15 Best Home Gifts Under $50

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Gift shopping for homewares isn’t all that hard, but when you’re trying to stick to a budget? It can be real slim pickings. There are a lot of great home design stores out there, but their marquee products all big pieces furniture like couches, cabinets, and reading chairs. Those will all put a huge dent in your bank account. And to be honest? They don’t fit all too well under a tree, either.

So what is a holiday home gifts shopper to do? Well, we have a few ideas. 15 to be exact. After doing some serious sleuthing around the web, we came up with a great list of home gifts that’ll run you less than $50. Whether you’re looking for something like a great bath towel, an awesome candle, or a valet tray for keeping by the door – we’re sure you’re going to find what you’re looking for here, or at the very least be inspired. Happy gifting!

Onsen Bath Towel

Simple things done well can bring a lot of joy into your daily life. Take this bath towel for example. Made from a super lightweight and soft Supima cotton fabric, it feels great against your skin. And thanks to its special texture – it lightly exfoliates skin and dries incredibly quickly. A great holiday grab for your friends and family.

Purchase: $50

Saic Pyramid Incense Burner

What does it mean to live well? That was the question 12 students at the School of Art Institute of Chicago were asked at the beginning of their Design Collab No.2 class. This incense burner was one of the answers. Made from marble and designed to reflect the minimal the style of ancient Egypt’s pyramids – this object is equal parts useful and attractive.

Purchase: $25

Oxford Pennant Hustle Black and Gold

A simple but fun design element for gifting to the athlete or businessman in your life. The wool felt and gold lettering make it ideal for hanging everywhere from a dorm room to an office space or home.

Purchase: $25

Beam Asymmetrical Cutting Boards

Made from solid oak and smoked for a dark, attractive look, these asymmetrical cutting boards from Ferm Living are a fun gift to give for the design-conscious cook in your life. They’re durable as can be and feature an easy to use hanging hole for storage.

Purchase: $28

Grovemade Walnut Coaster Set

Coasters don’t have to just be something you yell at your guests to use. They can be fun design elements in and of themselves. Point in case, Grovemade’s walnut coaster set. Made from a combination of 3mm thick virgin merino wool felt and a thin slice of walnut – they’re so attractive your guests will want to use them.

Purchase: $29

Norden Topanga 9 Oz. Glass Candle

Inspired by the rolling hills located north of L.A., this American made candle features notes of citrus, forest, and smokey sage. The candle comes in a smoke grey glass container and has a 60-hour burn time for enjoying hours and hours of a pleasant smelling home.

Purchase: $30

Tanner Goods Zippo Slim

Whether for lighting incense or something else, this black matte finished squiggly-smile Zippo lighter is a thoughtful and useful gift for keeping at home. Made right here in the US of A, it features a windproof design and boasts that famous Zippo ‘click’ when closed.

Purchase: $30

This Brutal World

Whether you think that Brutalist architecture is criminally under-appreciated or you just love looking at train-wrecks of buildings – this coffee table book focusing on the style is a fun gift to give. Author Peter Chadwick explores buildings by architects ranging from the likes of Le Corbusier to Zaha Hadid. A fun, attractive book for keeping at home.

Purchase: $33

Stendig Calendar

This 4 by 3-foot calendar serves as a fun and useful design element for the home. Made right here in the U.S., it hangs prominently on any wall and helps orient your week or month at a glance.

Purchase: $40

Custom Light Box

You don’t have to be screening a film in order to set up your own lightbox. This simple backlit sign for the home or office can serve multiple purposes – like announcing what Netflix show you’re going to be binging this weekend, or letting your coworkers know exactly how willing you are to talk to them. The 12 by 9-inch box comes with 100 letters, numbers, and characters.

Purchase: $40

Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series Coffee

Equal parts design element and coffee maker, this classic pour-over is great for those who are as coffee-obsessed as they are in love with great home wares. The coffee maker is available in either 3, 6, 8, or 10-cup sizes and can be ordered with or without a handle.

Purchase: $41

Bradley Mountain Large Valet Tray

If you’re not quite interested in getting one of those Tile trackers for your forgetful friend, but you still want to encourage them not to lose their stuff so much, this is a great grab. Made from high quality leather right here in the states, it’s an equally attractive and useful gift to give this holiday season.

Purchase: $42

Walter Tray

An alternative to the more traditional valet tray is this wall-mounted tool is ideal for storing everything from you wallet, to your keys and phones. Made from powder coated stainless steel, it has a sleek, modern look ideal for those who gravitate towards mid-century modern style.

Purchase: $45

Schott Zwiesel Cocktail Glass

Simple, elegant cocktail glasses that are the perfect size and height for enjoying a great whiskey alone or with friends. Made in Germany from chip and scratch resistant Tritan crystal – they’re a great addition to any home bar set.

Purchase: $48

Watch Me Wall Clock

Inspired by the color-swatches you’ll find in any designer’s toolkit, this wall clock is a fun, noticeable addition to any office or home. It comes in a number of different color combinations and features stark contrasting hands for easy legibility.

Purchase: $50

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