The 10 Best Indoor Spin Bikes For Your Home

Photo: Spinner P1 Spin Bike

The world is a busy, bustling place where time is scarce, so exercising during the weekdays can be an ongoing struggle. One of the best cardio workouts is biking, but after a long, grueling day at work, getting everything prepared for a bike ride might not always be best for your time management. And driving to the gym poses the same issue, especially if it’s out of the way. Well, to get your legs moving and your heart pumping, an indoor spin bike is the answer.

There’s no real substitute for riding your bike to break a sweat and enjoy nature’s artwork, but an indoor spin bike makes more sense when you need quick, efficient workout sessions. Working out at home is infinitely more convenient than heading to the gym to share the equipment and space with strangers. Hop on your indoor spin bike, stream a movie that pumps you up, and play some tunes that will get you in the zone to hit your calorie-burning goal for the night. Chances are you haven’t really been keen on quality spin bikes out there, but we’re here to fill you in on the premier options. We’ve done the heavy lifting to create a list of the best spin bikes for your home.


The Game Plan

Although indoor spin bikes are a fantastic way to burn calories, you still want to consult your doctor before investing in one. Come up with a proposed weekly workout routine and present it to your physician just to make sure you’re on the right path to optimal fitness and recovery. You don’t want to end up overworking yourself on a spin bike, especially if you’ve never used one on a regular basis.


Investing in an indoor spin bike is quite the financial commitment, so you’ll have to make sure the benefits are worth it for your situation. Some may think working out with people around you may be more inspiring. But having the cycle machine in your home, staring at you every time you enter the living room, will have a similar effect. If you miss the feeling of having people around you or a coach pushing you to dig deeper, you can always download an indoor cycling app for extra motivation. You’ll also cut out the driving time getting to the gym and back home so you can crush your spin session and still have extra free-time at before you have to hit the sack.

Diamond Back 5101c

Hop on the Diamond Back Fitness spin bike and you can set the resistance level at the touch of a button, choosing from 16 tiers of intensity. Built from a heavy-duty steel frame and a 32-pound flywheel, you’ll feel like you’re racing down the street on a road bike. The indoor spin bike is also a customizable seat and handlebars so you can adjust for the perfect ride. And it has contact heart rate sensors so you can track your performance.

Purchase: $799

Spinning Spinner p1

With a 40-pound perimeter-weighted flywheel, the sweat-resistant P1 Spin Bike with powder-coated steel will help you obliterate calories. It has a wedge design handlebar post, fully adjustable seat, leather brake pad, and an umbrella style resistance knob for accurate adjustments. And with transport wheels and stabilizer feet, this spin bike is easy to move around the house. You can also benefit from instructor-led rides with the SPINtv subscription.

Purchase: $1,299

Flywheel Home Bike

The sleek FlyWheel Home Bike was made for the digital age so you can vary your exercises and connect to the world of fitness. With an adjustable seat, various levels of resistance, and access to thousands of live and recorded workouts, you’ll sweat out the bad weekend decisions with this mean machine. You also have the option of adding a built-in 15.6-inch screen to really amp up your at-home workouts.

Purchase: $1,699

Johnson Fitness Matrix CXC

Boasting an intuitive four-way adjustable design, the Johnson Fitness Matrix CXC Indoor Cycle will help you break a sweat. It’s built with forged steel cranks and big bottom bracket bearings, making it stronger than a standard indoor cycle bike. The machine also has contact-free magnetic resistance, allowing you customize your ride effortlessly. And its narrow Q factor, which is the distance between pedals, mimics the feel of riding outdoors on a traditional road bike.

Purchase: $1,995

Keiser M3i

The team at Keiser made it a goal to create the ultimate exercise bike, and the result is the incredible M3i. Constructed with a V-shape frame to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes, the Keiser M3i provides a quiet road bike experience in the comfort of your home. According to Keiser, the M3i is the only indoor spin bike built in the United States, ensuring exceptional quality.

Purchase: $1,995

NordicTrack Commercial S22i

Equipped with a 22-inch interactive coaching touchscreen, you’ll stay motivated and focused on consistency in your performance. The S22i Studio Cycle has 24 digital resistance levels with 20% live incline control and 10% live decline control. You’ll be able to stream sessions run by elite trainers who are able to manage your bike’s incline, decline, and resistance in real-time. You’ll also be able to enjoy new daily workouts ranging from intense cardio to strength training sessions.

Purchase: $1,999

Peloton Bike

The Peloton Bike will provide you with your very own private cycling studio in your living room. Built with a welded steel frame for longevity, you’ll be able to tackle high-intensity workouts to really burn some major calories without having to hit the gym. It’s built with a Neodymium rare Earth magnet system for challenging resistance levels and features a multi-touch screen, giving you 24-hour access to studio cycling classes for an immersive workout experience.

Purchase: $2,245

ProForm Tour De France PRO 5.0

If you want to kick it up a notch and use what the pros train with, the ProForm Tour de France training bike is your best option. The official training bike of Le Tour de France has 20% incline and 20% decline, a 10-inch touchscreen, and a power meter. You’ll also be able to simulate any race stage terrain or create your own stage via iFit technology while enjoying amazing views while you pedal across the digital finish line.

Purchase: $2,999

Schwinn IC7

Monitor your heart rate and other standard fitness metrics with the LCD console on the Schwinn IC7 Indoor Cycling Bike and really dig into your workout stats. You’ll experience a high-energy, low-impact cycling session, allowing you to feel the rolling hills as you keep the 18.1 kg flywheel moving. The indoor cycling bike also has an infinitely variable resistance so you can continue to challenge yourself throughout your lifetime.

Purchase: $2,999

Cicolotte Bike

Looking like an indoor spin bike from the near future, the Cicolette is truly unique its design. It’s made with carbon, steel, and fiberglass for excellent durability. The innovative indoor cycle machine has five different positions of spinning and modular weights with hook mechanisms so you can make adjustments quickly. And the Cicolette comes with a dedicated app to give you useful information, including speed and distance traveled.

Purchase: $12,000

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