The 250+ Best Holiday Gifts for Men

Jan 9, 2018

Category: Gear

Last minute shopping is tough. Believe us, we know. It’s this time of year where we’re racing the clock, hoping these gifts arrive in time to be wrapped and handled off to their well-deserved party in time. And just like fingerprints, these gifts should be unique to the “giftee” receiving them. Needless to say, your holiday shopping guide is most likely filled with an eclectic mix of items ranging across all spectrums of product categories.

Good thing we thought ahead this year, curating for you our entire 2017 wishlist collection equating to over 250 gift ideas for every type of guy out there – from gearheads to designers to athletes. From here, there’s no doubt in our mind you’ll find some, if not all, of your gift ideas covered for the old man, best friend, brother or brother-in-law in one the following lists. Happy Holidays.

20 Gifts for the Athlete

From the track to the gym, believe it or not, these guys make New Year’s Resolutions as well. Featured here is just about everything they need as well to get started off on the right foot – so to speak.

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20 Gifts for the Big Kid

Hopefully, we’re all still little young at heart. However, there’s always that one guy who obsesses over toys purposed for the big kid in all of us. Cue the nerf guns, RC Defenders, and slingshots.

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20 Gifts for the Chef

There’s something to be said about an individual who can chef up a dynamite meal from scratch. They’re also good to have around. So, say thanks for all the free meals this past year with a little gift that’s bound to get used during the next dinner party.

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20 Gifts for the Dapper Man

We all know one, the smooth-talking suave gentleman who’s always hip to the latest fashion trend. It’s no secret then, that gifting these esteemed fellows can be a tedious affair. Fortunately, our Dapper Man gift guide is here to help.

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20 Gifts for the Designer

Just like the Dapper Man is hip to fashion, the designer is the more artistic guy in the bunch. Here, both form and function are paramount for success. Therefore, it would behoof you to take a scroll through this guide.

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20 Gifts for the Gamer

Built out for the video game enthusiast, this list of gaming gear is sure to set up both the amateur and professional gaming guru with some solid essentials heading into the new year. Even if you aren’t familiar with the gaming world, these picks are a no-brainer.

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20 Gifts for the Gearhead

The mechanic, car enthusiast, wheelman, whatever you want to call him, these gifts are sure to please and serve a utilitarian purpose. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a mechanic on your side once that CEL illuminates on the instrument panel.

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20 Gifts for the Handyman

While the rest of us are relaxing on the weekend, hitting the occasional bar in the process, this is the guy spending his free time at Home Depot and perpetually working on the homestead. Therefore, any one of these handy tools would be a welcome surprise for this DIY’er.

Shop Now: Handyman

20 Gifts for the Jetsetter

For the traveler, business professional, or all around nomadic wanderer, this list of ideal gift items for the jetsetter hosts all the gear they need to survive in today’s modern airports and life at 35,000 feet.

Shop Now: Jetsetter

20 Gifts for the Media Junkie

From headphones to power banks to turntables, if there’s pop culture involved – or the storage thereof – then you’re bound to find some sufficient gadgets and gizmos that facilitate the absorption of said media in this here gift guide.

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20 Gifts for the Mixologist

Not to be confused with the party animal, the mixologist sees crafting cocktails as a science, not a hobby. And by the looks of some of this life gear featured in our Mixologist’s gift guide, you’d actually begin to believe him.

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20 Gifts for the Outdoorsman.

This one should be easy. Who doesn’t like the outdoors right? So, to make things as simple as possible we included a list of all the basics you need to get the forest-dwelling outdoorsman hooked up with the best gear around.

Shop Now: Outdoorsman

20 Gifts for the Technophile

Technology moves at an alarmingly fast rate. So it only made sense to include some of the year’s best releases along with a very special pre-order item (here’s to you Apple) in this list of best gifts for the technophile.

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