Aquaman: 10 Best Hydration Bladders

We learn at a very young age about the importance of hydration. Whether it be casually hitting the water fountain in between classes or keeping your water bottle filled during after-school sporting events or weekend games, preventing dehydration is instinctual in nature. So, it comes as no surprise now that as we find ourselves a bit older, these tenets remain the same – if not growing stronger – than during our younger years.

It’s this perpetual need to remain hydrated in conjunction with our desire for convenience that hydration bladders came into focus. Boasting a modest and malleable size and structure but with the ability to easily fit into designated packs and backpacks, activities such as hiking or running became almost synonymous with these convenient means of keeping cool and curbing thirst while out and about in the great outdoors. You may find yourself asking, though, which hydration bladders are the most reliable out there, and what size is the best option to meet your specific needs. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best hydration bladders out there that meet our standards of form and function, as to help keep your body hydrated and water-based just the way Mother Nature intended.

Aquatic Way Hydration Bladder

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality, the Aquatic Way Hydration Bladder is a great means through which you can save some coin but still get your hands on a reliable hydration bladder. It’s made with BPA-free materials, boasts up to 3L of capacity for your hydration needs, and features a temperature resistant drinking tube that works in conjunction with the insulated bladder to keep things cold as long as possible. The Aquatic Way is also easy to clean thanks to its large opening, and can even house ice alongside your preferred amount of water for the journey.

Purchase: $14

Platypus Hoser Hydration

Simple, lightweight, and functional. Doesn’t get much better than that. Here, we have a versatile hydration system built for the backcountry that’s not only taste-free but BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free as well. The Hoser also features a screw-top closure that’s built to last, embedded silver-ion to protect the reservoir from mold and bacteria, a food-grade liner with a pliable and rugged exterior and is available anywhere from 1-3 liter options depending on how far into the wilderness you tend on trekking.

Purchase: $23

Hydrapack Shape Shift

Clean design and superior performance. Now we’re talking. It’s all made possible compliments of HydraPak’s Shape Shift hydration bladder – a low profile but crucial addition to your hiking backpack. Each bladder comes equipped with 100 percent TPU drinking tube with a high-flow bite valve, a rare earth magnetic tube fastener dubbed the Quantum Clip, and a highly durable construction that’s ideal for any extended time in the outdoors. It’s also fully reversible for easy cleaning as well.

Purchase: $24

Deuter Streamer 2.0

Outfitted as a go-to hydration bladder for active and engaged athletes, the Deuter Streamer is not only 100 percent leakproof but comes equipped with their proprietary “Helix Valve” to help enable the constant flow of liquid without distracting you from what matters most at the moment. The Streamer 2.0 also features a taste-free bladder that can keep water for weeks without affecting it. The tube is also taste-free and the whole bladder boasts an easy-to-clean design any athlete on the go can appreciate.

Purchase: $25

MSR Dromlite Bags

Built out specifically for the experienced backpacker or camper, MSR’s Dromlite Bags offer three tiers of fluid replenishment. Available in 2L, 4L, or 6L options, these high-capacity water storage devices also compress down to their caps size when not in use. They boast an impressive temperature threshold from freezing to boiling, are built with BPA-free, food grade polyurethane, and feature an easy-to-hang perimeter webbing. Finally, a 3-in-1 cap makes sure filling, drinking and pouring are nearly effortless each and every time.

Purchase: $27+

CamelBak Crux

For those who wish to remain active while away from work, the trusty CamelBak Crux is ideal for anyone looking to hit the trails from dawn to dusk. With the Crux, form is key, thanks in-part to a baffled design positioned to lower the bladder’s profile to make access and storage a simple and straightforward process. Additionally, it’s built with a durable polyurethane construction that’s BPA, BPS, and BPF free, boasts a Big Bite valve with a leak-proof lever, an ergonomic handle that enables one-hand refills, and a hydroguard that inhibits bacterial growth.

Purchase: $30

Gregory 3D Hydro Reservoir

Looking for the functionality of a hydration bladder but the easy-to-clean and refillable capacity of a water bottle? The Gregory 3D Hydro Reservoir could be calling your name. Here, the Hydro is built with a soft molded 3D shape that’s self-supporting and easy to maintain while a full-length baffle prevents the bladder from shaking around during any outdoor activity. Most importantly, its SpeedClip system enables a seamless integration with just about any pack on the market.

Purchase: $36

Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Engine

Looking for a more non-traditional means to keep hydrated? If so, we suggest you give this pressurized hydration system a try. Simply fill the bladder with water for the journey, and add pressure to the reservoir using the power bulb. Done properly, you’ll have on-demand water that sprays much like a squeezable water bottle. It also features a reversible construction that makes it easy to clean, a slide top for quick refilling, lifetime warranty against leaks, and is even dishwasher safe for those with little time on their hands.

Purchase: $37

Osprey Hydraulics

It’s no secret that Osprey knows the outdoors. And with their sleek hydration bladder, their prowess in the hiking and camping arena only becomes more and more apparent. Here, we find their Hydrostatic Backerplate providing enough structure to function alongside ample gear in a backpack without worry, while a magnetic bite valve attaches to the reservoir hose and pairs with the sternum strap magnet resulting in simplified easy water access. All parts are also BPA-free and lead-free as well as certified food safe. No issues here.

Purchase: $40

CamelBak Antidote

Positioned to be the quenching solution to any and all mobile thirsts, CamelBak’s Antidote Reservoir is 3 liters worth of valuable reprieve for anyone with an active lifestyle. The sleek and fully functional bladder also features a quick-snap cap, a low-profile fit for enhanced stability on the trail, a quick link system that helps customize your hydration experience, and a patented Big Bite valve that self-seals to eliminate any annoying drips.

Purchase: $53

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