New Digs: 20 Best Housewarming Gifts For Men

You’ve done it. You’ve successfully avoided helping your friend move into their home or apartment. But your dodge doesn’t come without a cost. If you want to mend your now somewhat more tenuous relationship (and get invited to cookouts without a sense of guilt), you need to show up with a housewarming gift.

Now, for the most part finding a good housewarming gift is going to be easier than moving that unnecessarily large couch up all those stairs, but it isn’t a walk in the park. These kinds of gifts have to walk the line between being utilitarian enough to be helpful, but nice enough to feel special. You never know – maybe all your pal is really interested in is a great beer to enjoy their new digs, or possibly some power tools for upcoming renovating projects. It obviously varies from person to person, but we put together a list of the best housewarming gifts that we think just about anyone will love. Whether you just pull inspiration from it or pick an exact match – we hope this smooths over that whole ‘sudden doctor’s appointment’ that you ‘totally forgot about.’

Topo Coasters

If you are going to have something you throw on every surface in your home, you may very well go ahead and try to pick something nice. These coasters, for instance, feature subtle cuts and colorings to give the cork surfaces the look of a topographical map. A solid housewarming gift if we’ve ever seen one.

Purchase: $5

Bean Box

You don’t have to have ever been to Seattle to know how much that city loves coffee. Go there and the whole place is basically crawling with interesting cafes whipping up pour-overs or roasting their own beans. Bean Box delivers all of that to you fresh. You can open up your friend’s eyes to good coffee with just the simple sampler box, or a subscription.

Purchase: $17

Atlas Obscura

Having a great coffee table book around in an apartment or home can actually do a lot to give it a more welcoming feel. Plus, any opportunity to give someone a book you think they’ll enjoy is excuse enough to just go for it. This hardcover book celebrates some of the world’s most odd and wondrous quirks ranging from glowworm caves to a Bangladeshi ship graveyard.

Purchase: $18

Mazama Wares Cocktail Glass

When it comes to cocktail glasses, there are really only a few as nice as Mazama’s. These simple, elegant weighted glasses boast a unique coloring and a distinct feel.

Purchase: $34

Chemex 6-Cup Coffee Maker

Lauded as one of the best coffee makers out there, the Chemex is sure to please your caffeine-friendly pal. This housewarming gift will not only brew up a great coffee, but it’ll look great on any countertop.

Purchase: $38

Mazama Wares Crater Lake Mug

No lazy morning spent milling around your house is complete without a big mug of coffee on hand. Ensure your friends get the most out of their new home or apartment with this handmade stoneware mug from Mazama.

Purchase: $46

Wooden Succulent Pots

Succulents and cacti are really the best indoor plants to have around your home or apartment. They don’t require much watering at all and they bring in unique colors and shapes to your home. These unique pots compliment the latter quality of these plants with geometric shapes cut in to their wooden bodies.

Purchase: $48

Gazette Magazine Rack

This housewarming gift idea may very well be contingent on whether or not your pal is much of a reader of magazines. While we admit not many people do, if your friend is among the select few who put money down for the best magazines, it can be a solid gift. This one designed by Jiri Pelcl is made from wood and features an ash wood handle for easy carrying around the house or apartment.

Purchase: $50

Norden Monhegan 12 Oz. Candle

So your friend has gone through all of the hassle of putting their new home or apartment together so it’ll look great – but have they considered how they’d like it to smell? Norden’s Mohegan candle brings in a masculine combination of sandalwood, tobacco, and leather that enhances any space.

Purchase: $55

Blue Apron

Moving takes up so much time and effort that sometimes even the most basic things in our lives can get short shrift – like eating. Help reintroduce your friends to real food with Blue Apron as a housewarming gift. The company offers up two person or full family plans for cooking up easy to make, scrumptious meals. No worries about heading to the grocery store – everything you need for a great meal is in one package.

Purchase: $60

Valet Tray

Stop the disorganization before it starts. One of the best valet trays out there, Graf and Lantz’s German Merino wool felt tray features a leather bottom and snap corners. When snapped together, it forms a deep tray that can capably keep your keys, wallet, and favorite pair of sunglasses all in one spot so you never forget your EDC before heading out for the day.

Purchase: $65

Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knife

This, in our eyes, is the quintessential housewarming gift. A solid kitchen knife, Wusthof’s 8 inch full tang high carbon stainless steel knife will help your friend enjoy that new, larger kitchen.

Purchase: $130

Eames Hang-It-All

Coat racks are pretty utilitarian pieces of furniture, but it doesn’t mean they have to be dull. Far from it. The Eames Hang-It-All is a vibrant and almost goofy piece of mid-century modern design that has more than stood up to the test of time. A housewarming gift for nearly any space.

Purchase: $169

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Give the gift of home security. This outdoor security camera from Nest will keep an eye on your front or back door constantly – alerting you if there is any movement between set hours, and providing streaming footage accessible via your phone anywhere.

Purchase: $172

Best Made Weather Station

Yeah, we know. You can check all of the best weather apps out there with the tap of a button – but no matter how well those are designed, we cant help but love this weather station from Best Made. A combination of a hygrometer and thermometer, this brass bodied instrument tells you not just what the weather will be like – but how it’ll make you feel.

Purchase: $178

Smeg 50’s Retro Toaster

Generally speaking, toasters suck. They look silly, they don’t go well with most kitchen appliances, and they take up too much counter space. Smeg’s retro style toaster, however, boasts a fun 1950s vibe to it combined with modern day tech. The toaster boasts 6 browning levels, 3 pre set programs, and can both reheat and defrost.

Purchase: $200

Sonos Play:1

Whether the new place your friend just moved into large and sprawling or just a small studio – the Sonos Play:1 is the right speaker for the place. It fits in any space or room, and can synch with other speakers in the house so you can walk from room to room and never miss a thing. It is even humidity resistant – making it a solid addition to your bathroom (shower singers rejoice) or your back patio if you have one.

Purchase: $200

SplitGrain Lamp

These handmade lighting fixtures bring in a completely unique feel to any space. Cut from reclaimed wood, these part-sculptures part-lamps give off a warm, bright, and rustic mood.

Purchase: $225+

KitchenAid Artisan Series Mixer

A housewarming gift for when your friend is literally warming up the house while cooking. This classic stand up mixer for whipping up everything from homemade pancake batter to pizza dough. To top it off, it doesn’t look too bad on your counter, either.

Purchase: $251

String Lounge Chair Set

If your friend is lucky enough to have gotten themselves a place with a large yard or front patio – do them a favor by picking up a few lounge chairs in which they can enjoy it all in. These ones designed by Danish company Menu have a lightweight but sturdy feel to them ideal for kicking back and enjoying a balmy day.

Purchase: $600

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