De-Frosted: The 6 Best Ice Scrapers

It’s soon going to be that time of the year where men and women shall be forced to leave their warm homes to spend time digging their cars out of snow, thermal socks and boots working overtime as they curse the deadly winter that brings with it freezing rain, snow, ice, and makes us set our alarms an extra half an hour just so that we can escape our driveways. To make this time of year easier on you and ensure that you do not spend a tense morning hunched over your steering wheel staring through the tiny defrosted area at the bottom of your windshield it’s time to get a good ice scraper.

These should be able to help you get on with your day more quickly, smashing through ice and frost so that you only have to spend a few minutes in the biting cold. They should have a large enough blade to clean off your car in a few swipes while also being long enough and strong enough that you don’t need to climb onto your hood to get the last stubborn remnants. You should be able to grip them solidly even while wearing gloves without the handle slipping or a cheap blade breaking. Before winter falls it’s time to get one of the 6 best ice scrapers.

Thor Ice Scraper

Thor Ice Scraper

Pro: Gives great leverage
Con: No brush

Drop the Hammer: This double-bladed marvel is well worthy of the name of the god of thunder. To call it just an ice scraper is almost an insult. The body gives you a way to grab it that lets you press down to deal with ice and frost that little else will budge. The blades are stiff enough that you can really dig in though not so hard that you’ll risk cracking your windows, though it is wise not to press too much on cold, brittle glass. You could find that you don’t know your own strength. The two blades scrape when going both backwards and forwards so you never waste any motion. The forward scoop keeps snow and ice shards off of your hands and out of your way while the telescoping body gives you a decent range without taking up a lot of space inside your car. [Purchase: $21]



Pro: Multiple blades break up ice and frost quickly
Con: Must be held close to body

Frost Buster: Short of people who have yetis roaming in their backyards, the IceDozer is a lot of tool to use on light dustings that can easily be handled with a CD case. The rugged body is meant to be gripped seriously so that you can dig in and make fast work of tough ice like that found in the wet and frigid northwest. The large handle can be held while wearing heavy-duty work gloves. The large blade can clean off sizable rear windows in just a few minutes flat, though the design makes reaching across a windshield more difficult since it is meant to be held in close like a rifle. The entire body is meant to work seamlessly with a tapping blade for breaking up ice and frost creating cracks that the IceBreaker teeth can bite into while the brush clears debris away. [Purchase: $24]

Columbia Ice Scraper

Columbia Ice Scraper

Pro: Glove built in
Con: Limited reach

Mittenized for Your Pleasure: It’s a common error to not have gloves on when you go to warm up your car since you need to grip your steaming mug of coffee. With this item from Columbia you’ll always have the perfect thermal pocket to keep your fingers from freezing to the bone. The inside is plush and cozy, making it very comfortable for those days that take your breath away. Comes in several stylish colors including camo just in case you think Charlie is out there targeting your ice scraping hand. While the glove portion of the Columbia is very comfortable and can ward off the chill of the worst Canadian winters – or spring, autumn, and summer – the blade is a little flimsy. Thankfully it is meant to be replaced so that for another couple of dollars you can have something that works like a charm. If you live in the tundra with true sub-zero days, might we suggest you try a scraper with brass rather than plastic? [Purchase: $11]

Hopkins SubZero Snow Broom

Hopkins SubZero Snow Broom

Pro: Includes broom and telescoping handle
Con: Lengthy

Long Range: This is the complete combination package that is not just an ice scraper but also includes a full telescoping broom that can help you clear snow off of your vehicle or the sidewalks around your house. The slightly curved handle gives you better leverage to get the perfect angle when leaning across your windshield because you don’t want to walk all the way around the car. The long body works for vehicles of any size and lets smaller users with lesser wingspans still scrape off every window of their Hummer. When it is put into its shortest form it’s only 3 feet long, which will fit in anything but the tiniest subcompact so if you’ve got a one person smart car or commute via all-weather ATV or your SnowCat, you might need something shorter. It’s more than just a plastic plate but rather a whole pointed head with serrated teeth that chew through ice. [Purchase: $20]

Long Handled Ice Scraper with Brush

Mallory 26″ Snow Brush

Pro: Well balanced
Con: Scraper is on handle rather than head

Hand-Held Combo: Need more than just a hand-held option but aren’t in need of the full ice-breaking broom? Then this will give you the best of both worlds. At just over two feet it’s easy to wield without constantly trying to figure out where both ends are. The weighted balance makes it feel like a good tactical tomahawk, ideal for breaching ice and breaking through snow crusts to free your car. The brush is enough to quickly get snow and detritus off and the foam handle is easy to grip whether you’re wearing your massive mittens or bare-handing it to prove that real men don’t fear frostbite. Putting the scraper on the handle end makes it easier to bear down but won’t give you quite the same range that you’ll get from scraper brush combos that put the scraper at the top. [Purchase: $11]

Eddie Bauer Electric Ice Scraper

Eddie Bauer Electric Ice Scraper

Pro: Electric
Con: Cord is awkward

Throwing the Heat: There is no such thing as a really good electric ice scraper. It stands to reason that all they would need is a heating element, but trying to combine wet snow with electricity without deep frying yourself is a tall order. Eddie Bauer has managed to do this better than the competition, but that isn’t saying much. The 15-foot cord allows you to reach around most smaller sedans and coups, but those who drive beastly SUVs will still be threading the wire in and around to get to every side. The gentle heat helps break up tough ice that has caked on, which is good for those middle months where refreezing can make scraping off your car an absolute nightmare. You’ll be forced to thread the wire through a window, which means letting the cold seep into your car even as it warms up. The 12 Volt power output certainly isn’t enough to give you a jolt and the low price makes this relatively painless to purchase. [Purchase: $19+]