Daily Armor: 20 Best iPhone 8 Cases

Generally speaking, if you own something precious or just plain expensive – you do what you can to protect it. A lot of the time, this protection is applied in boring ways; cars get insured, dogs get vaccinations, and your computer gets a zip-up carrying case. Thankfully, though, not all of the safekeeping you do has to be so boring.

iPhone cases offer users the ability to not only shield their phones from bumps, scrapes, and cracks – but they add a bit of personality to boot. And let’s be honest, as nice as those high-end smartphones from Apple are, their minimalism can sometimes come off as a bit sterile. So to help you keep your dazzling, powerful, and expensive new iPhone 8 or 8 Plus from retiring early or from suffering the fate of being plain as white bread – we’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of what we think are the best iPhone 8 cases on the market. Take a scroll through and see which style best suits your needs.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S iPhone 8 Case

Compatible: iPhone 8 This case from Spigen is ideal for those looking for protection without any bells or whistles. The tough TPU saves the phone from the usual bumps and scrapes that come along with daily use – but it still allows you to take advantage of the new iPhone’s wireless charging capabilities. Along with these functions, the phone case also boasts a kickstand for sharing videos or doing things like following a recipe while cooking in the kitchen.

Purchase: $13

Caseology Case for iPhone 8

Compatible: iPhone 8 If you want something more substantial than a minimalist case, but you don’t want your phone to look like a hockey puck ready to go to war – this is worth your attention. Made from a combination of TPU and PC plastics, this phone case is capable of absorbing shocks from being dropped or bumped. The exterior of the case features a Parallax pattern made from a grippy rubber that gives the phone a smart, attractive look while also making it less likely to slip from your hands at the last moment. The case is available in up to 6 different colors ranging from black to pink.

Purchase: $14

Incipio NGP Pure Slim Polymer Case

Compatible: iPhone 8 Precision engineered from a clear, shock absorbing polymer material that is made to be both tear and stretch resistant, this case is a solid pick for the minimalist looking to keep their phone from being broken and battered by daily use. In addition to being durable, this soft shell case also boasts 8 different colorways.

Purchase: $20

iPhone 8 Plus Silicone Case

Compatible: iPhone 8 Plus Who better to make an iPhone case than…the makers of the iPhone? This soft silicone case not only feels good (and grippy) in your hands, but it is also more than capable of protecting your phone from damage. The interior of the iPhone 8 case is lined with a microfiber fabric for keeping it safe from scratches. And to top it all off, the phone case doesn’t hinder the iPhone 8’s new wireless charging capabilities.

Purchase: $40

UAG Plyo Series iPhone 8 Case

Compatible: iPhone 8/8 Plus UAG is one of the best brands out there when it comes to creating tough phone cases that also have a degree of style. This case from their Plyo series combines soft interior corners with a hard shell exterior for serious shock and scratch protection. And even though the case is substantial enough to keep your phone safe through the worst mistakes – it doesn’t prevent your phone from using Apple Pay or wireless charging. To top that off, the case also barely adds any weight to your phone thanks to its super lightweight build. The iPhone 8 case comes in either ice, ash, or crimson.

Purchase: $40

Speck Persisidio Grip iPhone 8 Cases

Compatible: iPhone 8 Not only does this iPhone 8 case from Speck boast a fun, subtle design, but it is capable of protecting your phone from drops of up to 10 feet. This is thanks in large part to the case’s two-layer protection system. The way this works is that the interior of the iPhone case is equipped with a layer of soft rubber while the exterior is made from a harder, stretch resistant plastic with a protective non-slip grip. All of these things put together make it ideal for daily use. Right now you can pick one up in up to nine different colors.

Purchase: $40

Tech 21 Pure Clear

Compatible: iPhone 8 Not all clear minimalist iPhone 8 cases are created equal. Take the Tech 21 Pure Clear for instance. This phone case boasts a really impressive suite of capabilities. First and foremost is its unique drop resistant build. The hard outer shell of the phone is intended to spread impact energy while the interior BulletShield material absorbs it – keeping your phone safe from dents or cracks. But what really sets this phone case apart is that it can do all of these things and also be half as thin and light as the best case out there. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Purchase: $40

Nomad Case for iPhone 8

Compatible: iPhone 8 Plus If you are looking for more than just protection from your iPhone case, you may want to take a look at this case from Nomad. Not only does it promise to keep your expensive piece of technology safe from the dangers of daily life – but it also gives it a dash of style thanks to the substantial leather patch on the bottom half of the case. In addition to all of these features, the interior of the case has a microfiber lining to keep you from scratching the back of the phone.

Purchase: $40

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Compatible: iPhone 8 There are lots of things that this phone case doesn’t have. There are no special high-end shock-resistant systems, neat flip-out stands, or waterproofing capabilities. Instead, this phone just boasts a whole lot of style. Made from a high-quality full-grain leather the case looks like a traditional wallet and acts like one, too. The back of the case features a sleeve that can hold between 2 and three of your essential cards. For an extra bit of protection – the interior is also lined with microfiber and the edges raised 1mm above the edge of the glass to keep it from getting scratched.

Purchase: $48

Pelican Ambassador Case

Compatible: iPhone 8 Plus If anyone knows anything about heavy-duty protection it is Pelican. The brand is a powerhouse when it comes to everything from housing medical equipment to cameras and computers. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that their Ambassador iPhone 8 case is more than capable of surviving a few drops, bumps and scrapes. The dual layer impact protection makes it easy to disperse shock so your phone won’t scratch, and the anti-scratch crystal back will stop your phone from getting scuffed up by keys or errant coins. Oh, and if it breaks? Pelican will replace it.

Purchase: $50

Rok Form Crystal Case

Compatible: iPhone 8 We don’t just use our phones for talking or texting. For a lot of us, a smartphone is essentially a navigational device. What makes this case from RokForm so great is that it is engineered to be used as such. Along with being made with a super tough dual compound that protects from scratching and drops – it boasts a Neodymium magnet and lock system that keeps the phone securely attached to RokForm’s mounts. An ideal iPhone 8 case for motorcyclists.

Purchase: $50

Gear4 Oxford iPhone Case

Compatible: iPhone 8 What’s one of the best ways to keep your phone from getting its screen scratched? Fitting the case with a flap. This one from Gear4 boasts a rubberized bookcase design that snaps tight to the D30 military grade plastic body for safekeeping. In addition to this neat feature, the inside of the phone’s case has a couple of sleeves for storing I.D. or bank cards. Want to catch a video or read through an article? The case’s flap can also function as a kind of stand that props the phone up for easy viewing.

Purchase: $50

Sena Magnetic Flipper Leather Case

Compatible: iPhone 8/8 Plus Like the idea of a phone case that closes over the screen but aren’t necessarily interested in something that is made primarily from plastic? This pick may be for you. This leather iPhone 8 case from SENA features a magnetic closure that covers the phone’s screen for protection throughout the day. The interior features a soft microfiber lining while the case’s flap boasts a sleeve for sliding your cards. Depending on your preference you can get these made in either Nappa, crocodile, or embossed leather.

Purchase: $54

Bellroy Phone Case

Compatible: iPhone 8/8 Plus We can’t think of a better brand to make an iPhone case than Bellroy. This Australian brand made its name by producing brilliant, well-made wallets that managed to be both simplistic and utilitarian. The same could be said for their iPhone cases. The 1 card case – just one of their offerings – has a polymer frame covered with a premium vegetable tanned leather that holds one card. The interior has a slot for an extra SD card and boasts a microfiber lining to keep your phone scratch free. The case is also Apple Pay compatible and comes with Bellroy’s 3-year warranty.

Purchase: $55

Otter Box Defender Series

Compatible: iPhone 8 Plus For a long time now, Otterbox has been one of the most trusted names in phone protection. Just take a look at their latest case for the new iPhone 8 and you’ll see why. The exterior of the case is made from what the brand calls Drop+ Protection. More than just protecting your phone from drops (like most on this list, the phone has a tough polymer exterior and a soft interior for absorbing and spreading impact ) but it is also engineered to protect the screen from scratches and loose items like dust.

Purchase: $60

Pad & Quill iPhone Case

Compatible: iPhone 8 There is something to be said for making use of all the conveniences of new, high-end tech, yet avoiding its aesthetics. This case from Pad & Quill does just that. Looking more like a Moleskine notebook than a case, the Little Pocket Book features a high-end leather exterior with an elastic strap and a wooden slotted interior for keeping your phone secure. In addition to the sharp look, the interior flap on the phone case has slots for holding important cards and I.D. Want an extra bit of personalization? Buyers can pick their own color leather, and for an extra ten dollars put a monogram on the cover.

Purchase: $70

Niko Wallet Leather Case For iPhone 8

Compatible: iPhone 8 Looking for something on the high end with a unique design feature? This case from Vaja is an ideal pick. Made from a premium leather and a tough polycarbonate case – it both provides protection and a sharp, attractive look. But more than just looking great and protecting your phone, the back of the case has a magnetic snap leather flap that can hold 3 cards. This means you can ditch your wallet altogether and walk around with one piece of leather carry rather than two.

Purchase: $109

Hardgraft Wild iPhone Case

Compatible: iPhone 8 Sometimes the best things are the most simple. This iPhone 8 case from Hardgraft doesn’t boast any insane drop protection or fancy designs. Instead, what sets it apart from the rest are the materials it is made from. The simple sleeve boasts a high quality vegetable tanned Italian leather lined with a fine felted wool interior that protects it from bumps and scratches. The interior of the sleeve also has a slot for holding cash or 3-4 cards – making it easy to ditch your wallet for the day.

Purchase: $112

Makr Phone Card Sleeve

Compatible: iPhone 8 This high end leather sleeve from Makr boasts nothing but a clean, vegetable tanned leather build. The main part of the sleeve is designed to hold an iPhone 8, while the exterior flap is built to hold credit cards and I.D. To top it off, this thing as made by hand right here in the U.S.A.

Purchase: $125

Grovemade Walnut and Leather iPhone Case

Compatible: iPhone 8/8 PlusThis is about as nice as it gets. Made from a combination of Walnut and leather, this iPhone 8 case completely protects your phone from the world around it and adds on a whole lot of style. The front leather flap features card holders and is intended to patina over time. And because all of the materials used to make this case are natural – each is unique.

Purchase: $130

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