk or countertop and frequently including some way to connect to either a wall socket for charging, to your computer for syncing, or to some kind of speaker system to play music directly from your onboard files or apps, docks are an excellent way to ensure that your phone is safe, fully charged, and loaded with everything you need to get you through the rest of your day. The following 12 are the best iPhone charging docks available in a number of different formats and across a wide range of price points and styles.

Aerb Bamboo Dock

Aerb Bamboo Charging Stand

If you’re looking for a well designed, high quality stand for both your iPhone and your Apple Watch, but you’ve already got all the necessary cables covered, you might want to pick up this super reasonably priced bamboo wood stand from Aerb. This sturdy and stable stand has cutouts for all your cords and features a natural wood finish. And it isn’t going to cost you a pretty penny, either. This is the best option for the thrifty buyer that still wants some natural style.

Purchase: $8

Sinjimoru iPhone Stand

Sinjimoru Aluminum iPhone Dock

If you are more into an avant-garde or modernist style, but you’d like to be able to take your lightning cable on-the-go when your phone isn’t docked, this stand is an excellent option. Made from solid aluminum with diamond cut lines, this case comes with a lightning cable with plastic housing, works with all of the iPhone iterations from 5 and onward, and can support a phone within a protective case.

Purchase: $22

Mophie Lightning Desktop Dock

Mophie Desktop Dock

Mophie is one of the top manufacturers of third party accessories for iPhones (and Apple products in general) and it’s with good reason. They know how to make a good looking product that functions well. This dock is no exception. With functionality that includes all iterations from the iPhone 5 and onward, this dock features a pivoting lightning connector that assures that this dock can work with any case in which you have your phone.

Purchase: $25

Satechi Aluminum iPhone Stand

Satechi Aluminum Desktop Stand

With a design that looks almost structurally unsound (don’t worry, it’s safe), this minimalist desktop dock is made from durable and sturdy brushed aluminum and features a clever design that hides your lightning cable within its housing, making for an impressive desktop dock that really puts your phone on display and makes it easy to access your wide array of apps. Just remember that you need to supply your own lightning cable, as this one doesn’t come with an extra.

Purchase: $25

Belkin Lightning Sync Dock

Belkin Charge and Sync Dock

While this dock from Belkin isn’t necessarily anything to write home about – its a fairly simplistic aluminum stand without any fancy accoutrements – you will never be wanting when it comes to reliability. Certified to meed Apple performance standards, this desk accessory comes hardwired with a 4 inch USB cable that can be plugged into either a port on your computer or the block that came with your phone and it is compatible with any lightning equipped iteration of the iPhone.

Purchase: $30

Apple iPhone Lightning Dock

Apple Charger & Cradle

If you want something that you know you can count on, but you don’t need anything fancy or extraneous to your dock, look to the manufacturer. Apple can, under all circumstances, be expected to make a quality and reliable product that is compatible with their other devices. And here it is. You will, however, need to use the cables that came with your phone in order to plug in this bad boy, as they are not included with purchase.

Purchase: $49

Twelve South HiRise Deluxe

Twelve South HiRise

Another elevated display-style stand, the HiRise from Twelve South is in another class. First off, it comes with both an MFi certified lightning and Mini USB cable, so you can choose between the two if you have multiple devices which require different inputs. It also has adjustable height and depth control so you can adjust it based both on your device and on the case in which you keep it. Lastly it comes in 6 colors, so you can match it to your favorite device and or throw caution to the wind and mix it up.

Purchase: $50

Native Union Dock

Native Union Dock

Compatible with an extremely wide array of apple products – including the iPhone 5 and up, magic keyboard, magic mouse, Apple TV remote, and multiple versions of both the iPad and iPod – this might be the most versatile dock on our list. Made from premium weighted silicone and precision cut aluminum, this minimalist dock takes only 15 seconds to set up and works whether your phone is in or out of a case. Just keep in mind that a cable is not included.

Purchase: $50

Pad and Quill Timber Catchall Stand

The Timber Catchall Stand

While this wooden stand may not be the most technologically advanced dock on our list, the craftsmanship behind its construction is what earns it a place amongst the rest of these docks. Handmade in the USA from a single piece of wood, this valet tray has an extendable arm on which to place your Apple watch, a separate section that fits any side iPhone, and – when the watch arm is extended – a third section for your keys or other everyday carry items.

Purchase: $80

Elevation Lab Dock 3

Elevation Dock 3

Milled from a single piece of solid aluminum, this USA made dock can fit any lightning equipped iPhone of any size and can accommodate nearly any case (unless you have one of those strange novelty silicon cases shaped like a hot dog or a rabbit), and it’s equipped with silicon bumpers in the cradle for the safety and security of your device. It also locks down onto your desk for extra stability and easy 1-hand operation. To top it off, it comes with an MFi certified lightning cable, in case you misplaced yours.

Purchase: $89+

Carved Skate Dock

Carved Recycled Skate Dock

As its name might suggest, this American made dock is made from repurposed retired skateboards, hence the unique “rainbow” look of the wood (a byproduct of the way the wood is layered to make skateboards). It is compatible with all Apple phones from the 3 onward and a handful of Android phones. And, if your device has downward facing speakers, this dock acts as a passive amplifier. Working as a directional resonation chamber, this little wooden desktop can boost the volume of your phone without any onboard electronics to worry about.

Purchase: $94

Grovemade Walnut iPhone Dock

Grovemade Walnut Dock

Grovemade has a history of making drool-worthy desktop gear out of a combination of natural solid wood and metal and their walnut and steel iPhone dock certainly fits the bill. Custom-manufactured in Portland, Oregon, these hand finished desktop accessories are compatible with all sizes of lightning equipped iPhones. And if you’re worried that this doesn’t look the most stable, fear not. Each one weighs in at 3 pounds, so it won’t be tipping over anytime soon.

Purchase: $99