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15 Best Home Gifts Under $50

There’s no gift more appreciated this time of year than one for the home. Not only does the effort display care and understanding of how one chooses to spend their downtime, but home gifts are often the most utilitarian options out there. That’s because, aside from decorative pieces, of course, gifts for the home are heavily used and appreciated long after the festive holiday season ends.

Best of all, not all quality home gifts need to break the bank. It’s all part of the perk —  the endless possibilities within the home goods department. Hence our motivation to give you a little guidance as the holiday shopping season reaches its peak. What results is our picks for 15 of the very best gifts for the home this year — all under $50 but worth so much more in intrinsic value.

The Bed, By Thuma

Globally inspired and designed in San Francisco The Bed, by Thuma draws from modern architecture, fashion, and minimalist luxury interiors to create a platform bed designed to elevate every aspect of the bedroom in both form and function. Each bed is built from eco-friendly materials, assembles in less than five minutes without any tools, and features a comforting Pillowboard for a pro lounge environment. Of course, a nine-inch clearing underneath The Bed for storage doesn’t hurt either.

Purchase: $850+

This Place Sucks Pennant

Either the homeowner in your life has a keen sense of irony or you’re looking to send a friendly reminder that they can do better, this Oxford Pennant will send the message loud and clear. Sometimes, it just sucks to suck.

Purchase: $25

TRNK Asymmetric Cutting Board

Made from solid oak then oiled and smoked for a dark finish, this Asymmetrical Cutting Board from TRNK is the perfect kitchen gift for that off-centered and design-friendly homeowner in your life.

Purchase: $25+

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

With smarter tech comes smarter outlets to control it all. Take the Wemo Smart Plug for instance. Here, simply plug the device into any outlet and use it add some intelligence to your lamps, heaters, fans, and other appliances. From there, your home smart speaker will take control with help from Alexa, Google Assistant, or your Apple HomeKit.

Purchase: $30

Umbra Bolo Planter

Bring a little extra life into the homestead with these sleekly-designed hanging planters. Each Bolo holds up to 6 lbs and measures 6” in diameter. Because a touch of greenery never hurt anybody.

Purchase: $30

Amazon Echo Dot

A shrunken Alexa, the Amazon Echo Dot works as an ancillary device for a room-by-room complete smart-home experience we could have only dreamt would exist just several years ago.

Purchase: $30

Blackbird Mars Incense Pyres

Elon Musk may want to be the first man on Mars but with these incenses pyres, you’ll get to experience those Martian scents first-hand. Notes here include dragon’s blood resin, frankincense, benzoin, spices, and dust — of course.

Purchase: $34

Braun Classic Analog Wall Clock

Built with quiet German precision quartz movement, this handsome analog wall clock will without a doubt up the minimalist value of any home. Each straightforward piece also measures in with an 8” diameter and 1.2” thickness. A great fit for any lonely wall.

Purchase: $36

Tanner Goods Mazama Pint Glass

Whether it be a 20-ounce pour of your favorite brew or an excessively-strong cocktail — no judgments — this hand-blown soda-lime glass is just the thing for the home bar setup. Best of all, each glass is made right here in the USA.

Purchase: $38

Schoolhouse Steel Address Plate

Hand-finished to allow for a natural patina over time, these handsome address plates offer up a unique accent for any entryway or front patio. And since it’s the modern subtleties that often turn a house into a home, this was a no-brainer inclusion for us.

Purchase: $38

Wyze Cam V2

Home security doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just consider this Alexa-friendly cam that’ll instantly provide you with a live feed of what’s happening in and around the home at a moment’s notice. Each device hosts motion tagging tech, a JX-F23 CMOS sensor for clear images both day and night, and a Class-K audio power amplifier to reduce TDD interference.

Purchase: $39

Umbra Fish Hotel Aquarium

Standard fish bowls, for all their benefits, are boring. Plus, what Goldfish wouldn’t love a five-star hotel to call home? Cue the Hotel Aquarium — boasting a white ABS plastic outer shell and stacked fishbowls within that are also removable for cleaning purposes.

Purchase: $39

Best Made 9” Strongbox

Keep your keepsakes safe and secure with a little help from the Best Made 9” Strongbox. Each USA-made piece is emblazoned with the brand’s data plate, boasts a powder-coated finish, and comes in multiple colorways.

Purchase: $42

Ranger Station Tobacco Musk Candle

Nothing exudes warmth like notes of tobacco and leather. Hence, our affection for Ranger Station’s Tobacco Musk Candle complete with notes of teakwood, spicy vetiver, and sandalwood for a refined scent.

Purchase: $44

Grovemade Walnut Wall Hook

Sometimes even the most mundane could use a design upgrade. Leave it to Grovemade, then, to keep us on our toes with simple and useful home tools that can be hidden in plain sight. This American black walnut wall hook is a prime example, serving as a catch-all for backpacks, jackets, baseball caps, or any other items that need a place to hang out.

Purchase: $49

Onsen Bath Towel

It takes a lot to develop a proper bath towel that’s well-designed, dependable, and comfortable. Onsen, luckily, has the craft down pat with this 100 percent Supima cotton offering that’s incredibly lightweight, garment-washed, and OEKO-TEX certified.

Purchase: $50

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