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Case Closed: 20 Best iPhone 7 Cases

Photo: Bellroy iPhone 7 1-Card Case

One of the things that makes the iPhone come so highly recommended is its sleek and uniform design. You could be carrying around a 128, or the 32 gig version and the only real visual difference is a fine laser engraving on the back. Yet, like most all things that we spend a whole lot of time in – our cars, our offices, our homes – we tend to want to personalize at least a little bit.

Yeah, sure. A big part of getting a case for your phone is protecting it from the inevitable bumps, scrapes, and drops that come with daily use. After standing in line for hours to get it, or waiting patiently for days for it to arrive on your doorstep, the last thing you want to do is go through the tedious and expensive process of having it repaired. What cases really provide though is an opportunity to reflect a little bit of yourself on your own phone. Maybe you’re out working on construction sites on a regular basis and need something rugged to keep your phone safe, or maybe you’re a library-dwelling student who wants something as stylish as it is protective. Whatever it is you are hoping to get your hands on, we have something here for you in our list of best iPhone 7 and 7 plus cases.

Vrs design iPhone 7 DUO GUARD SERIES

VRS Design Duo Guard Case

This case offers exactly what most of us need – drop protection. Thanks to reinforced dual layers (hence the ‘duo’ in the Duo Guard), this thing can resist even the scariest of slips from the hand and table. In addition to military grade protection, the phone features a little kickstand that makes it easy to set up on the kitchen table in the morning while eating breakfast or while on a plane. No more peeking through the seats or craning your neck to look at those small sad screens overhead.

Purchase: $30


Incipio Edge Hard Shell Slider

If you are going for an understated look along with some no-kidding-around protection for your fancy new smartphone, then this a case you should consider. It offers all-around protection for your phone without actually adding on a whole lot of bulk to the device. Made from two pieces of Plextonium – you can simply slide your phone in via the bottom and then cap it off with the bottom portion of the case and you’ll be good to go. If you end up dropping it, the exterior will protect from scuffs while the interior lining will provide an additional set of cushioning.

Purchase: $30


Carved Redwood Burl Case

Protection is great. We all need it, but if you also want to have your case stand out from the rest, you may want to go with something like this. Along with the protective bumper, the case boasts a striking piece of redwood burl. It isn’t loud or in your face exactly, but the natural pattern of the piece of wood draws a really nice contrast with the smooth metal and glass of the iPhone. This isn’t some mass-produced case either, it’s hand made in Elkhart, Indiana so you’ll likely not come across anyone with a similar case.

Purchase: $30

C24000 iPhone 7 Plus

Pelican Protector

All of the most protective phone cases have at least one thing in common – they’re made up of multiple layers. Pelican’s Protector case is no different. It boasts a thick impact absorbing TPR rubber lining on the interior of the case that keeps your phone’s glass from cracking on impact. When it comes to serious protection, this brand knows their stuff. They built their name by making products that withstand fires, blasts, and the enormous pressure that comes with deep sea diving. To top it all off, Pelican products come with a lifetime guarantee, so if it breaks – they’ll replace the case. How’s that for customer service?

Purchase: $35

UAG iPhone 7 Pathfinder

UAG Pathfinder

If a phone case meets military standards for drop-testing, then it’s likely going to be a-ok for whatever you’re getting up to whether it be off-roading or working a the construction site. Not only does this case from UAG feature a tough outer layer and a soft core for serious protection, it comes in a variety of different styles, from a hard black on black to a translucent blue and allows for the use of Apple pay.

Purchase: $35

Mujjo Leather Case for iPhone 7

Mujjo Leather Cases

If you are of the belief that it is kind of sad to wrap up your beautiful and slim phone in a hunk of plastic, then take a gander at Mujjo’s cases. The bones of the thing are made from a tough and polished polycarbonate plastic that is then molded for fluid and smooth edge. Once the edges are all rounded out, the case is covered with high quality vegetable tanned leather that picks up a unique patina over time. You can get these in either tan or black for the 7 and 7 plus.

Purchase: $35


Hex Black Leather Focus Case

A snap slider case made from a tough plastic and wrapped in a fine textured leather, this will help make your phone stand out from the rest on the market. It’s striking, understated, and unique. Made by a brand just as concerned about bags and fashion as they are with iPhones, it’s sure to be a solid fit for the guy who is looking to stay sharp and keep his tech protected.

Purchase: $40


Speck Presidio Grip

Over-engineered protection without the over-engineered look. That is what the Speck Presidio is all about. With rounded out edges to keep you from scratching your screen and a drop-test rating of up to 10 feet, it’s a hell of a good choice for all of us klutzes. In addition to all of that, it features a slim design and a nice rubberized texture on the back for a non slip grip. The iPhone 6 version of this case was widely considered one of the best on the market, and we have on reason to believe it’ll be any different for the iPhone 7 version.

Purchase: $40

LUNATIK AIR 360 for iPhone 7

Lunatik Air 360 Case

Ultra lightweight. Slim. Sleek. Protective. Lunatic’s Air 360 case boasts all of these features. With a rounded edge for screen protection and an air-filled bumper all along the edge of the case it’ll stand up to some of the toughest drops out there because even though it doesn’t look like it, the case has exceeded military drop protection standards. Not bad for such a lightweight and unassuming phone case.

Purchase: $40

Tech21 Evo Mesh Case for iPhone 7

Tech21 Evo Mesh Case

The Tech21 Evo Mesh is one of the more fun phone cases out there because it both features a unique protection system and displays it to the user through the clear Energy Absorbing System case. Thanks to a special FlexShock material that is injection molded into the body, shocks are dissipated and absorbed so it won’t hurt that phone you waited so long in line for. In addition to being a good way to keep your phone safe, the case also just looks unique and fun, too. Who doesn’t like metallic mesh?

Purchase: $40

gear4 Oxford iPhone 7

Gear4 Oxford

There is a lot that makes this phone case special. First and most noticeable is the screen flap. Like some phone-wallets out there, it covers the screen and can keep it safe from scratches (and keep you from being so easily distracted). What really sells this case though is the material used. Gear4 sources the super tough D30 for all of their offerings – the same material motorcyclists rely on to keep themselves safe after gnarly spills on the road. It’s soft an somewhat flexible to the touch, but once impacted it locks up and protects your phone.

Purchase: $45

Otterbox uniVERSE Case iphone 7

Otter Box uniVERSE Case

Otter Box has to be one of the most well known brands out there, and it’s for a reason. Their cases are incredibly tough, reliable, and innovative. This one built of the iPhone 7 is no exception. In addition to being a certified Drop+ Protection case, it features a hookup for a handful of different modules you can attach to your phone including Square payment systems, camera add-ons, and big battery cases for extending your phones life. Run out of room? Just slide in the San Disk attachment for some more space for photos and video.

Purchase: $50

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

iPhone 7 Leather Case

A simple case made with fine European leather and featuring the famous apple logo on the back, this case is more about presentation than it is protection – but protect it does. Featuring a micro-fiber lining, a tough plastic body, and machined aluminum buttons along the side for volume control, it’s an ideal case for those who want to keep it all a little understated. For further customization you can get the case in 7 different colors.

Purchase: $50

Bellroy 1 card iphone 7

Bellroy 1 Card Case

If you can trust anyone to make a striking and reliable phone case that you’ll be proud to slide into your pocket every morning and admire a bit when you take it back out at the end of the day, it is Bellroy. The brand that made its name by revolutionizing the way we carry our cards and cash have brought their aesthetic and attention to detail to the phone case market. Their 1 card case is engineered from a flexible polymer and topped with a premium vegetable tanned leather that stands out like few others. In addition to holding a phone, the case can carry one card (as you’d guess) and a sim-card on the interior right under the micro fiber lining.

Purchase: $55

Hard Graft Dusty iphone 7 case

Hard Graft iPhone 7 Cover

Hard Graft is a brand that is all about quality craftsmanship and materials. Just take a look at their iPhone 7 and 7 plus cases. They aren’t particularly loud or grabby – but when you get up close to one, the care given to the product becomes apparent. With a tan microfiber interior featuring the brand’s logo and a nubuck leather exterior hand molded around the case for durability, you’ll be happy to snap this thing onto your phone and watch it age and patina as time goes by.

Purchase: $68

bitemyapple RADIUS v4 iphone 7 case

Radius V4

A case for the minimalist, the radius V4 is not concerned with the back of your phone nor the front screen so much as it is worried about the corners. Let’s be honest – we know that whenever you drop your phone it seems more likely to fall on the corners rather than on the face, back, or sides – so this makes more sense than one would initially think. Plus, the simple bumper case preserves the striking look of the naked phone.

Purchase: $100

Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

Smart Battery Case

For the clumsy power drainers among us, the iPhone 7 smart battery case is a godsend. Not only does the case’s soft elastomer body keep your sleek machine protected from the bumps, drops, and scrapes that come along with life, but it also contains a battery pack that can extend your phone’s life by up to 26 hours. And no. Don’t worry. Even while the case is on, you can still plug in lightning cable accessories like the headphones and lightning dock.

Purchase: $100

Grovemade Walnut and Leather iphone 7 case

Grovemade Walnut & Leather Case

You can’t build out a list of best iPhone cases and not include Grovemade. It just isn’t allowed. Take a scroll through the brand’s offerings and you’ll see why we feel so strongly about that. Since 2009 the Portland, Oregon based company has been turning out some of the most attractive wood and leather cases on the market. After the release of the iPhone 7, it doesn’t look like they’ve deviated from that pattern one bit. This walnut and leather case is made completely in their Portland facility and boasts all of the fine touches that only hand-manufacturing can offer.

Purchase: $109

lifeproof NÜÜD FOR iPHONE 7 CASE

Lifeproof Nüüd

Everyone is all hyped up about the new waterproof functionality of the iPhone 7 and 7 plus, but little do they know that Lifeproof essentially achieved that for Apple a couple of years ago with one of their cases. Yeah. Their Nüüd cases manage to be so tough and tight fitting on the phone that it could keep moisture from getting where it shouldn’t. The kicker? The case did so without having an annoying plastic screen over the top of the phone. Their iPhone 7 models will be sure to do much of the same along with keeping it safe from big drops and gnarly spills.

Purchase: $100

iPhone 7 Card Sleeve Horween Shell Cordovan Leather

Makr Horween Leather Case

For the guy who is just as concerned about style as he is protection, Makr’s Horween leather sleeve for the iPhone 7 is a must have. Each case is made with some of the finest leather from Chicago, then hand-sewn and painted with rolled edges. The price-point may be on the steeper side, but at least you know it’ll last more than one generation.

Purchase: $230