Wall Mount: The 12 Best Indoor Bike Racks

Oct 5, 2015

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With the right lock, your bike might be safe out on the street or tucked away on the side of your house, but if you’re an apartment dweller or have a steed worth a few hundred, or a few thousand dollars, then leaving it outside to the elements and the sticky fingers of passersby is tantamount to just throwing money away. It’s simpler and safer to bring it indoors and display it in your home with an indoor bike rack that keeps it out of harm’s way and lets you show it off to guests.

Selecting a bike rack that can go inside your domicile is no small feat. It needs to look good enough to go with your decor, keep your bike in a convenient location for taking it out to ride, and be able to mount where it won’t interfere with movement. You can’t have some clunky, jutting piece of hardware that is going to kneecap you on the way to the bathroom or look like garbage. For the perfect combination of style, function, and form, we found the 12 best indoor bike racks.

Racor Bike Lift

Racor Bike Lift

Pro: Pulleys make up and down movement easy
Con: Terrible rope

Airborne: Highly stylized, this ceiling lift from Racor is an impressive looking item that gets your bike up and away so that it isn’t crowding floor space. Best for garages or rooms with a high overhead clearance, it is a sleek way of easily getting your bicycle off the ground without needing to lift it over your head. Dual stainless steel hooks with plenty of pulley torque make lifting the heaviest bikes easy for the smallest person.

Purchase: $21

Clug Bike Clip 1

Clug Bike Clip

Pro: Small
Con: Only works with well-inflated tires

Simple Blend: About as small as a bike rack can get, these are clips that you can stick into any wall and allow your bike to snap right in without a fuss. Exceedingly easy to use and capable of being mounted anywhere that you can put screws, you don’t even need to hit a stud in your drywall for these to function.

Purchase: $25

Delta Michelangelo 1

Delta Michelangelo

Pro: Does not attach to wall
Con: Arms move when bikes are added / removed

Multi-Purpose: You can hang a couple of bikes on the Michelangelo standing rack with its 80 lbs. maximum load, but it’s equally good for stowing your paddle boards and tools. With a simple, industrial look, it’s probably better suited to your garage than your study, but with a basic art deco design, it fits fine into any contemporary decorative scheme.

Purchase: $50

Wooden Bike Hook

Wooden Bike Hook

Pro: Can be installed anywhere
Con: Extremely basic

Crafty: About as basic and provincial as you can get, the wooden bike hooks are sets of hand-carved walnut that jut out from the wall. Able to work as clothes hooks just as easily as bike hangers, they can also be repurposed as a shelf with the addition of a flat plane. Simple, timeless, and striking in their minimalism.

Purchase: $86

Cycloc Solo

Cycloc Solo

Pro: Accommodates bike lock
Con: Cheap, plastic appearance

Safety First: With a whirlpool body that comes in numerous colors, the Solo also keeps your bike safe for mounting in a garage or the side of your house by allowing a lock to be slipped through the center hole. It works horizontally and vertically, with soft rubber contacts that will never injure your paint job.

Purchase: $93

The Bike Valet

The Bike Valet

Pro: Locking hole built in
Con: Sharp protruding angles

Uber Hip: As angular as a cubist painting and made with stackable rubber plates to hold your bike in place without damaging it during mounting and unmounting, you’ll also gain a few small hooks for your additional gear. A beautiful fixture for homes of all kinds, adept at handling most kinds of bikes, and made right in California, there’s no downside.

Purchase: $98

Saris Cycle Racks Hottie 1

Saris Cycle Racks Hottie

Pro: Fast assembly
Con: Bikes must have horizontal upper bar

Centerpiece: Tall and able to handle bikes up to 35 lbs., the Hottie’s freestanding frame is a wonderful addition to homes with higher ceilings where dangling bikes from the roof isn’t an option. Made in Madison Wisconsin, this is as close to homemade as you can get without pulling out your saw horse.

Purchase: $208

Artifox Rack

Artifox Rack

Pro: Self-leveling installation
Con: Only available in wood

Easy Artistry: So attractive that you’ll almost hate to hang your bike on it, this single hardwood slat with steel accents is a stunning addition to any home that comes with a simple mounting system, making installation easy. Quietly understated, it fits nearly all size bikes and can go along any wall where you can spare a few inches.

Purchase: $250

Mikili SLIT

Mikili SLIT

Pro: Easy to personalize
Con: Must be imported

Changeling: It’s a shelf, a bike stand, a picture frame, or just an innocuous chunk of wall. With a body that deploys for use and folds up when not needed, this is the ultimate space saver. Completely secure and overlaid with felt for protecting your frame, the SLÎT even has room for your biking gear.

Purchase: $252

Mission Bicycle Company Original Shelf

Mission Bicycle Company Original Shelf

Pro: Hand built
Con: Does not fit all frames

Homespun: As simple a concept as you could ask for, this is a minimalist shelf that works with or without the addition of your bicycle. Sturdy enough to hold up heavy fat bikes as easily as slim roadsters, it doesn’t waste an inch, allowing you to add storage on top of it so that your tiny apartment doesn’t lose any space or style points.

Purchase: $299

Iceberg Hanger

Iceberg Hanger

Pro: Gorgeous from every angle
Con: Overpriced

Supreme Style: Handcrafted by artisans, each Iceberg is truly unique, but they all accomplish the same goal, which is to hang your bike with a sense of style. Using either brown oak with chestnut or cold black oak with chestnut burl this is able to fit seamlessly into rustic trappings as much as the most modern household and is a work of art all by itself.

Purchase: $620

Vadolibero Bike Butler

Vadolibero Bike Butler

Pro: Helmet cubby
Con: Heavy

Lone Wolf: Italian made and completely freestanding, there’s no need to mount this birch and metal marvel. With a tiny footprint, it can replace your stand by the door. It has a drawer and plenty of hooks for storage, as well as space on the top for all your biking accessories. The rubber mat allows it to go on hardwood as easily as carpet for a true bike caddy for any home.

Purchase: $1,512

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